Cat Avenger Guards A Fish Market?! | Kritter Klub

Cat Avenger Guards A Fish Market?! | Kritter Klub

Leave a fish to a cat? Hallo, I’m Suhyup Buy some fish, hoomans He never touches fish He doesn’t eat This is fish tho Mister, I have no interest Soohyup~ Have some shrimp *drools* Naw! If you don’t, then it’s mine! He doesn’t take food from strangers He only takes food from me Is it true? My ma’am is not a liar, meow! I’m a Cat Avenger, only obeys my ma’am He guards that fish store Doesn’t fall out lol Where are you taking me hooman!! I gotta guard the store!! Runs straight to his private seat Nothing works without me! He’s on the scout Where are you going? A mouse?! Rats are almost disappeared after Soohyup showed up S…Save me… He got Jerry and next target is Tom How dare you come here! If cats showed up around the market, he would scare them away Jeez, I bet he’s not a cat I will guard these fish Forever..

100 thoughts on “Cat Avenger Guards A Fish Market?! | Kritter Klub

  1. Сразу видно ,кто на территории хозяин(хозяйка)!😁😁😁

  2. Awe what a clever cat standing by its owner keeping watch on the market stall and still had time to catch a mice and he wasn't even scared or bothered about being around lots of people lovely cute cat

  3. Wow amazing cat, you cook first before you give the cat, bye the way I'm new friends I hope you well bak again I'm waiting you!

  4. He ran into a metal net and thing because someone put it in front of him as he was running! That person is horrible!!

  5. My market…my chair & my shrimp if I want to eat it when offered😽😽. With all the noise & people moving around in there since he has claimed ALL of the space as his & he can hear when something is rustling around that's not supposed to be in there….ATTACK…back tf up this ain't what you want playa😽😽😽

  6. This cat is purrfectly quawwwlified. It’s simply protecting its vast empire, whom would otherwise be lost and helpless without it.

  7. 0:28 aww bring you're child to work day? Teaching the little one the job early so kitten can take over when it grows up.

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