Cat asking for help

Cat asking for help

25 Şubat 2017’de bir sokak kedisi çok sesli
bir şekilde miyavlayarak kapımıza geldi. Sol arka bacağı yaralıydı. Veterinere götürdük. Veteriner kediyi
muayene etti ve röntgen çekti. Sol arka bacağındaki kemiklerde bir hasar
olmadığını, muhtemelen başka bir kedi… …tarafından ısırıldığını ve yarasının
enfeksiyon kapıp şiştiğini söyledi. Ayrıca vücudunun sol tarafında bazı eski
yaralar ve sol ön bacağında kırık olduğunu… …bunların muhtemelen birkaç haftalık
olduğunu ama iyileşmeye başladığını söyledi. Veteriner antibiyotik tedavisine başladı
ve kediye iç-dış parazit ilaçları uyguladı. Çünkü üzerinde çok sayıda pire ve kene vardı.
(Sanki yeterince sorunu yokmuş gibi. Soyunuz kurusun kan emici parazitler!)
Kedi iki gece klinikte kaldı. 27 Şubat’ta tekrar kliniğe gittim. Yara temizliğinden sonra kediyi eve götürdüm.
Antibiyotik tedavisini evde sürdürdük. 5 gün boyunca günde 2 kez kas içine iğne yaptık.
Başlarda sol arka ayağının üstüne basamıyordu. Günde 3 kez antiseptikle
yarayı temizledim. O kendi günde 30 kez
temizledi. Sonra koşmaya başladı. 5 günlük tedavinin sonunda tekrar veterinere
gittik. Yaranın iyi gözüktüğünü söyledi. Antibiyotik tedavisini bitirdik. Kedi artık dışarı
çıkmaya hazırdı çünkü Mart ayındaydık… …ve onu içeride tutmak zorlaşmıştı.
Bu yüzden dışarı saldık. Şimdi diğer kedilerle
beraber bahçede yaşıyor.

100 thoughts on “Cat asking for help

  1. Hi, thank you all for your kind comments. It's a little late but here is an update on this cat's situation:

  2. I realize this is 2yrs old but damn that is the sweetest cat . Hope he's still with you in the beautiful garden .

  3. No cat should be homeless. If I had the room, time and money for it, I would rescue all the stray cats in the world, but I have to stick to the three I’ve got

  4. F#@K!
    holding back tears
    when the kitty was asking
    for help.
    WTF is wrong with me?!
    NO, I didn't cry.. but l probably could have if l was really tired when I watched this. No Homo.

  5. Nice of you to care for him. I hope you got him neutered to keep him safer and cut down on unwanted, unloved kittens

  6. Cats are awesome. I just love them and my heart gets squeezed at the site of things like this. If that wound was a bite it must have been from a dog, judging by the size of it, or something else pierced his leg, but it is very strange. God bless you for helping him. And he knows very well what you did for him as well.

  7. 2:10 Shouldn't it be harmful for him to lick where you used anti-biotic? 3:16 or if his wound gets dirty isn't it harmful?

  8. God bless you for helping this darling little critter. Obviously a smart cat. He knew where to come for love and help.

  9. Okayy I just need to get this out…My family and I have been caring for 2 stray cats from when they were kittens…their mother left them and since then we've given them food , water and love…not much else. They, even though are stray and constantly roam…always stay in our house during the day or come back to when they're done wandering. I even pet themevery now and then. What happened today is…4 or 5 street dogs badly injured one of them…they basically cornered him and he couldn't escape in time. The actual scene that I witnessed was disgusting…I heard him crying loudly and as soon as I went outside I saw these 4-5 dogs…all biting and tearing his flesh..I shouted and threw stones on them…people from my neighborhood also came and we could rescue him but obviously he was bdaly injured. His left face has been mauled badly and bite marks all over his body. The thing is I really want to help but he's so scared…I tried to apply medicine to help but he was so scared and crying. The thing is they're still stray and easily bite or scratch…even though the one who's been harmed is very gentle…but in a situation like this if we try to get hin to vet he might try to defend himself and attach…what should I do?

  10. Strays seem to be very smart. They know when to ask for help. Much like ones I have helped over the years, your little friend seemed to appreciate it. So relaxed at the vet.

  11. Thank you for helping these defenseless sweet fur babies😺😺😺🐾🐾🐾🐾❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. I'm sure the "thumbs-up & thumbs-down" section here on this video in malfunctioning…. & registering the up & down "likes" backwards! If not… it's frightening that we good/compassionate & loving people share this planet with so many DEVILS! God Bless you for taking pity on that cat, getting him help & then giving him a forever home with so much love!!

  13. I would really appreciate and love the person who treated the poor cat and helped him recover…. If I met that person I would have hugged him and thanked him… God bless!!!

  14. I tried to helped a tray dog get medical help and got threatened by a animal control of getting arrested for animal cruelty. Never again I run like there a hand grenade. Doing the right thing will get you in trouble.

  15. akıllı çocukmuş, kimden yardım isteyeceğini biliyo 🙂 merak ettiğim, bahçede bi yerlere kum koyuyo musunuz yoksa dışarıya mı yapıyolar?

  16. Thank you for taking such amazing care of any animal that needs help. I do wonder if the vet care is less expensive than here in America? Or do some vets provide care at a discounted rate for street cats? Unfortunately, there aren't many clinics in my area that provide discounts. I've read in other states they have no kill shelters that help animals. But in Philadelphia most shelters just put the cats to sleep.
    We all have different value systems. I personally put the lives of my cats before materialistic things. Sadly in America, the Vet bills are very expensive and I've met more veterinarians concerned with money than helping the animals. About 5 or 6 years ago, I had a vet who told me to put my cat down because of an impacted colon. The procedure (not surgery) would cost about $1500. I only had $800 at the time so the vet told me to euthanize my cat, who is my family. I cried my eyes out. The vet agreed to do the procedure for $800 as long as I agreed to take my cat home immediately after, which could have risked infection but I couldn't afford for my cat to spend a half of day or 1 night in the vet office. My cat Mr. Fluff is great now. He takes a laxative everyday to prevent this from happening again.

  17. It so sadly 😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱💓💘

  18. I saw a cat with a broken tail and a flat leg in the middle of the street. I want to help but my aunt screamed "YEESH" and pulled me away to scram.

    I died inside that day and never trusts my aunt again

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