Catfish Station Houston TX Restaurant Review – Best Place for Fried Catfish in Houston Tx

Catfish Station Houston TX Restaurant Review – Best Place for Fried Catfish in Houston Tx

Let’s do this! Let’s do this! Let’s do this! Let’s make this happen. hey everybody this is Marvin of everyday Marvin
and this is gonna be my catfish station Jones road restaurant review the
question is is this the best place to have fried catfish in Houston Texas
we’re gonna find out aren’t we again this is Marvin of Everyday Marvin make sure you like and subscribe to my channel
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videos and reviews and reactions and commentaries that I do in the future cause I pretty much release videos when I feel like it hey and I just want to welcome
you to another everyday Marvin Local something should be popping up down here. where I basically talk about places
that I’ve made visits to and how i feel about them and giving my opinion and review out there
so that way the world can be made aware of it and you can too so today we are going to be focusing on catfish station which is located at nine three forty four jones road suite O Houston TX seven seven zero 65 and they’re open
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and on Sundays from 12 p.m. to
9 p.m. it’s only an hour later on Sundays that their open only one hour less so anyways this weekend you may notice I’m a little
tired in this video or I may come off a little tired because I just got back from taking a trip to Houston Texas after not being out of town in like for fun in like
years and so while I was out of town in Houston which I technically really more like
in Houston surrounding area then actual downtown Houston itself but while I was
staying in Houston I decided to check out a few different restaurants and one of the
restaurants that I happily was surprised to go and try was catfish station and I
love catfish catfish has to be one of my top favorite probably 5 foods in the
world to eat right up there with nachos one of my goals while I was up in Houston was to try something new try a new restaurant whenever I am out of town my goal is
always to try to eat someplace they go someplace where I have not eaten before
I wanna eat someplace where I know I can’t eat at in my own hometown so
catfish station came up as a good seafood restaurant and for me seafood is
kind of weird because I can only eat certain kinds of seafood I can’t eat
shrimp I can’t eat crab I can’t eat lobster there’s a lot of
crab or crawfish I can’t do most of that stuff but I can eat catfish tilapia
cod a few other things that just are not shellfish or any kind of
shellfish I can’t normally do that but catfish is one
of the things I can eat and I do love to eat catfish as much as possible when I saw there was a place called catfish station not too far from my hotel I just
had to go check it out and also this happened to show up on the app freebird
which I did a video about freebird not too long ago which is basically an app that pays you back you can earn points and cashback for
basically taking uber and lyft fries that you were gonna take anyway which I actually already cashed out several times with the freebird app and I’ve gotten I
think about $70 back maybe more now try to show a picture of it
I’ll have the code in the video here so that way whenever you’re out and about
or if you take lyft and uber rides you can get cash back too like I did I do have a
code in there where you can get $10 bucks back for your first two rides much like I did and the
code should be V6918 I believe that it’s V6918 also I’ll
have it down in the description box so anyways when I pulled up my freebird app it gave
me a couple of recommendations to places I could try and also get cashback for and
catfish station happened to be on that list and it wasn’t that far away from a
hotel so okay cool so I’m trying this new place I love catfish and I’ll get cashback for just taking a ride to this place and using the same card that I use on
my freebird app why not give it a shot so I went there by myself I went in
friendly atmosphere not really a huge place but I actually kind of prefer it not
to be some giant huge place at the time and at the time I went there there wasn’t a ton of people
in there but I kind of went during an off-peak hour
and so I went in there the people were very friendly the cashier lady she had a
nice smile on her face I pretty much told her that this is my first time
there what would she recommend that’s generally what I do whenever I go to a new restaurant I
always ask the person who works there what would they recommend for a
first-timer or newbie at the restaurant and she gave me a couple of options to
work with me I know I couldn’t I didn’t anything had shrimp or shrimp involved
so unfortunately their famous or their somewhat famous shrimp and grits I
couldn’t do that and a couple other things they have on the list that unfortunately I
couldn’t do because had shrimp in it or other things I couldn’t eat
but catfish was okay I believe they had this snack basket option which I think
was option number two on the main menu I believe they had like the first one there’s
like I think it was like 10 or 12 something then they had another version I
think it was like $7.99 or $8.99 I know I didn’t want a big big serving but I
had an appetite where you know a good little amount so I got their I think it’s called
a catfish snack basket eight something between the seven something eight
something and I got two pieces of catfish fries to go along with it in and a
hushpuppy and they also give you the option choosing two different sauces I got
this dirty tartar sauce which I liked and enjoyed it was very tasty and this
remoulade please forgive me if I don’t pronounce right I
was messing up and the lady was like it’s okay most people don’t get it you
know I’m not I’m not Louisiana so I can’t say correctly and so I waited for my food and it didn’t really
take that long on the wait like I think I might even like five or seven minutes
now my food and it looked delicious I have a picture of it here in this video
somewhere for you see i was like okay this is good my mouth is watering now just thinking
about looking at it when I got it yeah a piece of fries first one the France
first dipped it in their dirty tartar sauce dish I dipped in the other sauce
it was delicious that sauce they make is delicious like it’s obviously like no
signature sauce that they have that they make in-house it delicious when I was
ordering my meal they give you an offer of two or three sauces you can choose from and I
chose again the dirty tartar sauce and the remoulade they were both delicious I would have both of those again so I ate
the fries they were crispy of they were hot and the food was very very hot
like when I got it it just came out of the fryer I didn’t see steam but it was hot hot when
I bit into I have to kind of hold off and wait for the food was so delicious
to where I want to rush and eat it but I had to wait because it was so hot the
catfish fillets themselves were delicious fully cooked crispy great
seasoning I loved it I would eat that every other day if I could you know it
was that good I enjoyed it I definitely recommend the catfish station good Cajun
food there and is it the best place for fried catfish
Houston Texas seeing as that was my first time having any kind of catfish in
Houston Texas I would have to say for at this point in time yes it is the best
fried catfish that I’ve tasted in Houston Texas so far now I still
probably to try other spots but right off the bat it was delicious I would go back I
would recommend other people who like catfish and you’re a big
catfish fan definitely go back if you’re able to eat shrimp try the shrimp and
grits they also have like some kind of bread pudding that’s also kind of popular
and chicken and gumbo or rice and gumbo that I saw in one of their little videos
on one of the videos on YouTube I hope you enjoyed my catfish station Jones Road
restaurant review and I hope I answer the question is it the best fried
catfish in Houston Texas and I believe it is from my experience so far and I
would go back there again again check it out also good and check out that freebird app I have a code for it again here where you can actually get paid if you’re in Houston Texas to go to catfish station and get cash back reward on top of the
normal points that you would get for just taking a lyft or uber to get to catfish station again I’ll have a code for freebird should be V6918 again V6918 also if you never tried uber or lyft before I’ll
have a code for those as well down in description box so that way you can try those out as well as get cashback for trying them out as well so credits , cashback and then cashback for going out to eat you just can’t lose bonus bonus
bonus bonus bonus right so again thank you for watch that review my whole
catfish station on Jones Road a restaurant review I do believe is some
of the best fried catfish in Houston Texas that you can get up to right now
again thank you for watching this is me Marvin every day Marvin make sure you like and subscribe
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there’s a lot of cool bonuses and extras and things I put on there so again
thank you for watching I will catch you later see ya bye pieces I’m out hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey now I am just being silly

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  1. Hey! I recently went out of town to Houston tx and enjoyed some very tasty catfish at Catfish Station on jones road. Watch my review so you can get the full scoop now! #catfish #restaurantreview #goodseafood

  2. Hi!
    I've never been to Houston, would like to visit this place!
    Thank you for the recommendation! 🙂
    Have a great week!

  3. There are several contenders for fried catfish in Houston TX but Catfish station is definitely up there!

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