catfish culture, मांगुर पालन

catfish culture, मांगुर पालन

hlw friends to day we will talk about how catfish cultured in pond how catfish is cultured in nursery pond if seed is in cartoon then shake the cartoon proprly and after that leave the cartoon for five minute after that leave the seed in your nursery pond in leving the seed in pond we should care about axygen the plastic should be open after the sinking the mouth of the plastic in water it will prevent loss of oxygen in air if oxygen will loss in air there is a probability of death of fish so we should open the mouth of plastic an hold it in a proper way so the oxygen will not loss in water watch it hold its mouth and sink its mouth in the water and pour it slowly in the pond before the culture of fish we should prepare our pond for pond preparation apply some lime and potassium permangnet it will dis infect the pond from mocrobes after preparation we should wash it out now leave the seed in the pond shaking the water will increase the oxygen level in water small seed will require more oxygen becouse it doed not respire in air for increasing the dissolved oxygen in water we should shake the water we can us fountain pump but small fish will die in fountain pomp now how will we feed the seed of catfish feed should be fed from 2 to 4 places it should be fed slowly it will prevent setteling of feed on the bottom of pond and it will pollute the pond and you can loss both fish and feed feed should be given to fish in a poper manner fish should fed upto 7 to 8 minutes water level should always 3 to five feet for fry fingerling an adult also at one place one man is feeding and at other places other man are feeding the fish some people are here to see my pond becouse its new in our area i have made my pond on the roof you can also prepare pond at the roof it will save your space and you can do your business in low space in winter we should take a precaution for preventing the death of fish i have used 200 watts two bulbs at two places of the pond because the pond is small for big ponds it can be increase cold water can kill the fish thanks for watching for new interesting fact and methods of catfish culture please subscribe

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  7. Hellow Sir can you please give me advice that What kind of food we have to give for Indian cat fish.

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