CKP Recipe – Surmai cha Kalvan – King Fish- Seer Fish Curry

Namaskar, today we are going to watch the preparation CKP style – Surmai(King/Seer Fish) Curry For the preparation we need I have taken 1 Surmai washed and cleaned Coriander for garnishing 3 tsp Red Chilly powder Half Coconut – fine grated Salt as per taste Garlic petals 5 to 6 – small pieces 3 tsp Tamarind paste 1.5 tsp garlic paste 2 tsp Green Chilly-Coriander paste Half tsp Turmeric powder Let us apply masala to the Surmai Half tsp Turmeric powder Red Chilly powder We have added 3 tsp Red Chilly powder 1.5 tsp Garlic paste 2 tsp Coriander-Green Chilly paste Salt as per taste 3 tsp Tamarind paste We re going to apply all this and we will let it marinate for 1 hour If you want it spicier, you can add more Red Chilly powder Fish curry tastes good when it is sour and spicy now we have applied the masala to the fish Let us allow it to marinate it for 1 hour After 1 hour, we will prepare the curry Now we are heating the cooking pan and oil I have taken 1.5 tablespoons of oil since for curries more oil is generally preferred Curries which are sour-spicy with a thin layer of oil are generally enjoyed by CKP community Now the oil is hot i have taken 5 to 6 petals of garlic cut into fine pieces we will add them for tadka Once the garlic turns red we will add the fish pieces Let me tell you another thing For any curry or mutton, etc For getting a red coloured layer on top I am adding to the oil, half tsp of Red Chilly powder to get the red coloured layer on top Now we will add the fish pieces one by one Normally, the head/tail of the fish which are leftover are also used in curries This is how we have added all the fish pieces To avoid breaking them, fry them very carefully Curries taste good when they are sour and spicy Now we have fried the fish pieces Now let us add half bowl of water to it Now look at the nice red colour Some people prefer the curry more sour If you like it to be more sour Then you can add more Tamarind paste Now the fish has boiled nicely Now let us take the half bowl of grated coconut Now let us dice it and add to the curry I am now adding the coconut i have diced it fine in the mixer Reduce the gas flame Take care that the fish pieces do not break I have taken some water in the mixer bowl and added half a bowl of water to the curry Now let it boil for some time post which the curry should be ready I am increasing the gas flame slightly Now the curry is boiling nicely Let us add some coriander Don’t boil it too much else the fish pieces will break This way our Surmai Curry is ready Let us now move it to the serving bowl To view such different CKP recipes Please subscribe to my channel. Thank you!

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