Choosing a Fish Tank : Choosing a Fish Tank Heater

Choosing a Fish Tank : Choosing a Fish Tank Heater

Okay, besides filtration, your heat unit is
most important, too and as with any other thing you purchase, you pretty much get what
you pay for. This lower end type of heater will do the job, but it presents some problems
in that circuitry is not as good, so you’ll find these won’t last as long. The glass is
not shatter proof, as far as setting the temperature; it’s a little more difficult. You have a basic
dial here, you’re going to have to go with an outside thermometer to tell you what temperature
that your water is set at and then, pay attention to when the light goes on and off. This will
do the job, it will get you by, but we do like the higher end type of heaters. This
is a Visatherm, it’s actually encased in a hard plastic. One thing that does occasionally
happen, especially with bigger fish, your Oscars and so on, will actually shatter the
heater, so this prevents that from happening. It’s also got this nice little thermometer
gage here, allowing you to set it to whatever temperature you want and then you’re done.
You set it to seventy-eight, you set it there and the heater does the rest of it. The other
aspect that’s nice about these higher end thermometers is that, very often they’re submersible
and you can put them so they’re out of the way. You could put a rock in front of this
so you’d never even see that, or some sort of other, a log or something like that, so
you’d never even see it. So, in setting the heater up, you want to make sure that you
have the heater in the water for at least fifteen, twenty minutes so it doesn’t crack
when you turn it on. So, you want that heater, whether it’s the low end one or the high end
heater, you want that in the water for a good amount of time to get acclimated to the same
temperature water there. So, we’re going to plug this in and get the heat going here.

32 thoughts on “Choosing a Fish Tank : Choosing a Fish Tank Heater

  1. does he not realise that all heaters should go diagonal in the tank never horizontal or vertical. they should get someone that knows what they are talking about. expert my arse.

  2. I've heard that it can happen. Never seen mine shatter the heater but I have seen him shatter the thermomentar. I heard that it can happen.

  3. cheap or good quality Heaters, they both shatter because a sudden change of temperature can really shatter a Heater…common sense…

  4. You should not overcrowd so add the fish slowly and your limit should be 5 fish but if you want to do this,use a canister filter or external filter which can filter your water about 5 times per hour and use a rainbar unit to disperse the outflow of water and so that you dont damage your aquarium equipment or use a multi stage internal fiter with a 4800L flow per hour.If keeping sensitive gold fish,use the first method.

  5. ok ahhhhhh
    fu ck head
    this guy is a douch
    get a real heater !!!! . Eheim jager are no doubt the best in the world, a 300W can heat a 1500Ltr tank no wakka's

  6. @myluv4degrassi You must have the heater fully submersed underwater. I recommend the Marineland Stealth Pro heaters, but for a budget I recommend the Tetra heaters.

  7. do the heaters have to be put in sideways like that??? i had mine pointing downward and the temperature was at 75 for like 3 days. im trying to set up an Angelfish tank and want to have everything right before buying the fish. any recomendations?? or advice?? i have a 10 tank.

  8. Too bad the visitherm stealths have been exploding in people's fish tanks and now there's a government recall of every single unit…

  9. im thinking about buying a 15 dollar 1 from walmart is that ok its 10-15 gallon will that work some one help me

  10. this high end heater you describe is not that good…I dont recommend this one. my tank was fine before I went to work one morning and when I came home later that day it raised my water my 29 gal. tank to 100+…..killed half my fish. Thinking about going to 2 smaller heaters in case I ever ha e a problem again.

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