Choosing a Fish Tank : Adding Water to Fish Tanks

Choosing a Fish Tank : Adding Water to Fish Tanks

Okay we’ve got our water in the tank. I’m
going to add this final bucket here and some considerations for water is if you’ve thought
ahead it’s a good idea to set your water out for maybe twenty-four hours because, that
will give the chlorine the time to evaporate. If you’re like me you don’t plan ahead and
you can just take it out of the faucet as is, right from the faucet. Try to get it at
a temperature that’s around eighty degrees, seventy-five to eighty degrees that way that’s
the temperature range you want your fish to eventually live in. I would stay away from
rain water, especially if you live in the city where there’s likely to be a high level
of pollutants in rain water. If you’re out in the country where the air is pretty clean,
rain water is probably okay, as well as distilled water is fine to use, and the kind that you
get RO water, reverse osmosis water from the grocery store. That’s fine to use too. That’s
particularly clean. In fact we do sell water here so talk to your pet shop person about
those kinds of issues. So we’ve got the water in there and we’re ready to move ahead now.

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  1. @featherfinkeeper RO water is harmful to both fish and plant, if it gives the reading of 0 PPM of hardness. however mixing it with tap water is much better idea.

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