Chicago’s Best Comfort Food: Surfs Up

Chicago’s Best Comfort Food:  Surfs Up

(upbeat instrumental music) – From the sat-nav,
to the heated seats, the Jeep Compass is swimming
with creature comforts. You know what else
screams comfort to me? Fried foods, and, clearly,
Elizabeth, Ibrahim, and Kimberly all agree
because they told me to ride the wave out to Oak Park and get my soul food
fix at Surf’s Up. (upbeat instrumental music) You being the
president of Surf’s Up, I’m honored to meet
you, Mr. President. – I’m honored to meet you, sir. (Elliott laughs) Mr. Elliot, I’m
honored to meet you. – Just Elliot. (upbeat instrumental music) Dude, can I do that? – Yeah, let’s do it. – Just wanna do it once
to get it outta the way. – Surf’s up. – Surf’s up, ace. – So we do a little
bit of everything. Definitely a lot
of fish going on. – You want fresh seafood,
this is the place to be. – Comfort food, brings
me back to my childhood. – It’s the best. – [Elliott] What is
a great thing for us to get out of the sea
and into the frying pan? – Well, I would say the
catfish dinner is, really, (bell dings) one of our number one sellers. – I like that. – The fried green tomato,
(bell dings) that’s another
number one seller. – [Elliott] I like that, too. – Fried lobster, fried
shrimp, number one seller. (bell dings) The pineapple shrimp. (bell dings) Lemon shrimp. (bell dings) Coconut shrimp. (bell dings) (upbeat instrumental music) – We’re racing each other. – I don’t know what happens
during your presidency, but everything
can’t be number one. – Yeah, exactly. – It cannot be the
number one best seller. (Eric laughs) – Got a (mumbles). – Thank you. – [Elliott] Catfish
speaks to me. I like the sound of that. – I love catfish. – It’s just so nice,
and juicy, and sweet. This is definitely
the place to come. – They have a little
special seasoning in it, and it’s great. – I was raised on catfish. It’s just a very
good fish to eat. (upbeat instrumental music) – All right, from the president to the first lady of Surf’s Up. This is a very big day for me. – You? – Yeah, for me. – Me, too. – Oh, really? – Yes, I’m so excited. – Sometimes I do a little
wee when I’m excited. – Uh-oh, uh-oh. – [Denise] Catfish. – [Elliott] You’ve
got catfish down here. – Yes. – Well, we can’t
get to the catfish until we make your
special fancy coating. Yeah.
– [Denise] Yes. – To go on top of that. All right. – So you’re gonna grab
this, pour it in here. – [Elliott] What
do we have in here? – [Denise] Flour,
stone ground cornmeal. – [Elliott] Cornmeal, ah. – Yes. – This is what gives
you that nice crunchy– – That crunch. That’s the crunch. – [Elliott] Oh, yeah. That’s the crunch right there. – And we’re gonna take this
special blend of garlic. – Special blend of garlic. – Yes. – [Elliott] What’s
special about it? – [Woman] Nothing, just go. (Elliott laughs) – How to entertain
a simple person. Just tell them it’s special. I’m like, (gasps), it’s special? – Now, this is a little special. This is our secret blend. It has a bunch of
little secrets in there. Then, we have sneezing
ground pepper, and this is a famous salt. – Famous salt. – Yes. – She’s clearly messing with me. – Sea salt. Make sure it’s all
mixed up really well. Then, we’re gonna take this
catfish, put it in there, act like it’s swimming. Swim on to each end of
the, yes, swim around. – She’s gone from
messing with me to just insulting me now. (upbeat instrumental music) – [Elliott] We now need to
make fried green tomatoes. – [Denise] FGT. – Yes. – Surf’s Up fried
green tomatoes. Then we’re gonna
get that egg, okay. – Green tomatoes. – Yes, so we’re gonna
take a couple of those. – [Elliott] From the same
farm that brought you green eggs and ham. This is the same mixture
that we used earlier for our catfish. – Same mixture, yes, yes. – Thank you, my lady. Am I supposed to bow or curtsy? – Curtsy. – Thank you. – Yes. (upbeat instrumental music) – [Elliott] You got a preference
where you wanna start? – Hey, I think we
should just dive in. – Yeah? (upbeat instrumental music) – I love the catfish,
and I’ve gotta try– – You made these. – I love that, that
batter with the remoulade. (upbeat instrumental music) So much comfort. – So much comfort. It makes you wanna take a
nap after you eat all this. – What do you think that
it is that makes you guys here at Surf’s Up
Chicago’s Best? – [Denise] We have
so much good food. It’s nothing to choose from
that you would not like. Everything’s great. – [Elliott] That’s true. – [Denise] And what
really sets us apart is we grill and fry our food. – Hail to the president
and the first lady, if that’s a thing. – All hail Chicago’s Best. – Yeah. The king and queen of soul food. (upbeat instrumental music)

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