Clean Aquarium Glass Lily Pipes like a PRO + How to remove Lily Pipes from the Tubing

Clean Aquarium Glass Lily Pipes like a PRO + How to remove Lily Pipes from the Tubing

What’s up guys and welcome to this video.
In today’s video we have again a Pro Tip here and I’ve been neglecting the Lily Pipes
for quite a while, to get them really dirty to show you the entire cleaning process. So let’s kick in the intro and I gonna see you afterwards Okay guys, so I’ve been neglecting the
Lily Pipes for quite a while, to get them really dirty, to show you the entire cleaning process. Cleaning Lily pipes you need a couple of tools: First of all,
I recommend using an old toothbrush and a sponge, in addition you need Spring Brushes.
I highly recommend using Spring Brushes from the same brand as you have
the Lily Pipes. If that’s not possible, I recommend using the ADA Spring Brushes,
because they have the smallest brush and this will allow you to clean the
Lily Pipes easily and they are available in several sizes, so make sure to use the
right size for the size of your Lily Pipes in order not to break your Lily Pipes from the inside.
I just say #brokenlilypipeclub anyway guys the
final ingredient to cleaning Lily Pipes is a bleach or chlorine solution, you can
use something from the aquarium supply or anything from the supermarket, it will
work as great and then I have a really special some trick for you but that’s
I gonna show you afterwards so now let’s take Lily Pipes apart
and go over to the sink. Turn off the filter and release the quick connection, then lift the Lily Pipes together with the tubing put both into a water bucket
and let the remaining water run out. Hold with one hand Lily Pipe with the other hand the tubing and perform some sort of circular
move that will release the Lily Pipe from the tubing gently. So guys, to clean the Lily Pipes
I first clean it from the inside with a Spring Brush. Just make sure to use the right size
of the Spring Brush according to the diameter of the
Lily Pipes, they are available in several sizes. After cleaning the Lily Pipes from the
inside with a Spring Brush, give it a clean with the water so you can see if
it’s really clean and you have removed everything from the inside. Then I just
kinda wash it from the outside with a little sponge and then I take an old
toothbrush and I clean the slots. Usually this is enough.
Sometimes, but only sometimes there is like algae and dirt remaining
on the very bottom of the Lily Pipe and here comes a little a Hack. I would like
to recommend you, not many people know it I’m using small gravels, they must be round shape preferably and in size 2-5mm I put in about a teaspoon amount of those stones or gravels inside the Lily Pipe and with a little bit of water I bounce it on the palm of my hand until
all the algae at the bottom is removed then you wash it and you are good to go.
But sometimes there is green spot algae on the inside of the Lily Pipe that is
hard to remove with a spring brush so then I recommend using a bleach solution
or chlorine and just put it in a container of the right side and give it
a good soak. The more bleach or chlorine you use, the faster the cleaning process
goes and the best would be probably to have two sets of Lily Pipes,
you can simply replace them So guys having clean Lily Pipes again
and yeah, what should I say, now you know how to clean your Lily Pipes. Hopefully
this was valuable for you, if it was please share with your friends and help
me, I don’t know, spread the message and educate the Internet 😉 if you like this
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33 thoughts on “Clean Aquarium Glass Lily Pipes like a PRO + How to remove Lily Pipes from the Tubing

  1. Hallo Juri, ich hätte eine Frage: Wie lager ich In-Vitro-Pflanzen am besten und wie lange sind sie haltbar? (in meinem fall javafarn, tripiata, christ. Moos)
    Danke schon mal für die Antwort und weiter so 😉
    Liebe Grüße,

  2. What an amazing tip was that with the gravel! I always have problem cleaning this tip! I will for sure try it soon! Thanx!

  3. If your spring brush doesn’t easily go through the bend on the lily pipes you can cut it shorter with wire cutters and then bend the tip over and it will go through easier.

  4. Just a few hours to late. I just broke my lily pipe this afternoon trying to remove the tubing 🙁
    I will definitely use your tips next time!

  5. How loud is the Oase Biomaster 600? Would it be too loud for a bedroom? I’ve looked online and can’t really find anything about it. Thanks

  6. Kleiner Tipp um die Glaswarevom Schlauch zu lösen: Einfach den Schlacuh vorher 5mm weiter raufschieben, und dann ganz einfach abziehen 😉

  7. Thanks buddy that tip with the small stones for inflow lily really helped out with my issue of getting the ends clean. Nice track btw.

  8. Mate, for those stubborn green algae inside the pipe and also for the dust+algae accumulated at the bottom of the inflow Lilly, try this:
    – instead of a couple of round small rocks, use a handful of kitchen Salt
    – small amount of water to flush it down the tube, and then shake and wiggle until all is cleaned
    – the salt works both as a solid brush particles exfoliant, but also as you know, kills algae as much as bleach, with the advantage of being 100% cleared away with one single rinse in tap water… it melts and clears right off
    It works for me, and it’s faster than bleach soaking
    Try it out 👍🏻🙏🏼🤜🏼🤛🏼

  9. Bleach from ADA ! Are you serious ? For 4€, you can have 5L of basical bleach with same effect….So, from the moment there are idiots to buy that …

  10. Or you can just purchase one of those long bendy pipe cleaners off ebay for a couple of dollars and run that through the pipe once…

  11. how to remove the superge ada solution which has gone into my diffuser after soaking . I have cleaned the outside with water but i am not able to reach the interior ?

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