Circadian Optics Pitch Brings Mr. Wonderful to Tears – Shark Tank

24 thoughts on “Circadian Optics Pitch Brings Mr. Wonderful to Tears – Shark Tank

  1. Eberyone comes here with a sobby sad story to get a deal..i dont think everyone' thay succeds was born with a silver spoon..we all been there and manage to come ahead to overcome pur past and want the best for your family now..

  2. This is a similar story for so many LEGAL immigrants who sacrifice and risk everything in their current country to come to this country. Yet somehow top Democrats think it should be ok to just show up at the southern border and be granted entry

  3. so randomly coming here she got diagnosed with a 50% chance to live a week later… then as poor as she is and living in an outhouse she was able to afford america's medical treatments and pay her bills with no issues…. plus her parents thought they were coming with her to america but sent her alone and then were surprised when they couldnt come because they had no visa… wouldnt they have known that already when looking into it? nope.. she was surprised! – story is bullshit and i dont get how they all started clapping and giving her such deep love and compassion with their comments. fake news. (update: she came for 1 semester but was diagnosed 9 months after coming… thats more than a semester. so many holes in the story)

  4. When you can instantly put your self into someone else’s shoes, and feel they’re pain and sorrow. That’s what having a soul is.

  5. I propose a reality TV show called #SixDegreesConnected (SDC) that’s basically Shark Tank but without the pompous panel of investors from several different industries. Instead, it’s about people using social media to actively participate in getting an invention to the absolute perfect person in the world for that idea to be connected to, six degrees of separation (Kevin Bacon) style. Perhaps Kevin Bacon would even be interested in being involved with the obvious connection and positive, inventive nature of the show.

    SDC would have a Tosh.0 type of green screen set with invention ideas shown by remotely video and/or on set. The inventor will have the people, groups, companies, etc. that he/she thinks would be the missing connection to make their idea a success and the TV audience will start there. Live during the show and/or recorded connections of people passing the idea to a cousin, then to a friend, then … until it reaches that perfect person and gets an offer, advice or rejected but perhaps referred on. The audience participation social connections that it took to get to that final connection could all have a stake in the enterprise and/or other benefits to encourage participation on a viral level sometimes even making the connection live during a show.

    What do you think?

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