Catch And Cook Cutthroat Trout Day 10 of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies

100 thoughts on “Catch And Cook Cutthroat Trout Day 10 of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies

  1. GIVE AWAY to enter all you have to do is comment "Im watching every episode" or something to that effect in the comments of all the 30 Day Survival Challenge video!   #1 PRIZE, A brand new set of all my gear i take on adventures or $1000 cash.   As well as a 100 other prizes for 100 runner ups.

  2. you should look at the fishing regs before you post videos of yourself using barbed triple hooks. regions 4, 7A, and 7B. cover all of the Rockies in BC and use of a single barbless hook is law. poor judgement and a slap in the face to those of us that respect a resource that we are privileged to use.

  3. This is fraud you lie this is camping not surviving off the land you got gun and fishing rod make this stuff from the land then your a surviver right now your just a poser

  4. "Im watching every episode" Along with every stinking video you post!! I love all the content bud, keep up the amazing work of enlightening all of us to a beautiful world most have never seen. 😁🎣🐟👍!

  5. yeah but no delete Goku body but I know some people find it done but him mean your buttocks🍑🚻☣️☢️😮😮😮😮

  6. Just finished watching the 30 days of Texas and I was so excited with the first few episodes of this but I’m a little underwhelmed that you’re 10 episodes in and still driving around in the car and haven’t set up any form of camp yet, videos have still been great but they had the premise to be 10x as good as they are at the moment. Just a bit of constructive criticism for next time maybe?

  7. I am watching every episode. Those were some nice fish, can't wait to see the final spot and watch you build your elevated campsite.

  8. Not vulgar at all! The uninitiated have no clue the agony of accidentally peeing on your pants. Thank you for passing on the knowledge for those who may see this video and head out into the woods for the first time.

  9. I'm in watching each and every episode…. Been waiting for this one to see where the final destination ends up. Really wanna see the off the ground camp ya come up with for two off ya. I was really impressed with the one ya came up with a few months ago!!!


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  11. There's only one rule to you tube. If you're on it you have to watch all 30 days of the Survival Challenge Season 2 by Zack Fowler and Greg Ovens

  12. I love the fact that you still show that you say grace and give thanks for the food that you acquire. That is so nice to see.

  13. I'm watching all these videos and jealous as hell but all this bullsh!t about shit is causing me to have to take a massive sh!t.

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