Catfish – Movie Review

Catfish – Movie Review

catfish a uh… very uh… interesting
uh… very interesting film very different movie and it’s hard to describe without sort
of actually describing it but uh… that
owners will fall on that captivate documentary about some filmmakers but a real documentary we think not not
like what he does not like documentary about a gaya photographer develops an online relationship and and things may not be exactly word we’d
think they are statement happy which is not at all expected michindustrial some police respond finally shown here this year so i’m going out the syringe better heheh however so what’s next and we try to make these files scintilla victories drive you to the testimony you just a reminder mister sierra leon aron what happens when they
get to the fall but from the zombies attack uh… like it’s very interesting of when they get to the form it’s a very
tense moment and uh… i i thought a very uh… compelling very interesting very interesting movie you i think had
more criticisms of it so we don’t put your problem yeah i thought this was a fascinating i
enjoys i think this is an extremely well-made movie and it’s hard to talk about it without
really spoiled a have my doubts about the veracity to
rough but i think that it’s i don’t think that the movie is staged
in the way that i’m still here in st i think that they have literally policed right knee is is falls for this one online they don’t really know if you were there
with the year old girl who is uh… he’s a photographer and she makes a painting
of one of those photos sends it to me impressed by that name
startled facebook relationship and i start to greater relationship with our
hobbled her sister at about brad not romantic relationship with monica to
know the mom and dad they they start the sister they they talk in their sex
thing brucella afraid of the family there and i think it’s very people
because i have a mattress face book so in you know isn’t that what we’re
doing this for spoiler alerted you did you you but what
you’re saying is that you didn’t what you eventually see what we
eventually learn you you thought some of that might have been snow as you know i
think that what we eventually learn is all for real these guys knew ahead of time these guys
knew everything i had it all their stuff before about our work starting this
could be a real relationship friday evening i really like my okay hello here raided and family dot bad at legally
married and in a couple of things are installed oredi to work three that as we do this for the word
let’s do our best not to totally but for everybody but i’ve you
know it’s over we usually sung by my issue is that your
guys who are i think there to tech savvy i think there too sophisticated to have fallen for what
they fell for right i think that the relationship i think that the relationship is
one-sided the relationship that for the link between the between zero lag and
right uh… i believe that what’s going on is
that need is not being genuine i think that
needs knows something else is op embassy pretend he’s a ah… employers i
think that they he’s very ice as a one point nine eighty
eight when we when we meet this could be as it were tracked into each other
because there’s been we rarely get in we we have this connection online is a
world the phone and if we meet this deadline great reluctant to what i what
i think happens very early on in the making of this uh… i think before you
decide to make the film i think what happens you know he gets his painting they sensed something is up the do
little bit of digging and they realize that this is a for real at the film the whole process i think that what we ended up with came
out to be at that actually i think that they were playing
along with us playing along with her rolling along with everything there been
they connect you i don’t know i believe a lot of it them and i think
it anything is if it may be a conversation that took
place the didn’t you getting get on camera the first time maybe be
re-enacted it maybe the reshot foodstuff but i think when they go to michigan and
they meet these people it’s arial are who they are meeting
right exactly you know i don’t see that i’m not saying that that’s fake i think
that they what i will say is i don’t think i think they knew that they were shenanigans going up on behalf of angela
had to say that they have a correlation ship is not what it approached i think
you really think that right for the beginning they knew that this family angela’s the mother
megane is the twenty-year-old kid sister who needs of lobsters involved with and have
these new year old you think that they knew right away this is where nato when they string us
along pretending like you think it’s real
stringing difficult that wasn’t all that so i found out that i that he was
totally sucked in ladder moving he’s a gay young i think it’s kind of
dialect i think he’s he’s a cool great looking guy he’s charismatic as how i
got very good and i also i bet about i’d thought i was a little effect you know
he’s a great smiles shanti bakke i believe the he was really flattered by
the attention by be compliments to his work yes he’s only like twenty four com
high i think he got sucked in by his family destroyed when he grabbed me and
he was fascinated by then and only when you make a michigan did i realize whack
you know well prior that because they they have said they are they got it they
got a clue yams bag i think for a long time they’re all
kinda sucked in by his family other what division because they have a time
trouble believing that they both of those things were done with the opera
but then but then how is so you think these guys reviewed by the way the uh…
it’s the people who made the movie reviews best friend that has brought so that’s plausible but you didn’t job sink the denny’s a heck of a nafta ameen
memos haiti under the covers ravindra right x-men i think he’s embarrassed you
know what i saw and it feels so if you’re going to go arrest about what
he’s been through honestly think the embarrassment and the vulnerability is he realizes that he stringing this
one along despair not unlike the way he’s being strong
ideally even and i think that what happens is the actual you get there and
they find out what’s going on and they start to feel better because it will take a look at feel bad
because they learned i learned that the deceit that had not done to them was from a different place right and i
think that they were going out there for the capture dot allah there is a gas and i think i
think toward the end as they were driving as they were having a michigan
when i realized that they had been to see that they were
gone for dot chen there’s a whole old the guy there’s a reverse got to
yeah detected very authentic might impact
despite a car it is that you know facebook only relationship
height ike refuse to believe that they’re not going to do any kind of
research based on the names of there being given to actually see that this
daughter is that the eight-year-old is the paining prodigy modeling etc fill in
the meantime that there’s great he’s out in this great right i work on the phone
either they didn’t do that within the first couple of days that’s the thing i just can’t but so
what did you get so i get it i’d to give it a hi-res score given six because in spite of what i feel about it it’s a riveting story and i think that the chance to see at the family in those days so moving and as such mazen combination being both horrified and sympathetic
yeah that it takes to listen to ways and crystal eight point five and i
think it’s really well mate it’s so many things over the course of
just like an hour and a happy it’s a comedy it’s a romance it’s hugely
suspenseful but that left olympic at the end of a trailer there wither pulling up
to the house like we’re all holding our breath it was it was more testing any
horror movie catholic hand that as you know what kind of movie you’re getting
yeah i a keeps changing and it’s really sad at least at and then
strangely hopeful at the end totally it’s a very sad it takes all these emotional turns at that for the and then they’re
all which it about and they all feel legitimate to me i
never felt like i didn’t feel any of the things that you
felt sobrang with fill that spot other day
after i have met you christiane this i’ll send you the point five so uh… that uh… that pulls the
overall grade catfish to a impressive seven point six obviously are highly recommended already
opened i think it in new york and los angeles maybe often
discounts yeah anyway opening uh… wider uh… this weekend and in the weeks ahead so look for a catfish and a multiplex near you now we move to another documentary if indeed that matter by the way they’re calling at catfish
the uh… the real face bookman av which is a very clever as we get to the social network a next week

66 thoughts on “Catfish – Movie Review

  1. Damn, I haven't seen it yet and I can't decide whether or not I am going to go past the spoiler alert….Any advice, anyone?

  2. I have watched the movie or anything but what I've seen from the trailer I get the feeling that it might be fake. I have spidey-sense for these things.

  3. I just done some googling and read what the spoiler is. 100% Fake. I'm not going to give anything away but the signs are all there. Off course you'll think its a good movie if you believe it.

  4. @ChiefRepublic sooo….I'm assuming you just went to IMDB and read the forums… because I did some research and the whole thing is real. Like they said in this review…the only thing that may not be genuine are some re-shots – if they didn't get something on camera. Read the interviews from the actual film makers. At least 99% of the film is real.

  5. @habitatryder no I didn't read the forums but thanks for pointing me in that direction. I read the Wikipedia page and watched the trailer. Thats pretty much it. I may be wrong but I just have a gut feeling that it is fake. I watched two minutes of the letterman Joaquin Phoenix interview and was shocked how many people believed that he was for real. And that was almost two years ago. But I'll give this movie the benefit of the doubt until I watch it.

  6. i dont think this was all real because honestly if you were gonna go meet someone that you met on facebook you should have at least asked to video chat before hand… right?

  7. hahahahha, Im guessing from having read about ten comments in that it's going to a fat sack of shit jerking off on his computer.

  8. Guys…


    If you're going to discuss the plot in depth like this. Just spoil the thing. Otherwise just say "This is vaguely what it's about, and we either liked it or we didn't".

    This "We're half spoiling it, but not really" vague bullshit makes this review unlistenable.

  9. If they were being genuine, is this a interesting enough topic to make a doc about? Not in the least. I know tons of people who have met someone online and blah, blah, blah, insert boring anecdote here…. Of course they filmed this for the "gottcha".

    Team Matt!

  10. I just looked up the spoiler and here it is bc without it this review makes no sense. If youre like me and don't plan on seeing this, read on if not, avert your eyes now.

    The beauty Meghan doesn't exist and some lady named Angela made up the whole story. She has kid(s) who have disabilities and is depressed. The end.

  11. what fucken spoiler, you know the ending when you hear the plot, hot girl from the internet, if the girl is hot, she does not even need the fucken internet for guys, guys would hover her like shit

  12. yes yes yes we all know it was a fucking documentary~ will someone spoil the fucking movie~ plzzzz ~ is she ugly~ is she an old lady that kills people on facebook~ is it a man?

  13. @LeviCoultify lmao are you serious? thats funny thanks for the spoiler~ so is there a freaky love scene with him and angela

  14. There's no reason to believe it's fake. All of the research I've found from people claiming it's staged is all bullshit. Yes, it's coincidental, but try for a second to think about probability. With all of the millions of cameras rolling all the time, eventually, there will be X amounts of crazy events caught on tape. Just because you wouldn't handle the situation like they did doesn't mean that they wouldnt. Crazy things happen in the documentary Dear Zachary but I don't hear anyone complaining

  15. @Kayjoss I have, its worth seeing it if you can find it. Where I am it was in an old cinaplex with only a couple of screens, not the mega movie theaters we are all used to

  16. i'm with ben, I doubt their acting is that good. i wouldn't instantly google people I meet on facebook, and i don't think most people would either. i especially wouldn't google an 8yr old painter from a small town – wtf! i believe that lives can exist (dare i say) offline. i'm tech savvy, and i would be duped.

  17. I think Matt is right. Obviously they wouldn't be filming 24/7 with a camera at hand at all times so they would have to recreate certain moments and conversations. It's still a very good movie though.

  18. I watched the trailer, and I thought that they were going to find out it was a serial killer. That would have been a satisfying ending, but I like how this ended too

  19. I just saw this movie. It was trash. Nothing interesting happens and nothing is learned. You hyped this movie up to an unforgivable amount. I was completely disappointed, Nev, Rel, and Henry were extremely fake through out the entire movie. As soon as they receive the music from Angela I totally knew what was going to happen through out the rest of the movie. This movie sucks and is as much as a waste of time for the viewer as it was for the movie makers.

  20. @9cloudersprofile It isn't a good movie, it's a poorly thought out and executed load of rubbish. I like the fact that you just insult anyone who doesn't agree with your opinion, at least OoogieBoogie2 gave good reasons as to why the movie was bad.

  21. @honeyhotsauce it is fake. It's a movie that was meant to be filmed to look like a "documentary". The Blair Witch Project wasn't real, if you didn't already guess.

  22. @jakquezz yeah, definitely not…you can tell just by how they set it up with foreshadowing of something "too good to be true"…why else would they film random facebook pages? dumb.

  23. @CatsAttackChubbyKids That's the point. The trailer is misleading because the whole movie is about being mislead over the internet. I can understand you didn't like it, but it was all intentional.

  24. This kind of "fake" online relationship actually happened to me (though not the romantic aspect). It lasted for years, and I am still recovering from what this person did to me. This documentary feels genuine to me … I was a smart girl, early twenties, tech savvy. And "he" still got me.

  25. I also tend to think that the beginning of the internet romance was staged afterwards, when they already had an inkling that everything was not right, or perhaps even after they got back from visiting the family.

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