Catch And Cook Rainbow Trout Day 3 Of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies

Catch And Cook Rainbow Trout Day 3 Of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies

– [Zachary] Oh, that’s
a nice one right there! Like candy! Aright, there’s our soup mix right there, our fish heads and– (intense music) I’m Zachary Fowler! – And I’m Greg Ovens! – And this is the 30
Day Survival Challenge, Canadian Rockies. There’s only one rule, if you wanna eat, you gotta catch and cook it! The 30 Day Survival Challenge,
Season Two, Canadian Rockies has been brought to you in
part by Dr. Squatch Soap, Hidden Woodsmen Gear,
Go Prepared Survival, Outdoor Vitals, Wazoo Survival Gear, Simple Shot Shooting Sports, and Grim Workshop. Check out the link in
the description below for the gear video of the
30 Day Survival Challenge. (yawns) Good morning! I’ve been sittin’ here
doing a little reading and quiet time, now it’s
time to get out there and meet the day! Day three, day three! Did pretty good yesterday,
got our little fishes on smoke I’m curious to see what
those taste like today, that’ll be good! Hear Greg out there stirrin’ and uh– Get more fish to smoke and
prepare as we get ready to head further up and into the Rockies. (“Morning” by LiQWYD) Pants are wet! Everythings a little wet! Uch! How’s your coat? Dry out? – Well the coats dry, the
fish are pretty much done too, I think!
– [Zachary] Oh yeah? – Shouldn’t be much longer. – [Zachary] Take advantage
of that piece of tent, huh? – [Greg] Yeah! – [Zachary] All right,
fish are looking good! Coffee perkin’ (“Morning” by LiQWYD) Oh yeah! Nice dry socks, oh yeah. (“Morning” by LiQWYD) Get goin’ Nice socks, buddy. (“Morning” by LiQWYD) – All the moisture we got over night, these clouds are on us but
it’s bright in so many spots I think that it’s blue sky above, it just has to burn off,
it’s still pretty early, so– – [Zachary] All right, the
red spots are almost gone ’cause the brown and the
gold and this of the smoking. Uch. – [Greg] You can really see
the color from this side. More so – [Zachary] Oh yeah! They look just like the most
delicious smoked yummy treats! – So what do you wanna do today? – [Zachary] I don’t know,
what do you wanna do? – Well, I think we better
collect some plants and it looks like the
weathers gonna break so – [Zachary] Yeah, yeah! Plants will be good. We haven’t had plants yet haven’t gotten into it. We nibbled a couple things, nibbled a couple things on
our way up the road to come to here so if you’re just startin’ out and you just tuned in, you wanna go back, playlist
down below for my channel and Greg’s channel and start
watchin ’em from the beginning and yeah, we’ve been havin’ a lot of fun, it’s only day three though and we’re lookin’ forward
to doin’ a little bit more of catchin’ and smokin’ some fish here and then we’re gonna head up into head up into the areas where
we can catch a lot bigger fish and we will be seeing grizzlys
and building our little fortresses or solitude up in the trees so we’re safe from the bears, and cozy. Got one for me? All right! Oh, they’re warm. – [Greg] Not sure if they’re
done but if they’re not we’ll just put ’em closer
to the fire for a while. Even the oils are comin’ out of it. – Yeah, yep! – [Greg] So I don’t know, I mean I– they sat for a couple hours
– They need toasted. Yeah, ’cause like I feel like
they’re done but they’re– – [Greg] They’re soft
– They’re soft, like you can’t crisp bite off the– The skins like leather right now. So if we toast ’em real quick, then they’ll be– Where’s my toastin’ stick? There we go! Got my toastin’ stick. I wanna eat it right from
the head to the tail! Only thing that’ll be left is
that little bit of spinalchord Oh yeah, she’s done! Oh oh! Little bit stuck to the stick, don’t wanna waste that! Oh man the flavor, compared to yesterday. That has so much more flavor just in that when smoking. See if I can crunch the
whole head right up. Oh yeah! (Greg laughing) Gregs looking at me funny like– Head, jaw, everything! These little guys, mmm! Fins! – [Greg] Well, nutritious. The fish are only this big, you sure don’t wanna
waste any of it I guess. – Mhm! You don’t even need to
make fish head soup, crunch ’em right up! Everything a growing boy needs, or a middle aged YouTuber! (Greg laughing) Am I middle aged now? I turn 40 this November. – [Greg] Did you? – I will this November. So, I guess I’m not yet. Is middle aged 40? – [Greg] That’s what I
think they call them. – Oh my goodness! Would you believe it? – [Greg] I’m at the end of the run! – Whenever I tell people I’m 39, they’re like what! I thought you were like 28. That’s just ’cause of the way I behave. See the color of that meat? It’s so orange! Mmm! That smoking is just
taking on so much color. Right inside there, that smoke penetrated. That’s all that’s left of her. If it was the head, at least
I would make some fish head soup but that’s nothin’. – [Greg] Well we probably will. – Mhm! Yeah, once we get the bigger
ones that you can’t crunch up the heads, so we’re
talkin’ about movin’ on out of here for the day. Then come back and catch our limit here but we could also go somewhere else and catch our limit
there, somethin’ bigger! Hopefully. That’s the plan I think. Move down the road, with the truck. Check on a new spot and
come back for campin’ out here tonight, see if we can’t
get a bigger fish or two. And harvest some plants along
the way so we have something more to add to our diet, so
we can be good and healthy. – [Greg] Man cannot live on fish alone. – Right, or at least not
much longer than 87 days. ‘Cause– I don’t know, I might’ve
had another two weeks in me but whoa – [Greg] I think your records
gonna stand for a while. – I was one lean, lean fella
by the time that was over. Uch, nice and dry pants! That’s good. If you drive faster, I
don’t even have to brush, it just jumps around. Nothin’ like a clean pair of choppers! I was lookin’ at the flowers, Greg said he saw some
gophers scootin’ across. There’s some little gopher holes
right here on the hillside. – We haven’t attempted to get them yet. – Yep!
– But we will! – Gotta set some traps for them later. Or get the sling shot out! (orchestral music) Gotta look for some worms I guess! (orchestral music) – Yeah, gotta get some worms. – Uch, that’s a biggin’! – [Greg] That’s as big as
some of the fish we caught! (orchestral music) – Whoa, that’s chilly. That is chilly! (orchestral music) Oh yeah, I hope I’m
capturing the good on film, ’cause I don’t feel like
the camera can even capture the majesty of what, how big it is as it rises up around you! (orchestral music) – [Greg] Here we go! – All right, so we’ve
driven about an hour. It’s kind of crazy to see
something this far out here, like a big picnic table and stuff. But, I guess people come
out this way sometimes. – [Greg] Got the boats here. So, we’re in luck. – [Zachary] So there’s
a little boat here that Greg knew about, people leave it up here for other people to use! Paddle around here. And catch our limit of some bigger fish. – [Greg] Yeah, exactly. – [Zachary] If all goes well. – [Greg] If all goes well! We haven’t been skunked so far. – No
– First day, four fish. Next day five fish! And uh– – And I’m sure we’ll catch ’em, oh I just seen a riser. So, the fish here will be bigger. More pan fry size. ‘Cause those little fish,
man you need too many. – Those are snack sized. – Yeah, that’s trail snacks! ♪ Oh Lord won’t you give me ♪ ♪ A fish for dinner ♪ ♪ My friends all have steak ♪ ♪ I want a winner ♪ – Now we’re– – [Zachary] And we’re off! – Oh yeah, they’re jumpin’ everywhere! We’re gonna– We’ll get our limit and then
we’ll go get plants, ey? Love fishin’! – This is nice, we come
all the way up here and he chauffeurs me all around! – [Greg] Rows the boat. – Bring me over there, so I can– – [Greg] Right away, one second. That’s a little better than those minnows. – [Zachary] Hey! – There we go, that’s a nice rainbow! – [Zachary] Oh beautiful. – That’s a pan fry! – [Zachary] Yep!
– Ow, he pulled the hook through my hand. – [Zachary] Beautiful!
– That’s a nice pan fry and see how silver they are? – [Zachary] Oh man, gorgeous! – Yeah, I like to fish up here man. So, we get our limit of
these, we’re stylin’. – [Zachary] Yep! – That time I got you,
that’s a decent one. – [Zachary] Oh! For every fish we caught,
we lost about seven, it was unbelievable how good
these rainbow trout were at strippin’ hooks and slippin’ hooks. Uch, stole my worm! Fortunately though, Greg
has the tough when it comes to fishing, I couldn’t have picked a better teammate for this! All right! There we go! – [Greg] Good one?
– [Zachary] Oh yeah! – [Greg] Good! – [Zachary] Oh! Come here little guy. Oh! Oof! – [Greg] Double header! – [Zachary] All right! Wahoo! – [Greg] Ah, got off again! Yep, that’s a keeper! – [Zachary] That’s a nice one right there! That’s a nice one, look at that. They’re so different everywhere you go! – It’s a rainbow. – [Zachary] So the ones in
Patagonia were like silvery like this all the way
up the top of the back, the ones at home have more of this green down their whole body! And they’re a lot greener and their stripe is a very, very prominent. It’s a beautiful fish. – Another decent one. Are you gonna get off again? – [Zachary] Oh that’s a really nice one. – All right, it’s about time.
– [Zachary] There we go! Nice! – [Greg] That’s not what they do! – [Zachary] Ca-caw ca-caw! – [Greg] They make a squeal. – [Zachary] Tookey tookey tookey! Hold up one of your
fish, see what he does. – [Greg] Come and take my arm off Isn’t that what he’s gonna do? (men laughing) – [Zachary] Let’s see
how ya fish with one arm! – [Greg] Yeah, that’s
right, that’s what you want! – [Zachary] Got two decent size ones. Greg caught his limit, and
then they kinda stopped biting even though I switched
that pink lure around, caught that one more on the pink. Greg caught his five long
before I caught my second one, he was runnin’ a matte
spinner like this one, probably a number two or a
number three like you see here. But with a pink spoon like this one here and despite the fact that he
was runnin’ a single hook, he hooked up a lot more often than I did, despite the fact that I was
rockin’ this matte spinner with the treble hook. I have a little theory as
to why that was happening and it’s not just the color, but we’ll get into more of
that as the series goes on, we gotta get back and
start cookin’ up some food! Foraging stop. Got ourselves some
beautiful little lilies. Snag some of those for the for the salad! Maybe one for now. – [Greg] They’re not super common – Kinda hungry now. That ones just almost finished, I don’t think it’s gonna make
it back to the camp (laughs). No, you neither (laughs). – No
– [Zachary] Oh, there’s one up there on the hill! I sent him that way
for the one on the hill ’cause this ones bigger. Oh look at the color on
that, isn’t that beautiful? And they taste good too. Mmm! They’re like candy! Did you find more? Oh, there’s a big one over here! Oh! Mmm! – [Greg] We’re good. – I’m kinda hungry after
only having one fish today. Yee-haw. Well, we got bigger fish to fry. Almost literally (laughs). Let’s look for some more wild. (water rushing) Greg says there’s an 80 foot waterfall! See if we can get a shot of it. (water rushing) Woohoo! Wow! There’s like whole trees,
masked into the water! (water rushing) Ooh! That’s a long way down. Think there’s pumas in those crevices? Mama puma and papa puma? (water rushing) Oh, I know, right? (water rushing) Listen to the power of that whole thing. The hydraulic behind
that comin’ out of here! Whoa! That’s wild! Or is that thunder? Oh, I was like man this thing
like thunders a little bit. But that’s actual thunder. All right, see it starting. Mountains are disappearing as they’re being engulfed with weather! (lively music) (rain pouring) Well that was quick. (soft music) Nice, nailed it! There we are! Home sweet home. – For a couple nother days! – [Zachary] For another day or two until we head further out or further in. Whoa. Oh! That was a–
– Long day! – That was a lot of
driving and a long ways. A lot of adventuring, a lot
of plants along the way. I didn’t show you that in my video, if you wanna see that you’ll
have to check out Greg’s video for today we’re gonna
work on our feast now, we’ll get the fire goin’, get some food! (light music) Toast up one of my fishes while
we wait for the fresh stuff. Gregs been preppin’ it up over there. Gotta add my hashmarks to my stick, got two more to add to it. Greg is gonna make a
stick, he’s gotta add five. – [Greg] Actually you know what? – [Zachary] Add some Wodobo
for some seasoning in our stew! – [Greg] Just throw it all in. – [Zachary] All right, there’s
our soup mix, right there of fish heads and we got
some cow parsnip in the husk and out of the husk here on the right and then we got some more
of the cow parsnips stock, dock root and cat tail head right there, make sure you get the top of the cat tail, that part right there. This one, later on in the year, is what becomes that fluffy
part you see out in the fields during the fall, great
for sling shot shooting. And fire starting, just
watch your eyebrows, that stuff blows up when you light it. – [Greg] Yeah, well it’s gonna, if nothing else, it’s
gonna give us a nice, broth and a very nutritious
broth at least, right? So that’s the thing. There we go! – [Zachary] Yummy delicious
veggies and broth! – [Greg] Yeah, we’ve been craving veggies. – [Zachary] Yeah! You guys know that every
time I’m doin’ one of these I’m always like oh can’t
wait for a salad at the end! Maybe this will be the
first challenge at the end I’ll be like I just want a
steak because the salad is, I’ve been eating salad for weeks! Right? More of the ones we brought back to smoke! And cook up a couple right
now, so we can eat them! More marks to add to
my fish roasting stick. I’ll make them slightly bigger ’cause they came from that other lake. And they were, two, if not four
times of the other one, huh? 11, pew, I picked the smoky spot! Just wanted to eat somthin’
before dark (laughs) I always end up eating after dark. Rainbow. How was it Greg? – [Greg] It was excellent! – Excellent? – [Greg] That fish,
you’re gonna really like. – Oh! Mmm! Oh! The meat is just so pink. Uh, he nailed the cook. Very crunchy skin. Flaky meat. Haven’t had a single bone, mmm. And we still got four
more over there, smokin’! We’re doin’ good! We’re doin’ good, tomorrow,
gonna try and head out, and get some, what do you guys call ’em? – [Greg] Gophers!
– [Zachary] Gophers. I always think they’re ground
squirrels after watching Matt Duber and the air rifle
and them guys poppin’ them out there in South Africa, they
might be something different but I think they’re the same
thing, they just call them ground squirrel, yeah! There we go, soup is on! – Cat tail on the cob
– (laughs) Cat tail on the cob Gonna pour out some of
my broth so it cools off. My cup. Oh, broth is very yellowy,
looks really good. – Well, it’ll be good for us. I like that spice too. – Mmm, mmm, oh man. – Aren’t those good? – Those cow parsnips – Oh that’s excellent. – Oh that’s like, that
is like the best thing. I liked that better
than the trout I think! – Well, I mean it’s as good as broccoli. – Mmm, I love broccoli, it’s one of my favorite
things in the world. – You can’t go wrong with the cow parsnip. – Yeah, let’s try my cat
tail corn on the cob here. – It’s all pretty good. – Mmm, that is great too. – Very good soup. – Okay we nailed it.
– Yeah we did today, that’s good! – So far cow parsnips are the
best but the cat tail tops are really good
– Yeah, they’re good too! – They have a different
flavor, kind of like a– I don’t know what. – Yeah, unique for sure. – I wanted to say I taste
a little bit of artichoke or something, probably the– Whoops, I did not mean to
throw that back in the pot, but it’s gonna boil off!
– It didn’t go in I don’t thin!
– Oh, it went right in! – Did it?
– Yeah. – It doesn’t matter. – Yeah chopsticks are the best. Oh, I got an eyeball. Yeah, I got a fish eyeball somehow. Yep, so (laughs) I see! Now, I see better, under water. You eat your fish eyeballs too! – [Greg] Pardon? – I said, I was talkin’ to those guys. – Oh.
– Yeah. Eat your fish eyeballs. Every time you eat a fish eyeball, you gain three XP points, in seeing under water. All right, secure in my hammock. And– Bear mace. Since we’ve had some fish here at the new place for a couple days now, some on smoke, some fresh new ones, we’ve increased our scent. So, he’s sleeping with the shotgun, I’m sleeping with the bear mace and more than likely you know, they would come in and they would be sniffin’ around and they’d be
goin’ for our fish at the fire so he feels pretty secure with this place, I feel pretty secure,
just trustin’ the Lord and trying to be as smart as possible like don’t wipe fish guts on my hands, on my pants like I do in other places ’cause there’s bears. Don’t need ’em comin’ sniffin’ around, wanting to lick my, lick my, you know, dirty
pants clean, you know? (yawns) So, I’m gonna go to bed, tomorrow, goin’ after
gopher and wild onions and then I think we’re
gonna go to a hike-in lake and check that out and see if
we can do some more fishing there and get more fish
on the smoke and secured, and then uh– in like two days, three days from now we’re gonna move up to our permanent spot where there’s more bears
and there’s some more lakes we can hike around to to harvest food and help the environment and uh– set up our permanent
shelters in the trees. So, I will see you guys next time! Fowler out!

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