CJ & Shana Reveal | Catfish: The TV Show

CJ & Shana Reveal | Catfish: The TV Show

– [Nev] Well, this
has got to be her. – Yeah. (suspenseful music) – [Nev] How you doing? I’m Nev. – Hi. – Hi. – [Nev] Of course, you know CJ. But, we don’t know who you are. – Rebecca. – Rebecca, okay nice to finally meet you. Do you wanna explain
what’s going on here? – I don’t, I don’t even
know where to start. – What’s your deal? I mean, what of Shana is
true, what’s not true? Who are you? – I think Shana, as
a general person, that’s really who I am. – [Nev] Yeah, maybe
the personality. – Yeah. – I got a question. So this whole time
you was in Syracuse? – Yeah. – Why did you tell me that
you live in, New Jersey? – I made up like, New
Jersey and other places I lived to try to like get away from the situation,
because I felt bad. – How did you keep it
for like eight years? Like? – I just didn’t tell anybody. – So if you never had any
intentions on meeting him, what was the point
of all of this? – I, honestly I, don’t know. I had a lot of… When I made the Facebook
I was in a situation trying to catch the person
I was with cheating. So I made the
Facebook to do that, that’s how I ended
up talking to CJ. – How did you get all
those pictures though? – Some girl that was friends
with my son on Facebook. – [Nev] Oh, how many
kids do you have? – Five. – [Nev] Wow! – Do you really have a daughter? – I do, I call her (bleep). – Was she really sick and stuff? – No. – So you set up a GoFundMe page, for a daughter with – I did. – Fake cancer? That’s… – [Justin] That’s sick. – [Nev] That’s seriously sick. Were you… – I think I was just
trying to cover the lie that I had told him. I wasn’t, I didn’t have like, it wasn’t oh well I’m
just gonna rob people of their money. It was another lie,
to cover another lie, to cover another lie. – Who’s Destiny? – Me. – Mmmm, are you serious? Why did you tell
me that you died? – I just like, I
really just wanted to be done with the situation. I didn’t wanna keep lying. But then I felt bad, because
you were really hurt, over… – But then you started
taking to other people, as Destiny. And obviously continued
talking as Shana too, because we reached out to a handful of people on
Shana’s Facebook page, and most of them have a
very similar story as to CJ. – Mhmm. – If you’d have done
it to one person you maybe could
say you felt bad. But to see that you
have been doing to, I don’t even know how
many, I mean do you even know how many people
you’ve talked to as her? – No. Most of them, minus CJ,
was more or less to just keep that image going
so that people wouldn’t think that it was
a fake Facebook. I never took those
conversations seriously, it wasn’t… – Well they did
take it seriously. I understand, the original reason for
making the Shana profile was something else. But when you met CJ, was it
just for fun to talk to him? Or did… – I really cared
about, like I really, started having feelings for him. – Right but… – And… – But he was 17, and
you’re not in your 20’s, no offense. How old are you? – 38. – [Nev] Wow! So okay, you were
30 when you met him? – Yeah. I didn’t really think about it. – [Nev] But you knew he
was 17 when you met him. – Yeah. – That’s kind of messed up. Like it’s one thing to mess
with people your own age, but like to mess with
a kid, for eight years, of his like young adult life. – I don’t know, I’m
just hurt about it, like cause… – I wasn’t trying to hurt you. – That’s not true. He had girlfriends,
that you (bleep) with. – Yeah, when I was in a
relationship and stuff, and you sabotaged some
of my relationships, and you was in a
relationship with – No I didn’t. – Other people too. – Some of them, yeah. – You never texted
or messaged any of the girls he was dating? – I don’t remember that. – Are you serious? That’s crazy. I gotta go for a second. (FKA twigs – Cellophane) – [Justin] You good? – After everything
we been through, eight years, I didn’t think it was gonna be like this. That’s eight years
worth of lies. I’m hurt. Honestly. – Hi. – Hey, you okay? – He’s so much apart of my life, all my good moments,
all my bad moments. When I needed
somebody to talk to, he was always there. And I was just always
worried that he, was just gonna not
be there anymore. And then I was afraid
he was gonna hate me on top of that. – And she said she
didn’t sabotage some of my relationships, she did. – Mhmm. Eight years and she’s
doing the same thing… – Same thing for – For other people. – Everybody else, right. – I feel horrible. – Do you? Cause I’m hearing
you express feelings, for yourself and not
wanting him to hate you, but like it doesn’t take
into account the fact that… – That I deceived him. – Yeah. So I think that for his sake, think a little bit about him. – Okay. – Dig a little deeper, and then let’s meet back up. – Yeah. – Alright, great. So I’ll speak to you soon. – Alright. – Were gonna meet back up
with her in a little bit.

30 thoughts on “CJ & Shana Reveal | Catfish: The TV Show

  1. This is so bad…I am 40 and can not imagine doing this to a young man. Morals are so horrible anymore. Taking advantage of so many people..this is just bad in so many ways.

  2. 8 years and you still haven't meet i guess they both stupid i would of stopped talking to her ass a long time ago 😂😂

  3. That monster music when she walked from the woods is perfect for this creepy ass predator. She catfished under age boys. Not to mention she made a fake go fund me page, she should be behind bars.

  4. Anyone that gets catfished in 2020 deserves it…the red flags are always there..the biggest one is the other person always finding excuses when you should meet.like come on people!

  5. I'm 38 and damn man you don't mess with people like that it's too too much and with 5 kids wtf where does she find the home she should be concerned about changing her life for the better! ☺

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