Chili Fish|Chilli Fish Restaurant Style In Tamil|Fish Chili Recipe In Tamil

Chili Fish|Chilli Fish Restaurant Style In Tamil|Fish Chili Recipe In Tamil

Hi Friends, Today We are going to see how to make Restaurant Style Chili Fish recipe Chili Fish Recipe is very easy to make In this video i have explained the procedure in Step by step To Make this chili fish i have taken Pom-fret fish You can also use Tuna Fish Now will cut bone less fish pieces as required for this recipe If you want Whole fish cutting video please comment Now our boneless Fish Pieces are ready Will Check other ingredient required for this Chop Garlic & Ginger Cut Onions into cubes Beat one egg Corn Flour-2tsp All Purpose Flour-1 tsp Capsicum -1/2 Spring Onion -some Tomato Sauce -2 tsp Red Chili Sauce -1 tsp Dark Soy Sauce -2 tsp Now will make chili fish recipe Take a mixing bowl and add boneless fish pieces Add ingredients for marination first Add Black Pepper powder-1 tsp Add Corn Flour -1 tsp Add All Purpose Flour -1 tsp Add Ginger Garlic Paste -1/2 tsp Add Dark Soy Sauce -1 tsp Add 1/2 Egg Add Salt Mix All ingredients And rest it for 20 mins If you like this video hit the like button and subscribe to my channel Take a pan add oil for deep fry Add Fish Pieces and let it cook for 2 mins Flip other side and cook for another 2 mins Now fried fish is ready Now will make the gravy In the same pan,reduce some oil And add Ginger and garlic -chopped Cook for 1/2 min Add Onions Le it saute for 2 mins in high flame Add Capsicum Saute for 2 mins Add Soy Sauce Chilli Sauce & tomato sauce In between make a paste with corn flour and water Mix all well Now add corn flour & Water mixer Stir it well Now add in fried fish And mix all together Now off the flame and add pepper powder -as per taste Garnish with spring onion Chili fish restaurant style is ready Serve hot with fried rice If you like this video please subscribe to my channel If you want fish related videos check the description box Thank you so much for watching

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  2. Super akka… Pakkumbotu sappada thonutu… This Sunday I will try it….. Unga husband ungaluku cooking la help pannaraga great…. Nalla cook pannuvagal akka

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