‘Catfish’ Excuses That Are Obvious Lies | MTV Ranked

‘Catfish’ Excuses That Are Obvious Lies | MTV Ranked

– At one point, Sarah wanted to meet. This meeting never happened
because she had a seizure and had to be rushed to the hospital. Not long after, apparently
her ex abducted her, but she called me the next
day saying she had escaped. – Great excuse, Sarah. What the hell? – That is where I had enough. That’s when I had enough. So how could you, over the
course of those six months not meet up with her? – Honey your guess is as good as mine. I never understood, it was like every time something came up. – You’ve watched the show. – Yes, and I really
started to feel like I was being catfished, and I brought
it up in the conversation. I was like, am I being catfished? And she was like no, I had
a feeling you were thinking that but that’s not it, it’s
just things keep coming up. It was just really
suspect the entire time, but I guess I was blinded. And then she told me that her mom passed. That’s when I could kinda sense
that things were changing. She kinda withdrew from me, so
I was like, you seem distant. She sent me this long
message and was like, I am interested in somebody else, and it was a him! – [Nev] It was a guy. – She told me everything that
I told you I felt was a lie. Everything. I’m like, really? – You guys were like falling
asleep on the phone together, that’s not, you don’t fake that, unless you like really like crazy. – This was only about a month
ago that you guys broke up, do you think that you still lover her? – I’m conflicted, I loved her. I did, it was real for me. – Okay, so the story that you told her, you met somebody else? – Yeah, I met somebody
else, early September. – [Nev] A guy? – Yeah. – Okay, so is that accurate? – Yeah, it’s accurate. – I’m sorry to ask
this, but like, for some of the stories that you told her regarding some family tragedies,
that stuffs not true. – That’s some stuff I
really not want to put– – But your mom is? – She’s a live, but– – Healthy. – Yeah, she’s alive. – I’m glad to hear that. – Yeah. – ‘Cause I understand you told her that your mother passed away. – Mhmm. – I was starting to think
I’d never catch a break until I met Felicia on a dating website. (upbeat music) Even though we haven’t met,
she seems like the perfect girl for me, she’s sweet, funny, and really has her life together. We talk on the phone every day, but I’m not great with technology, so we haven’t had a chance to video chat. I have tried to meet Felicia in the past, but it never worked out. She used to live in Hoboken, New Jersey. I live in Clifton, which
isn’t too far from there. I drove to Hoboken and
arrived at her place and gave her a call. I got a phone call around
midnight from Felicia saying she was in a car accident
and her phone was shut off. I was relieved that she was okay, but I thought I was being stood up and was very disappointed. ♪ On all through your day ♪ – She has just recently
moved to Orlando, Florida because she has a
business that needed help. I’m really starting to
care about this girl, but I’m scared about getting hurt again. I’m reaching out to you,
Nev, to help me find out if this girl is the real deal. Best regards, Michael Cooper. So tell me what’s going on with Felicia. That’s weird. And so now she full time lives in Florida. – Hey. – Hi. – How are you doing? – Good, how are you? – I’m good. (laughing) – Oh my gosh, you’re finally here. – Yeah, I’m here. In Florida. – Yeah, that’s crazy. – Yeah. – Hey Felicia. – Oh yeah, here’s Nev and Max. – Hi. – Hi. – How are you? – Good, nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you too. – Yeah, so I mean, I was thinking that maybe you could show
us around Orlando today? I mean, with your store and stuff. – Yeah, um, well, I actually like lied about something really important I guess that I should have been honest with you like in the beginning. – Honestly is, you know, a big part of our relationship, you know? – Yeah, that’s true. Basically, I don’t live in New Jersey. I live in Orlando. – Did you ever live in New Jersey? – Yeah, like all my family
and friends are there, but I’m here for school. – [Michael] For school? – Yeah. – But you told me that
you lived there this year. – Yeah, but I don’t, like I didn’t. – Okay.
– Sorry. – Yeah. – Yeah, sorry. – So any other secrets? You know, lies in the past? – Um well, there’s no store. – Oh, there’s no store either? – There’s no store. There’s no store because
when you kept asking me to hang out, I was like (beeping) I need to come up with something
so he could stop asking me. And I’m sorry, you
know, I didn’t purposely do it. – In a way you did, because– – I didn’t purposely do
it, like it wasn’t like I’m gonna lie to Mike, I’m
gonna just like make up all these lies, like I felt
like if I was just straight out and was like I don’t live there, you would have been like
well, what’s the point in getting to know her and going on a date with her if she doesn’t even live here? – It’s kinda hard for me to
take when someone lies to me like that ’cause I have
been hurt in the past by other people and I
don’t wanna be hurt again. You know? – And I did tell you– – If you understand that. – [Felicia] Yeah. – He was supposed to
be here for Christmas. When he was on his way here he got pulled over by the police, and they arrested him for contraband in his car. Now he’s on house arrest. – That’s so weird. – I’ve stopped going to school. He was actually supposed to come get me, and we were supposed to start this life. – When was this? We missed that. – It was this semester. – Just this last semester? – In just spring. – He said I want you to come to Chicago? – He’s coming down here to get me. – So you’re not in school right now? – No. – Because of him. – Yeah. – Why are you still giving this
guy your time and your love? – It’s just hard to get rid of it and just ask like it never happened. I can’t just lock it up in a cage. I want it. – You told her that you had
some trouble with the law. – Is that when you been on house arrest. – My house arrest? I probably did tell you
I was on house arrest. – You told me a lot. – She’s now taken a semester off of school to be with you because she believed that you were in love with her, but you didn’t mean that? – Basically. (dramatic music) – Why not just pull the plug on it? – She was there for me. – Well, what was this
relationship for you? – Um, it was a bond,
that’s it, that’s all. – It was a what? – A bond, that’s it, really. It was just somebody that
I could just get away and talk to, that’s all. ‘Cause I don’t really, you
know, have friends much. – But it was something for so long though. I mean now you’re just saying
it was just a friendship and you was just talking
to me when you can talk to somebody else, we
talked every day all day. – But I mean on my end, she don’t know me. I’m not– – I’ve been knowing you for this long, that don’t even make no sense. – Or even us telling each
other we love each other, all that, it wasn’t– – You never meant that? – I mean I meant that as a human being, I don’t want nothing to happen to you. But I’m not in love with you. – He was living in West Covina, he’s 24. – [Max] West Covina which
is near Los Angeles. – Yeah. Maybe about four days after
we started talking was when his brother passed away. (soft music) So he had to move to Texas
and take care of his kids. – His brother that’s not Jeff,
so he has another brother. – And he has a brother Nathan. – Wow, so he just moved
to Texas, where in Texas? – In Austin, which was kind of bizarre because the next day after
his brother passed away was the day that we
had planned to meet up, but we couldn’t now because
he had to fly to Texas. – Sounds bogus. Well you were very easy
to video chat with, have you asked Landon to
video chat, or Jeff even? – You know, I didn’t want to
cause, you know, more problems in his life so I just didn’t. – Come on Ari. (laughing) Are you really buying this? – Ari you serious? – Clearly something’s up. – So what happened? You turned 40 and was just like,
I’m gonna start catfishing? – It just started off
as a social experiment, and then it turned into an addiction. Something that got ahold of
me when I was vulnerable, I couldn’t understand why
people, women couldn’t online, couldn’t date me. – Did you have any brothers that died? – No. – So those stories were all? – Yeah, I just made that (beeping) up. – For why? Why did you make that up? – Well I didn’t know if we were gonna meet or not, ’cause I work
nights, and then I sleep during the day, so it’s kind hard to, it kills your social
life, working at night, so I had to kinda have create something to where my time was limited. – You know what kills your social life? When you think you’re dating someone that you’re in love with
that you’re gonna have kids with and you’re not meeting anyone else because someone’s feeding
you (beeping) over the phone. That’s what kills your social life. – This does not look like the kinda girl who has social anxieties. – I know, and until she got
sick, she was very active. She found out that she had
cancer about eight months ago. (sighing) It really hit home
because before I was born, my mom actually went through
the same type of cancer. – [Nev] Wow. – I’ve been that person
that she can talk to, and it’s gotten deep enough
to where I can’t carry on a normal social life as far as women because I’m still invested in Caroline. (dramatic music) What do I actually know to be true? – Yeah, I made a fake picture,
it’s not what I look like. Everything else I told you is me. – Do you have cancer? (dramatic music) – No, I’m not sick. When I said that I was
sick, I was at the point where I could tell that
you were frustrated and you were gonna leave. I didn’t know what else to do. I don’t want to not
have Michael in my life, no matter how I can have you. Other than being sick and being a teacher and what I look like and my name is real. – After a month or so, Sarah admitted to developing feelings for me. I found myself feeling the same. At one point, Sarah wanted to meet. This meeting never happened,
because she had a seizure and had to be rushed to the hospital. ♪ For later ♪ – Not long after, apparently
her ex abducted her, but she called in the next
day saying she had escaped. – Great excuse, Sarah. – What the hell? That is where I had enough. That’s when I had enough. So here you are now, it’s
been a few months of you and your wife sort of taking some space from each other, at which
point things with Sarah are progressing to the point where you’re trying to meet up with her. – Mhmm. – But all of this drama
kinda starts to happen. – After the whole seizure thing. These stories even got crazier. I was on the phone with
her, all of the sudden she starts hearing banging on the door, and then she looked and she said oh, it’s my ex, I heard glass break. She’s sitting there frightened
like she’s fixing to die. – This is crazy though that
you’re like on the phone with someone as they
or may not be murdered. – I’ve heard cops in the background, I heard the radios, I’ve been around radios like that all the time. All of this went up until about
four o’clock in the morning, and the phone, the call dropped. – You must have felt
like totally helpless. – I couldn’t do anything. Before this she had given
me her mom’s phone number for some reason, I went
to calling her mom. She didn’t answer so
I left a text message. Hey, is Sarah okay? I called every police
department in the vicinity of Oklahoma City, I
wound up getting a hold of the missing persons
department, I mentioned the name. No names came across, no Sarah Jackson. Not even 20 to 30 minutes later, her mom said oh, Sarah’s in bed. She looks beat up, her lip is busted. – You talked to her mom? – Not on the phone. – Not on the phone. – A text. – She’s putting you through the ringer. – I had enough. – What makes you say,
okay, I’m gonna come up with a story, tell him
I’m being kidnapped, you go so far with your stories. I mean, you get down to the detail, you use these fake numbers to pretend that you’re your mom. – When you got kidnapped, were you banging on the windows and making a ruckus? – The police noises and all that was just something that was on YouTube. – After the first time, you
pulled some crazy ass story with the dude, why would
you go find another dude? Like you know how it’s gonna
end, they’re gonna want to meet you and you’re
not gonna meet them. – Honestly, I don’t know. I don’t know the point. The whole purpose of
this is for this to stop. – It needs to stop. – When did you start figuring out that Mark wasn’t who he said he was? – The first time that
I had my suspicion was because we were supposed
to meet each other for Thanksgiving, so
I flew to Mississippi, when I get there to the restaurant, I wait for about two hours, and
he never shows at all. – Wow. – He didn’t answer the
phone, he didn’t respond to text messages or anything. But the next day, he calls and says that hew as car jacked and he was ran over by the car, he said his
leg and his arm was broken. I knew instantly he is lying. – But you love him anyway. – I do. Regardless of whether I
feel like he’s lying or not, it still doesn’t change
the feelings that I have. Do you not realize how much effort I put into this (beeping)? When I came down in November,
I sat in that restaurant for over two hours waiting on you. Were you or were you
not in that restaurant? (soft music) – I was. I couldn’t look you in the face. I wasn’t ready for that, and tell you that that I intentionally hurt you. – So instead, you decide to
watch me make a fool of myself calling and texting your
phone for over two hours? That don’t sound embarrassing to you? – Yeah it does. – You took me through a lot
of (beeping) because of that. – I saved money from work and
I bought her a plane ticket from California to New
York, and then no one knows where she is, the cops
are looking for her. I called her dad and I was
basically like, where is she? And he’s like I’m not gonna
get into it, she’s not coming. It’s like she just disappeared. – So okay, from what we
gathered from Blair’s story was that you didn’t come to New York and then she got a strange
phone call from you like a couple days afterwards saying that you were in a hospital of some kind and that you weren’t gonna come and you were still in love
with your ex girlfriend and that it was over. – I never got answers,
I never got reasons, and that’s all I want is why? – So I was 17, and. – What, what? – He persuaded me to go with him, because of issues that would
happen in New York that he saw. – He saw issues? How could he? – [Max] Who’s he? – [Nev] Is he an ex of yours? – No. – So I don’t know, just he? – It’s a very private situation. I can’t really let out names. What had happened was I had a dream that I went to New York and I died, and I told him about the dream, and he told me that if I didn’t go and repent my sins I guess, I don’t know, he didn’t make it clear, but he told me pretty much if
I didn’t confess everything to him I would die in New York. And so that pushed me to the limit as to where I felt like I needed to go for you, for me, for my family so I could stay alive. – I mean, were you like far
away in the middle of nowhere? – I was up in the mountains. – Why does this person have
so much influence over you? – He was a close, personal friend. – You don’t think you
could have told this guy you need to let me know you’re not coming? – No, because he didn’t
want to talk to you, he didn’t want anything to do with you. – You couldn’t talk to me? – It’s a terrible story, and I’m sorry that I still don’t, I don’t– – Fully understand. – I don’t understand it. – I know this probably
feels like an interrogation, I don’t want it to, but,
does it come as a surprise that you have a reputation
for not telling the truth? – No, because I have had
people in my past say that I have a lying problem. But I do try my best not to lie to Blair. – But you still do it. – I try not to.

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