Cheshire Carp and Catfish Pt2

hi and welcome to the north west carp blog this is cheshire carp and catfish part 2 it’s the beginning of my session and
I’ve already got a carp rod out tight to some lilies on the far bank before I put the pellet rod out for
catfish I’m laying down a bed of pellets I’m using 16mm coppens pellets
and I put around 70 to 80 of these pellets in over a wide-ish this area about
the size of snooker table pellets put out a big food signal and this is a
great way to pull in the cats once I’ve got my pellets in I simply
put a hook bait over the top again the hook bait is a 16mm pellet
that’s just hair rigged I’ve covered my pellet rig for carp and cats previously and
it’s on this channel if you want to take a closer look at it on screen it looks
like I’m baiting and fishing halfway over due to the camera angle it’s actually
1/3 across to the far bank which is about 15 yards and to put the hook bait
over the bed pellets it’s just a simple underarm lob I’ve added a the back lead to pin the line
down and set the rods on the rest just like I would for catching carp after all
it’s a dual method and I could catch a cat or a carp once the rods are set it’s
just a case of chilling out until something takes one of the baits it
didn’t take long for something to happen the catfish found those pellets pretty
quickly today and within half an hour I was into another decent cat this fish
gave me the runaround at first and I had my work cut out trying to
keep it from heading left at one stage I thought I was going lose it in the big
set of lily pads you can see on my left fortunately I managed to bully it out
and this is where I managed to get the camera switched on with the fish on a tight line I still
had more work to do but eventually the fish succumbed and after a bit of
fumbling around I manage to bundle my prize into the net
the problem with cats is their length you can have the head right against to spreader block but half the body can still be outside of the net
I had that problem here has a tried to lift a net the tail end was weighing
down the right-hand side of the net and in the end I needed two hands to lift it
when you deal with the catfish like this you just have to lift and let
gravity do the rest the head is the heaviest end so when you lift the fish
should fold into the net and thankfully mine did 22lb 8oz’s happy days with a 22
pound 8 ounce catfish in the bag I re-baited and topped up my swim with a further 30 pellets things went quiet for a while after the commotion of playing out
a cat but a few hours later the pads rod produced a small common this fish
behaved like most small carp and charged around a lot so I never had the chance to
film anything other than me holding it for the camera although it wasn’t big it
was a pretty fish which is always nice to see I re-baited the pad rod after this
fish as you can see I’m trying to keep the bait tight to the pads rather than
spreading it around the carp are known to patrol along the pads so focusing on
keeping everything tight and using a line clip when casting is really
important for this rod again things went quiet for a few hours
but eventually the pellet rod was away again with another catfish I’ve got all
of this one on the film it wasn’t as big as the first one but at 16lb 4
oz’s it still gave a good account of itself this turned out to be my last fish of
the day I wrapped up at 8:30 p.m. in the evening so I finished my six and a half
hour session with cats of 22lb 8oz and 16lb 4oz and a small carp just
under ten pound a quality day’s fishing I’m sure you’ll agree give us a thumbs
up if you liked the vid and if you haven’t already hit the subscribe button
for my future updates until next time tight lines 16 pound 4 ounces

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