Choosing a Fish Tank : Choosing the Right Fish Tank

Choosing a Fish Tank : Choosing the Right Fish Tank

Ok, we’re going to look at choosing a tank
here. A couple of things to keep in mind, obviously in choosing anything, you want to
consider your budget. The other issue is, in determining size of tank, is your space
needs. Also, what kind of fish you’re going to want to have. If you’re just starting out,
a ten gallon tank is not a bad tank to start off with. One thing to keep in mind is, you
always want to go with the biggest tank that you can afford in terms of space and of course
your budget. The reason for that is, a larger tank will allow you to make more errors and
kind of get away with it. Whereas, when you, if you go with the smaller ten gallon tank,
any mistake you make in terms of overfeeding or overheating, your chemical imbalances are
going to be magnified and it’s going to have a bad affect on a fish. Namely it’ll die.
So you want to go with a larger tank if you can afford it, for that reason. The other
thing, obviously, if you’re restrained by space in your house, or your trailer, or wherever.
You know where you are with that. The ten gallon tank only costs about ten or eleven
dollars. Most pet shops, like us, we don’t make hardly any money on the tank, because
we want to get you into the hobby. Obviously we’ll make the money on you later. Basic ten
gallon tank here. This is a twenty gallon tank. This is twice as long. One thing about
the twenty gallons and the tens, they’re fairly, they’re fairly low, so it doesn’t give you
much viewing space, so you may want to consider going with a sort of a middle of the road
tank is a twenty nine gallon tank, which is basically this tank with about probably six
more inches of viewing space, so that you can enjoy your fish from a further distance
and see more of the fish swimming. See, with the smaller height here, you don’t really
get that affect. This also makes a good turtle tank here, this twenty gallon long by the
way. So those are the issues in considering choosing the right tank.

9 thoughts on “Choosing a Fish Tank : Choosing the Right Fish Tank

  1. But he's right! Particularly for beginners — and also for the rest of us — the bigger the better.! A lot of beginners believe a small one is better, but that's not true….

  2. That was a waist of time… I know there are different sizes and you can see the fish better in bigger tanks. That's a no brainer… What I wanted to know was stuff about different types of tanks, different types of filters, and what you need to do for different types of fish. Not this shiz about how he wants you to get a bigger tank so he makes more money!

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