Chocolate Panna Cotta without Gelatine | Easy Recipe with Raspberry Sauce (vegan)

Hey guys, Anastasia from Happy Bellyfish is
here Finally, the berry season is here! There are so many raspberries, strawberries,
blueberries, anything you can imagine Strawberries …
What do you do when you have a bear at home?:) Well, Srikant is obviously not bored of eating
berreis just like that, but I do get bored, so that’s why I’m trying
to do some easy dessert recipes where I can use the berries
Today we are going to make a chocolate panna cotta,
it is super easy to prepare you will not believe it
it also has no jelatin or eggs and actually no dairy milk as well,
if this is something that you are after and we will pair it with delicious raspberry
sauce let’s start cooking!
for this delicious and light dessert we will need coconut milk,
about 2 to 3 tablespoons of raw chocolate I also have pure Peruvian chocolate here, but
it’s completely optional, it is only if you want to make it more rich
and more chocolatery, and if you like dark chocolate yourself
we will also need a sweetener of your choice as you know from our previous videos we usually
use jaggery which is a raw sugar type, and you can use
coconut sugar, you can use stevia, maple syrup, it’s really up to you what you prefer
we will also add half of vanilla bean it is optional, but it gives a nice vanilla
aroma to the dessert to give our panna cotta the desired consistency
we will use agar-agar this is the best substitute for gelatine
and for our aromatic raspberry sauce we will only need raspberries!
just make sure that they are ripe and sweet we will start with adding milk into the sauce
pan and heating it we will leave just a little bit of milk, so
that you can mix agar-agar in it, I’ll show you later when is starts getting a little bit warm, we will add our chocolate
here is your powder you don’t need to boil milk yet, just make
sure that chocolate dissolves when your chocolate is melted we add our sweetener
and as I said we’ll also add a piece of chocolate here, it is super optional
it will take some time to melt, keep it in mind So, before we add agar agar, we are going to dissolve it in the coconut milk, the one
that we put aside so we just add coconut milk and mix it
you see it’s already becoming a little chunky, so make sure that there are no chunks in there
you see, now it’s nicely dissolved, and it’s ready to be added to our chocolate mousse
the last touch before adding agar agar – we’ll have to scrape some vanilla bean inside
so you just open the vanilla bean and scrape it look how much vanilla is inside, oh, it smells so good! I love vanilla smell, I put it everywhere
then you mix it now we will finally add agar agar, it’s an
absolute final ingredient in this panna cotta you’ll have to keep adding it really slowly
so now it’s just starting to boil, and we are going to keep steering it
it smells like chocolate, Srikant is gonna love it!
you keep cooking it, you let it come to boil
and you cook it on a very low flame for about 2-3 minutes
After that we’ll take it off the flame and put it in the mold
to give our panna cotta a beautiful smooth shape, professional looking shape
I’m just going to use this silicon mold I will leave a link, it’s really inexpensive so here we go, 1 cup of coconut milk was enough for 5 mini panna cottas
and now we’ll just put them in the fridge and leave them for about an hour, it’s actually
ready much faster but just to make sure that it reaches the
desired consistency so guys, it took about 30-40 minutes for it
to set, you could also leave it longer in the fridge
I took it out, it’s really solid and nice, and now it’s time to plate it and see how Srikant
is going to enjoy it! OK guys, we are just going to run a knife
on the side, it’s not necessary, but just to check that
it will come out nicely then we flip it and now we are going to plate it with our
sauce so now is the time for our finla touch, the
raspberry sauce I just processed raspberries in a blender,
nothing else We’ll just put it on top, and trust me it
adds a very special flavour, it blends perfectly with the chocolate – Srikant! We need some berry help here – Your strawberries are over? – Exchange? Yes, try it and tell me what you think
– Looks nice – Delicious! – So, tastes like chocolate? – And
the raspberry jam, it makes it so good, so fresh It’s perfectly sweet. Not too much, not too little, and so creamy – enjoy your panna cotta! – I’m enjoying mine!

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