Catch & Cook Channel Catfish @ Bond Park in Cary, NC

Catch & Cook Channel Catfish @ Bond Park in Cary, NC

hey everybody its bill your host from
casual carolina fishing thanks for stopping by today I really do appreciate
it kick your shoes off sit back relax let’s see if we can have some fun
catching some fish today you bond park again with Russell today and
boy that’s an echo when I get up underneath there I’m what I forgot to
show you guys last time we were here as this you know the signs and what’s
really cool is they even show you exactly what kind of fish are here in
the lake but Oh yours let’s keep yours alright we got
a double how you like them apples they’re bitin today folks this is gonna
be fun woo hoo one catfish it go keep that one
up I think I’m getting another bite folks yep I don’t know I probably got my dragged
kindly loose but he’s a he’s a shaken dude it’s gonna be the day yes
become a little don’t care hey we didn’t catch anything the other day so we’re
really excited this one’s even though might be even a little bigger Russell thank you thank you all right so what do you think
I’ll keep the bigger one okay all right and another one number two for me
lesson still got one you’ll get another one here real soon it looks like these
guys are are ready to bite today that is awesome like I said man I knew when I
caught that white catfish yesterday I’m like this’s might be a good sign for the
cat’s Martin to feed now I love that one yeah yep whoo this camera red light blinking there we
go okay still trying to figure this GoPro out
this is a number of four for us right yeah it’s four for us this is a little
bit smaller one so look back there a little fan aren’t they almost makes me
wonder if these were stalked cats recently this year little guy little channel cat this time
he goes back oh there it is oh wait this is awesome
action dude yeah just throw it straight toward them
yellow bows paddleboats come a little bit quit spinning there
you go fight me put that spin and stuff no channel care brought the net but we’re not catching
anything edible yet this is awesome action today once you get you a spot settled in
you’re gonna be good to go – oh I guess I should probably show you guys this
bugger huh it’s a little bit it’s kind of in that middle range for what we’re
catching today go dude oh they are yeah probably show you guys this bugger hunt
that we do know now whoa that was definitely a fight oh this is great accident well uh I
wonder if you’re just not quite getting far enough out you want do you want to
grab one of those one ounce weights out of mine this is a little nicer one this
is not quite as big as the one we got in the bucket already I think but it’s not
as little as that last couple I got how much weight have you got on there Oh
Lord of mercy no wonder you can’t ya get you medium-size eater Oh media meter
bluegrass on I’m sorry about that to get it all right yes number two for
Russell good yeah once I start rolling it’s no fight anymore they’re just
rolling crazy I’d much rather they fight wouldn’t you sorry y’all I’m trying to keep an eye on
my line – and when I turn my head and look over
there the key you know the camera obviously goes with me well now that
wouldn’t that might be the beginning of the day you’ll have to let’s check it
and see it’s pretty close nice one nice okay what we’re doing here is as we
talked about earlier and I don’t know if y’all heard that part or not but we
wanted to do a cast catch and cook boiled catfish that I learned from Bill
Gowdy and mom and I tried it one time and it was delicious so that’s what
Russell and I are gonna give a shot today old catfish born more to clean the catfish cut it up
into chunks and put it into the water here and it squeezed a little bit of
lemon into the water good we got a little butter to dipper
boiled catfish in this is bilko’s dugout he calls this poor man’s lobster he did
it with bluegill first and I said you know what I better work good catfish and
I tried it and I loved it so I guess this is more like a catch and cook and
taste and run yeah we’re not really gonna get a chance to enjoy it too much
probably but we’ll get to taste it and we’ll give y’all our our opinion but I
already know balled catfish is very good I think we’re getting just about ready
here to try it I’m ready well you’re welcome to try it anytime
you want I think I want I want to make sure it’s good and done
before I go get them into that I’m gonna peel that skin off if that’s a piece of
skin on and don’t it broke right apart in my mouth like it
was nobody’s business Oh perfect okay alrighty then there’s our catfish poteete that’s good folks you need to try it
sometime seriously good all right everybody so this is Bill
signing off from dawn park with Russell that’s right I forgot to introduce well
everybody’s seen Russell already but anyway we’re signing off from Bunn Park
after a great day of catching little channel catfishes and then to catch and
cook with the boiled catfish at the end but thanks for coming with us today and
we’ll see you next time you

78 thoughts on “Catch & Cook Channel Catfish @ Bond Park in Cary, NC

  1. Man the bite was on! What were you all using as bait? My Wife and I might go out Sunday for some catfish and have a catfish fry for dinner.

  2. Ayyyyeee they were coming in good here. I hope this is my luck when I go out. Great video again, love the enthusiasm and editing. I actually got offered a permanent position in Slyva NC so if I take it I expect duo fishing trips!

  3. Put the bucket down, got a bite!! They were feeding fast and furious, great day!! Know you enjoyed it!Poor mans lobster, Awsome!! Doesn't get much better!!Russell says bon appetite! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  4. Outstanding!! One of my favorite ways to cook it… Man oh man … It is good… Excellent adventure.. thanks for bringing us along!!!

  5. Wowwww…..awesome….great video dearπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ€—πŸ˜˜πŸ€—πŸ˜˜πŸ€—πŸ˜πŸ˜

  6. Nice fishing trip! πŸ‘ It's surely delicious.
    Have you tried out wels catfish? That's what we know here and we're wondering if the taste is the same.

  7. Jeez you guys were out there slayin em!!! Whoooo hoooo great catches and you got the double!!!! When I saw you guys cooking up that catfish at the end it is just making me hungry, I have to go and eat now thanks!!!!!!

  8. Hey Bill , dang poor mans lobster i never woulda thunk lol , im definitely trying that man sounds wonderful , thats for sharing that brother im alway looking for heathier options, rather than deep frying em , when u at again didnt you tell me Burlington NC

  9. woohoo that looks like fun!! enjoyed the video keep up the good work! best of luck cheers Nathan

  10. I’m crazy about fishing I do love fishing with out knowing what you gonna get. Oh no! You put it back😱 hehehhe have fun sir! Nice day too.

  11. Truly one of your best videos Bill!!! I've never had boiled catfish but I reckon I definitely won't be saying that too much longer πŸ˜‰ poor man's lobster made me chuckle haha. All in all a wonderful day fishing ( in your case catching) 😁 with a good friend. Excellent job, you had a nice set up there with the tri pod and Go Pro both. Getting very good with the gopro!πŸ‘ŠπŸ€™πŸΌ

  12. We should meet one day this spring at Tucker town it's about the same distance between us I live west of Charlotte, some good crappie fishing there and its a nice kayak lake

  13. Catching fish i fun i used to do that when i was in my province long time ago,and reminds me now when i follow your channel.just like i wanna go there and join the fun hahaha

  14. y'all got on'em good…. might have to give the boiled fish a try….. I'll be doin it with bream though crappie would fall apart….LOL keep tha vids coming….πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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  16. Is that lake an enclosed lake or is there a river that feeds into it?
    That is awesome y'all caught so many today. Yall slap wore them out. I have never had just boiled catfish, but I have had catfish stew. I love that.

  17. Great man a double header is a great way to start the day, I asked a bud if my red light light was flashing on my gopro to in one of my videos lol, your nailing em, great catch and cook man!

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  22. I totally enjoyed your show. It’s almost time for the spawn here in Texas. What’s the recipe for the boiled catfish? Thanks.

  23. you had a overcast day,i fished at night for them,on the flats ok i finallygot here #426,noice vid,and i bet that taste good with all that butter

  24. Very good Channel !!! Now you have #448 friends with me, and 42 like, thank you very much for your friendship and honesty !!! Do not miss we hold together !! Kisses

  25. Cool video man. I like your channel. Never been to bond. Might have to check out. Just subbed keep up the great work. Check me out if you have a chance. ✌🏻

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