Classic Maritime Seafood Chowder – How to Cook a Perfect Seafood Chowder

I’m your personal Chef Mike Moses. I’ve lived along the Coast of Nova Scotia
most of my life. And I love to take fresh sea food and create
something delicious for my family. Today I’ll show you how to make a delicious,
seafood chowder in your own home, right now. If you like this video please don’t forget
to click the thumbs up icon and if you like more of these please subscribe. Making a sea food chowder involves timing. Traditional and passed down for generations,
it was a very quick process, with proper timing for cooking the fish, shrimp, and lobster. I’m going to show you some techniques and
timings to ensure that your shrimp are not rubbery, your lobster is tender and your fish
is flakey, as well as your potatoes and onions are cooked to perfection. There are many stages here, but you will not
be disappointed, so let’s make some fish chowder. Here’s what we will need Salmon pieces left over from my salmon video
1 Cod Fillet 1 Haddock Fillet
1 package of shrimp 2 lobster tails
2 Large potatoes 2 shallots
1/2 cup white wine 1 liter of chicken or vegetable stock
1/2 cup of butter Salt and Pepper Now that we have everything ready it is time
to cook. Peel and cube the potatoes into one inch pieces. Chop the shallots into a fine chop In salted water, or chicken stock, par boil
the potatoes until they are just about cooked, about 10 minutes. Then put the drained potatoes into a cold
water bath to stop the cooking process. Run the frozen shrimp under cold water until
they are defrosted. Clean and peel the shrimp, making sure they
are de veined, and the tails are removed. Then cut them in half to be bite sized. We are going to par boil the lobster tails
for 10 minutes in salted water. Once they are cooked, remove from shell and
chop up into bite size pieces. Check the fish for any leftover bones, then
cut into bite sized pieces and set aside. We have everything ready to go it is time
to assemble. This should be done about 15 minutes before
serving, just remember to keep everything cold until it is time to cook. In a small frying pan, sweat the shallots
and then add the wine. Bring to a vigorous boil to get rid of the
alcohol, about 2 minutes. In a large pot, bring the chicken stock up
to a boil, then reduce heat to a simmer. Add the shallots and the seafood in the following
order of cooking time. Haddock, Cod, Salmon, Shrimp and lobster. Remember we want the temperature of the stock
to be just under boiling as to gently cook the fish. Once the shrimp start to curl and turn pink,
add the potatoes, cream and butter. Simmer for 3 to 5 five minutes and then serve. Your seafood chowder is now finished with
everything cooked perfectly. Ladle into a bowl and serve. This sea food chowder will keep in the refrigerator
for a day, and can be frozen for a week. But I doubt if there are any leftovers.

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