Catch n Cook Coral Trout with Butter Salt and Pepper Delicious EP.364

Catch n Cook Coral Trout with Butter Salt and Pepper Delicious EP.364

Hey everyone it’s Andy here it’s another
beautiful day and I’ve decided to go back to the spot in episode 363 where I put a nice barramundi and a bunch of good cod so I’m going to try a little
bit different techniques try some different species but I’m going to start
with the same luring in so I had a link on this on the last video yeah beautiful
bay I reckon I should be able to catch catch my lunch cook it up on the beach
and you cannot pull me out the middle on my
way let’s see what we catch on that oh no I
guess oh I think it’s a trevally and it’s either a trivially or a queen fish nothing
hanging off the other side back it little trevally fun as you can see
there’s nothing out here except for that one month so that actually attracts the
fish let’s get this going okay have a quick look at you colors and
enough let’s look in that camera as well but you know like a really like a
rainbow iridescent blue in the right stuff I’ll let him go off you go buddy
oh yes good try this a bit of dirty water here in the middle of nowhere
could be feasting on it just wanting all anyone that touch oh that’s not right
look at that that fish is shorter than the lure
look at that that’s a Grinner fish they’re very aggressive weird little fish they
call Grinner fish and actually if you have a look at that you can see that that hook
is actually in his mouth so he attacked that look at that that is amazing oh
yeah they call greenish because if it is weird-looking grin on their face the lure
is actually bigger than the fish and he attacked it that is disaster it’s going
back now yeah interesting interesting dishing a
nice big bommy sticking out there. what are they keep very clean so this
could be a bit spooky a big rock out there right over oh no no oh yes
oh so money time ah let me give up this Oh little Coral trout it’s pretty cool
lifting a him in for that he’s got started pretty have a look at you in
a song littleCoral trout beautifully good guy me as I can
thanks lucky guy yes he’s good oh that was a big culture out that’s
good oh yes oh but it was too I think Oh get it get
it get it oh it was actually two there I’m not bad I don’t know if his legal
size but still not reading it yeah my There was two Coral trout then. see what he could be legal let’s get a measurement on him no he’s
actually released himself here’s the trap
he is legal 42 centimeter Coral trout oh I might have to take you as well to cook
you for dinner sometime Oh beautiful learning’s color a little bit there
become care amazing making looking fish see there’s a couple of trout there see
in your melon I don’t really want to take another one I just want to capture
them but in there I’ll set myself a to fish limit for the day that’s all I’m
taking Oh get me into it
oh you having it that’s another nice trout boy did he come from a long way
away oh this is a bigger one but like I said I’m letting go look at the size of
that yeah if we getting that we getting out we dropping me dropping oh look at
the colors on that son you getting up towards 50cm Coral trout Wow so well at least fish
go it’s because I want them to breed and I want this stocks to be good I’m
leading by example all those people will get upset about that fish just jumping
in the water please don’t put the good of everybody
so rather than wait to get home I’m going to cook the fish up on on the boat
I’ve got my trusty stove I got a cup a little a little bit and yeah I fill it
of the cold crowd earlier then I’m getting really hungry
and I’ll probably get home after dark May as we’ll have dinner now so my kitchen
setup huh so I’m going basic ingredients salt pepper a bit of butter
and my beautiful crochet look how white that is the beautiful me in other videos
I’ll show you how to how I fill it fish but I don’t need to show you filling
fish all the time whoops I better get some butter into that pan that’s a
little bit soft already okay and then I thought I’d show you this this style of
cooking here if you look up I’m in the middle of the ocean a little bit rough
and this is my kitchen put the fish in there ready with that butter around here
we go nice I’m only ate half the trout this is one side the other side I’m
going to take home and eat later we may as well seasoned a little bit now a
little bit of pepper go I reckon that one’s ready to turn over it’s pretty
good and that one just needs a little more simply not ideal but nice being out
here and Sun setting over my shoulder fish is cooking smell that nice nice way
to spend an afternoon just look how delicious that look it’s almost finished
cooking and yeah my mouth is watering you can’t get coral trout much fresher
than that and that’s how you cook coral trout on a boat in about seven or eight
minutes look at that that’s that is fresh fish when it flakes like that and
this that is just beautiful beautiful hang on I forgot the salt a
little bit salt on there but I’ll tell you fresh trout like that is just
amazing Wow try another bit only a biga bit and look
at it it’s almost translucent in there I don’t know if you guys can see that
clearly or not but it really looks and tastes delicious I’m going to finish
eating this if you haven’t subscribed this is your first video you should
really subscribe I make these videos a lot I have a lot of catching hooks in
the playlist check out the playlist at the end of the video and even recommend
what sort of fish where I should go how I should cook it mmm that is delicious
fish Wow alright that’s it for me today let’s put it down you

100 thoughts on “Catch n Cook Coral Trout with Butter Salt and Pepper Delicious EP.364

  1. Hey Andy, im looking into getting a personal one man fishing kayak inspired by some of your video, ive had very little experience with fishing and I have a few questions:

    What are some of the basic lures/tackle I should start learning how to use and rig up on my rod?
    What fishing rod and reel would be ideal for kayak fishing for a beginner looking to trial fishing, not looking to blow the bank?
    Is it worth going out and spending 600-700 bucks on a kayak for a first kayak or is a basic $200-300 kayak good to start with?
    and finally, How do you know all these species of fish! I feel like if I caught anything I wouldnt have any idea what it is! I have only fished off a getty for shitties in SA, what are your tips?

    Thanks for ready Andy, love all the videos keep it up! Really entertaining

  2. Another great video, we have those "grinners" out here in California but we call them lizard fish those are just the most aggressive little fish I've ever seen in my life haha

  3. Really like your videos. I think it would be great if you did an overnight saltwater fly fishing only video.

  4. Always had a salt water fishing question Andy, I have light green fishing line does coloured line affect my fishing like can they see the line and avoid the bait on the end

  5. Beautiful! How do you get that sick underwater-lure shots? And HOW do you catch a fish smaller than your lure?! 😉

  6. Love your saltwater fishing Andy, out the front, micro jigging and creek luring. Please keep it up! I have learned a lot about my own fishing and techniques from your videos.

  7. Dear Andy pants…….as an aussie and a proud supporter of alvey fishing tackle, I ask all aussies to support Alvey. I grew up with alvey fishing reels. Please Andy do a segment on Alvey fishing reels to support aussie Icons, Catch and cook barrra with an Alvey reel please?

  8. Hi nice video! I wonder what you use that big orange twizers for the thing to clamp on the fish's mouth??? Anyways until next time bye.

  9. Hey Andy I really hope that one day you'll come up to cairns In North QLD and we meet up that would be my dream come true. anyway keep up the good work love you videos

  10. 9:23 how should i cook it? u asked so let me give a best Pakistani recipe for cooking a fish. The fish is (Sheri) first of all gut it then wash it well and then make cuts on its body atleast 3 cuts on each side with knife then put it on a side and on another side take bowl and put 3 spoons of peprica,2 spoons of salt, 1 and a half spoon of chilly powder,2 spoons of coriander seeds powder, half a spoon of black papper, 2 spoons of well mashed garlic(can also use garlic powder). half a cup of flour, then mix it well. after this cut 2 lemons and squeeze it all over the fish then take the mixture of spices that u have made and rub it all over the body of fish.then cover it and put the fish to rest about 10 min so it can get all the amazing flavours. after this deep fry it well for about 10 to 15 min. And do not remove the skin of the fish so u can get the crispy skin. after this serve it with some green salad and onion rings.( THIS RECIPE IS FOR 2 FISH AND IF U WANT TO COOK MORE DOUBLE THE SPICES) thank u for reading and apology for bad english!.

  11. Have you ever gone to tangalooma there's not the best fish to cook but I have caught a red parrot fish (I think) and boy it tasted good just a shame though that you have to pay to go over there. Maybe that could be another video

  12. Really great video ¡!and those trout are almost too pretty to eat but I'm sure they taste good so what the hell… And respect to you for not being greedy with your catch… I subscribed

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    The click lasts 24hours, and you pay no more than anywhere else.  ❤️

  14. Nice video! I found you thru Marty's channel. The husband and I look forward to following your video's as well ! Keep up the good work. Tight lines!

  15. If you get a chance visit the Island of Palau (Belau) you’ll love the rock Islands and fishing there. Because I love fishing and eating them , my mouth waters when you catch and cook. I just started watching your channel just recently

  16. finally someone who knows what they are doing when making a "catch and cook" vid.
    just from that sear and fillet job. i can tell you have some skills =)
    respected the fish by cooking it properly.

  17. The one you called a coral trout isn’t really a trout its a deer grouper down in the Bahamas 🇧🇸 its called a deer grouper

  18. Are you fuking Insane??? I sit at the wharf in Bundaberg and watch trawlers unloading literally thousands of coral trout with many undersized too! They Need to be stopped not us that pull in One or Two a Year WTFU

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