Chattanooga’s Superpower Dogs — Meet Mario and Stosh

Chattanooga’s Superpower Dogs — Meet Mario and Stosh

My name is Mario Santos. I’m a lieutenant with the Bradley County Sheriff’s
Department in Cleveland, Tennessee. My partner’s name is Stosh, and his superpower
is narcotic detection. Stosh is a German short-haired pointer. They track really good. The only thing we use him for is narcotic
detection. His nose is better than ours, and he can get
into tight spots where we can’t. If he alerts on a car, we work there. We let him show us exactly where it was because
where he alerts, then he goes in and pinpoints, so we know about exactly where to start our
search. I say, if you’re a bad guy, and you have drugs
on you, and I have Stosh, I can about tell you it’s not going to turn out too good for
you. I love working with the dogs. He’s still considered
a puppy, so he’s very energetic. I’ve been real pleased. I’ve been real pleased with him. He’s part of the family. In the evenings, we come in the back door. I take off his department collar and put on
a regular collar for him to be in the house. He ain’t no problem. He’s like one of my kids. Sometimes, I wish the kids listened better
— like him. [MUSIC]

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  1. A dog really is like a puppy take pitbulls for a reason, they're playful and can be big babies sometimes. ☺️, But I do love how dogs can be puppies sometimes when they're grown. 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐩🐩🐩

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