Chicago’s Best Seafood 5: Fahlstrom’s Fresh Fish Market

(fun rhythmic music) I’ve been to some incredible
fish markets on this show. Clam chowder. – Help Elliott find some food! – Head on. Skin on, right. – But not many where I
can kick my feet up and have them cook the fish
right there for me. That’s why tonight,
we’re in Lakeview at Fahlstrom’s Fish Market, thanks to an email
from Ronald who said they’re truly one
of Chicago’s best. (fun playful music) So Glenn, people when
they come in here, they’re gonna
experience two things, you have a market when you
walk through the front door straight away, so you have
fresh fish that people can buy and take out. You also have your restaurant
immediately afterwards. – It always surprised me,
there are all these great steakhouses downtown,
never had a butcher’s shop. I would eat a piece of meat, I
would love to take something
home. – Glenn, why would you give
that advice to someone else? Why wouldn’t you open
up your own steakhouse, start a butcher’s
restaurant downtown? – Know which you
love, I know fish. (fun playful music) – [Elliott] Tell me what
we should make today while were here, and eat. – I think that we should
talk about the cioppino, you should taste that. – Cioppino. – Cioppino. – Cioppino. – Cioppino is beyond
my favorite thing here. – [Glenn] There’s six
different kinds of fish in that cioppino alone,
besides the spices, and the vegetables, and
the egg, and the annisette. – Why try one thing
here when I can try six and sample so many different
things in one dish, is what you’re trying to say. – That’s one way of
looking at it, yeah. – [Man] Yeah. – I’m off to meet Chef Morgan, a man who looks like he
may have known exactly what was about to
swim into his kitchen. That’s what that look is
right there, it’s pure terror. – [Chef Morgan]
I’ve seen the show>- Catch it. I’m gonna toss you some
cheese balls from downtown. – [Man] No curve balls! – Keep your hand away
from there, dude. – [Elliott] Are you terrified
I’m gonna cut myself? – Yes, I am. – Stand still, Randell. (screaming) – I’ve got an idea. We’re gonna do a little
squirt of olive oil and we’re gonna start with our
mussels, clams, and shrimp, along with our
celery and onion mix. This is a bunch of fresh fish
that we’ve cut today as well. – Okay, looks like we’ve
got salmon and tuna, – Artic char. We’ve got some grouper in there. Looks like we may have
a little bit of halibut, maybe even snapper. – Collectively known as a
(beep) ton of fresh seafood. – (beep) ton of it all. – [Elliott] I’m a fan. – After that, we’re gonna
hit it with fresh crawfish. – Crawfish, when does it end? When does the seafood
extravaganza end? – [Chef Morgan]
Right about here. – [Elliott] While Morgan loads
in the non fishy ingredients, I’m heading for the
dining room to see why cioppino has all the
locals coming up for air. (playful rhythmic music) – It’s amazing because you
can eat this giant bowl of every kind of seafood
imaginable in there. – There’s salmon, there’s
mussels, there’s clams, there’s shrimp. – I like the smorgasborg,
I like the fact that you get a little bite of everything. – If you want everything
and you love seafood– – That’s the dish. – It’s by far my
favorite dish here. (fun exciting music) – Smell the cioppino,
smell the anisette, the shrimp, the mussels,
all part of the experience. – That is a powerful concoction. (fun rhythmic music) This thing is packed. I mean, every bite is different. If you are as indecisive as me, this seriously is
the dish to get. You can go one fish,
two fish, maybe three. Or you can come
to Fahlstrom’s and get the whole damn ocean
in a bowl. – [Glenn] Exactly. – They hooked me.

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