Causes Of Gallstones

Causes Of Gallstones

Greetings! Naturopath from lovely New Zealand, Eric Bakker. I’m back to you again. We’re going to continue on with our series
on gallstones. Right now the third one is causes of gallstones. What actually causes the formation of gallstones? Generally, it means you’ve got a problem with
something that you’re eating or an inability of the body to metabolize fats properly. Remember, I’ve told you this a couple of times:
Two to one, women tend to have gallstones over guys. Some of the big causes I see with females
are a history of oral contraceptive pill use or hormone treatments. I’m not a big fan of hormones, whether they
are natural hormones or artificial hormones. I’m no fan at all of taking hormones. We do sometimes recommend a hormone, but generally
I don’t like people manipulating their hormone balance. History of oral contraceptive pill can certainly
be a cause and linked up with gallstone formation. The big one? Chocolate. You like chocolate and you’re watching this
right now? Are you one of those people who will die for
chocolate? You will kill for chocolate? You’ve got to have chocolate. You eat chocolate two or three times a week. I’ve written a few articles you can read on about chocolate. Chocolate is not the best food at all for
the gallbladder. It’s a compound fat product. It takes a lot of bile and a lot of power
from the liver to metabolize the fats of this very fatty food. If you’re regularly eating chocolate, you
may well be a gallstone former and have these problems. Think about that. Any kind of high fat snack food, but especially
chocolate. People often see chocolate as a healthy food. I think it’s a crappy food. Especially if you buy it in those bars or
blocks all the time. Raw cacao and chocolate are two different
things altogether. If you’re a chocolate lover or a lover of
high fat foods regularly like fish and chips, or deep fried foods or KFC, or greasy, fatty,
dripping junk like that, then you may well be a candidate for gallstones. As I mentioned, certain ethnic groups have
a high tendency to getting this. While not a cause, it can just mean that it
ups your risk, but, I particularly look at foods that you’re eating. That’s a key thing in my opinion. Hormones and food issues. There are some other causes which tend to
be a little bit more rare. Certain types of genetic issues that may make
you more prone to becoming a gallstone former. Generally, in my opinion is poor digestion. Overloading of fatty foods. Poor stomach issues. Remember, we said in the previous video, we
talked about antacids could be linked. Frequent use of antacids. That’s because it stops the stomach’s ability
from functioning properly. With poor stomach ability, you start impairing
digestion further down, especially the pancreas and the ability of the liver to properly metabolize
fats. So if you’re going to wreck the upper GI,
you’re going to wreck the lower GI. It’s not a good idea to keep taking these
antacids. That could certainly be one of the causes
would be frequent antacid use. Any kind of drugs or medications used on a
daily basis long term will inevitably lead to some kind of a sign or symptom in the body. It could block a symptom, but they’ll create
another symptom. Stomach medications or acid blocking medications. I’ve also seen antibiotics linked to gallstones. Some people may dispute this, but I’ve certainly
seen a link between regular taking of antibiotics. Destroying bowel flora is linked to it. Regular consumption of alcohol is linked to
it. All these kinds of habits that we have lead
us into eating improperly and digesting improperly, and push us into the formation of gallstones. Very important to chew properly, which will
mean you’ll poo properly. Which will mean you will digest food properly. Digesting food properly means you’ll metabolize
it and absorb it and excrete it properly. As soon as you start eating processed foods,
it could be well linked up with a gallstone formation. I don’t think it’ll be common to find gallstones
in people in underdeveloped countries anywhere near as much as you’ll find in the developed
nations. I will say one of the chief causes also would
be processed foods. White bread, sodas, cakes, cookies, biscuits,
scones, muffins, donuts, all this kind of crappy food. This in my opinion is also linked with gallstone
formation. Hydrogenated fats (fats that are designed
to be hard at room temperature that prolong the shelf life of food) are also linked to
gallstones. Go and speak to someone who lives in the Amazon
who hunts animals and digs things out of the ground to eat. They don’t even know what the word gallstone
means. They’ll be pooping every day; they’ll be living
a natural lifestyle. These people don’t have gallstones. It’s people like us in the western world that
develop these kind of habits that develop what we call the diseases of western civilization,
and gallstones is one of them. Click on the link below if you haven’t got
my report, and please subscribe to my channel. I promise I’ll keep making videos. Thanks for tuning in.

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  1. Thank you sir. This channel is gold. I have 5 days with no soda consumption. Next week is white bread.after that no more processed foods.

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