Catfish Farming in Nigeria (+ Free Practical Training on Our Farm).

Catfish Farming in Nigeria (+ Free Practical Training on Our Farm).

Hi ! good Afternoon everyone today we want to
talk about catfish farming in Nigeria I’m Steve Oloruni to start with I will want to
be answering some of your questions this is YouTube you might be wondering going
to catfish farming business in Nigeria what are the things you like to know to start
I will encourage you to look at it from the perspective of business the reason
why I say this is because so many people especially because there is a lot of media
noise so many people are going to the farming these days just because we hear the
noise from just every John and Joe but the truth is things are not usually the way they are when you look at it from the outside so see your venture catfish
business as a serious business which is not going to be as cheap and as easy as
most people tend to make noise about it of course
– it may not be as a business like a make you Millions just as anybody will want
you to believe I mean without paying some sacrifice
certain sacrifices alright i have been taking note of that
let’s proceed now about you know things you need to understand things you need to
know about catfish business in Nigeria now the first thing I would like to
relate with you is that when trying to decide which of the pond to use you
know we have different kind of pond we are patting pond we have concrete pond
we have Tapolin pond and we have tank pond now situations are different
that is why you will have to think you have to invest a little thought into
which of the pond to use now if you are having a kind of like swamping area
which is dedicated for such business which is a catfish business then you can
go for hating pond you know hating pond are those pond we dig and sack around
you know the best place for it is a place that is water logged now you can’t
just go to a dry land for with a hatting pond why you can do it is
going to take much resources from you excavating the ground is going to be
much more expensive getting water to may give you a couple of headache so that’s why
we prefer a place that is waterlogged now after you have that is if you get a
place that is water log if it is not water log if it is a dry land then
you are going to think about concrete pond but in other case if you are
thinking of you know starting maybe at your backyard or in a place that is
going to be tentative which is not yours now in that case you can’t start with hatting pond no no concrete pond the reason being that the owner of the place might
just come tomorrow and said you want to use the place and you have invested
something that is not mobile so you can’t really move so that is why you
want to go for something like tarpaulin pond or tank pond you know tarpaulin is
very mobile you can easily pick it why tank pond too is very mobile you can
easily pick it now why I have talk about various kind of pond and situation where
you can need them I think I should talk about white catfish in the first place
you know here in Nigeria most people prefer catfish when it comes to locally
made fish and the reason is very simple first consider it from the angle that we
have thousands and thousands of species of fish you know all over the world now
but the reason why cat fish is preferred in this part of the world is
because of our tropical location I mean we have a water that favour catfish and
because cat fish tend to have a kind of rugged spirit that could cope with
our environment other than other ones plus the fact that the market always
prefer catfish other than you know defended our species of fish we have
that is basically the reason why most farmer here go for catfish why you could
go for any other species such as a tilapia and also I’m telling you the
most preferred the most preferred type of fish we have in this part of the world
which is Nigeria is catfish no that is why you know we are talking about cat fish basically here now after the pond has been settle you want to make sure your
pond are in good condition they are kind of like few tips we need to understand
about making the pond ready if it is hatting porn sometimes we put lime into the
water the reason is because we want to destroy some of the germs that already in
the water to prepare I mean the water for your for your use I mean for the
fish that are coming now if it is a concrete pond sometimes we use what they call EWE AKINTOLA in YORUBA i don’t know what they will call that in your in
your area to kind of like sanitize or what do I put it now for certain this it
may be like one or two weeks before you pull your finger nails in now
let’s move into the area of catfish finger nails and juvenile now now the best
advice we normally give is if you are just coming in into this industry it is
always good for you to choose juveniles and i will tell you the reason the reason is because
juvenile tend to have been older than than finger nails because it is older the
management is easier especially if you are just new it is easier to manage and the water
too is easier so you choose and I have to sign a dot of warning here and that is
you must be very very careful where you choose your finger nails from we have
had received a lot of calls from several people who bought their juveniles or
fingernails from certain people after feeding them for 3-4 months they
discover the fishes are not growing the fish can not grow because something is intrinsically
physically wrong with this source so you really have to understand where you are
getting your finger nails from if for instance you are getting from a farmer who as you know gotten a kind of track record
somebody’s recommending him for you then you know you are getting it from a
right source now having said that now then you have to understand the
feeding which is the most important part of this whole thing now if you are ready
this business now no matter what the scale is if it large if it is middle or if it is
small you are going to be investing yeah most of your investment is going to go
for feeding 70 if not 90 percent of everything you invest in these are going
to go four feed and what smart farmer does is they try to kind of manage out
the spend on the feeding and that is why every serious farmer knows how to
formulate their own feed now why. i may come back to that later let me try to talk
about you getting somebody who actually understand how to go about management
maybe this is how you can get may i think i should give you one idea here you
can employ somebody who has been in the business for couples of years or who has
kind of like manage a catfish farm for couple of years you know maybe he has been
employed three five years into certain catfish farm in Nigeria then you employ
him in that case now he uses his experience for you the other way is you
can employ a consultant who is going to
guide you stage by stage now we do a part of this now if you need details on
many of the things I’ve discussed with you and many more things
you can easily reach out to us the way we operate is we use our experienced
farmer all over Nigeria we have our experience farmer in more than 21 states
either you are in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Imo Kano east-west or north Nigeria we have
our associate farmers the way we operate is wherever you are
when give us a call on the line that you are seeing on the screen right now then
we are going to tell you our nearest associate farm to you there are two things
you can do with those associate farm then you can go through our practical training
go through videos which is a video we actually farm to give you details
of many of these things I’m talking about read our books or go to the farm
where you see all these things in practical you see the way they are doing
it you see the way you can do them and sort of this like that and if you are
having a very big skilled farm you actually take our our farmer and they
walk you through everything you have to do they guide you step-by-step so that
you would not make mistake that is just the objective the objective is to use our
experience to guide you you know show you the way things you need to do get you
the right finger nails train you on how to formulate your own feed so that you save cost
and sort of things like that so as to manage your resources and investment and
not make mistakes now you can go to which you are seeing on the
screen on the screen right now or call the number you are seeing as well now
when we talk we are going to discuss your project and how we can work with
you thank you so much my name is Steven Olorun ni

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