CATFISH FISHING in Bulgaria – Best Moments/ Риболов на СОМ в БЪЛГАРИЯ/ Wels Angeln in Bulgarien

CATFISH FISHING in Bulgaria – Best Moments/ Риболов на СОМ в БЪЛГАРИЯ/ Wels Angeln in Bulgarien

Fish, fish! Hey guys, how are you doing? We have two weeks break from fishing. The season is closed and we can’t go fishing. As you can see there is nobody fishing. Usually, there are always fishermen here. It is a break. However, we still have videos to post, so stay tuned! We will also reach 2 000 subscribers very soon, we might have reached them when you watch this video. We will give away handmade fishing lures Realwobbler, so stay tuned for this too! The idea for today’s video came from Victor Karu from Underwater Ireland, who has watched some of our videos and he liked our Best Fishing Moments of 2018. to share it on his channel. However, he wanted to have good shots not only from 2018 but also from previous years. So in today’s video you will see our best catfish fishing moments until today. Here they are! Enjoy! It came off! OMG! Was that an asp? I don’t know. It was a catfish. Might be! It pulled very strong. It bent the rod! It was a big one, Tsetse! It was big! Yes! Come on! Fellow fisherman: Did you hook it? How should I take it out now? Kate! Come fast; big catfish! It came off. A big catfish! The asp was chasing; now I will change the lure. It is here. Yes, I will put another lure now. Kate, fish on! It was there right in front of the bank. Come on! Hold it! It that the asp? Catfish. A big one? Big one! Are you OK? Did you see what fish took my lure away? You were just so happy about its good swimming action! Come on, Kate! Wow! Wow! Did it come off? Yes. Come on! It has to bite! It is always biting there. What? It has to bite..! Tsetse, come on! It is not a big one! It has to bite and it bit. Beautiful! It inhaled the lure. Fish on! Nice, I am coming! Did you see what is it all about? Wow! How big is it? No idea, it was very big. It came off. Terrible! Take the rod! With a braided line 0.26 mm/ 0.01″ Nice! Come on, Tsetse! It showed up! Come! It is pulling so strong! Pull! Reel in fast! Reel and hold! Pull! Tsetse, it is pulling a lot! Kate, give this fish to me! You wish! OK! Reel! Pull! Now reel fast! In the other direction! That’s right! Pull! Run forward and reel! Stop! Again! Go! Pull! It broke off. Tsetse! Fish on! Pull! You caught a very big fish! It is swimming. Release the reel! Kate! Yes. Give me this catfish! How are you going to take it out? Give me the rod! Come! Give me the rod! Hold the camera! Come on! It is a big one! It broke off. Tsetse! Is this a fish? Or did the lure got stuck? Fish, fish! Did it come off? No, it’s pulling. It’s pulling. Pull! It is a big catfish. Stay there! Release! Kate, it starts swimming with the current. Come! Take it! Wow! Did it come off or break off? It came off. It was a big one, right? Yes. Well done, Tsetse! Good job! It looks very big. Come on! Well done, Tsetse! Be careful! Can you pass through? Man, be careful! Is it a big one? Yes. Be careful! Nice! Should be about 8-10 kg/ 17-22 lbs. 10 kg/ 22 lbs. A nice one! Fish on! May I turn the light on? Wow! It is huge! Tsetse, it is very big! It’s huge! It is.. I don’t know. I’m coming here. Do you know what it is? A big catfish. A big catfish?! Hope that it doesn’t go there into the logs. It’s still not swimming powerful. It is still not in its full strength. Poor he! Subscribe for more fishing videos and new handmade lures! The questions is who has stronger nerves. And more power also. Wow! It is huge! Give me the rod! Well done, Tsetso! You are awesome! Good job, Tsetse! Master! The master is a master! Nice! It got stressed a lot. It took so long because I am with a thin line. Like the catfish. Well done, master! I can lie down next to it. You can turn it up. Both are tired. Both are tired; the heroes are tired. Guys, hope you enjoyed the video. If you liked it, please give us a Thumbs up! If you are new, subscribe! Click the bell to receive notifications and see you next time! Bye, bye!

22 thoughts on “CATFISH FISHING in Bulgaria – Best Moments/ Риболов на СОМ в БЪЛГАРИЯ/ Wels Angeln in Bulgarien

  1. Mix of our best moments of catfish fishing until today. Watch them and see, if you have missed a good action! Give us a Thumbs up and Subscribe for more fishing adventures, if it's your first time here! Tight lines and catch big ones, guys! 😊🎣

  2. I remember quite a few of those moments! I think you guys need to get some heavier gear. lol Some of those things are just too big for what you're using. 😂😜

  3. The video is beautiful, all of that is part of good fishing and that's something we all like. I see that you're really have a lots of catfish in your river and that's beautiful because your man doesn't scared to catch the biggest one. Thank you for the video and have a good fishing… 😀

  4. Tremendas peleas y tremendos peces. Por aquí vamos a empezar la temporada ya mismo, en unos días haremos el primer descenso en float tube por el río tras ellos, un tipo de pesca extrema que engancha, es adictiva. un saludo y que siga la pesca amigos.

  5. Genial edición de video amigo….increibles momentos….ouhhh yeahhh que tengáis buena pesca amigos….saludos del equipo Spro👍🎣

  6. Браво, продължавайте да правите клипове… На български мисля че ще имате повече почитатели, но това е лично мнение!

  7. Дайте инфо за марки и акция на пръчките и макарите поздрави 🙂

  8. Lovly video! Браво,адмираций,но трябват остри куки ,здрав плетеняк и по здрави (бавни) макарета, за да има по малко загуби на риби и повече видеа.ДА,забравих и всичкотрябва да е Японско!Наслука.

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