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the mullet I snagged a mullet right
there here up in Clearwater tried a new spot this is near the Seminole boat ramp
it’s a Clearwater Memorial causeway bridge right over there and see if
there’s any fish out here 20 bucks some fish on the first cast what do you think I had a hit actually that’s kind of like
or is weeds well there’s a little fish look at that
snake fish lizard fish that’s what that is it’s a lizard patient his bait
it’s a bait fish right there just think your little lizard fish lots of weeds in here huh
alright this thing Oh let go goodbye oh there he is
another fish oh yeah we got I thought the fame alizarin now he’s
slightly bigger another lizard fish alright so we’re gonna move from this
point we get this guy off I really want to catch a whole bunch of lizard fish
today not the two lizard fish my old fishies we know you’re out here this
would be a nice top water area you’re into fly-fishing this would be a great
little spot I think holy moly there’s fish right over here I know what
they are we’re gonna go try another little area
here alright so get another fish on I’m guessing snake fish another snake
fish yay for me can you just shake yourself off you
cannot see stuff going on over there we’re gonna divert that that pile of
rubble can tweet come over here check out this bait ball right hey Brett huh
fish on oh we got here come on fishy might be decent fish or taking the floor to sleigh ride it’s
not a catfish I can tell you that much a little fishy let’s see if we can see
you don’t go behind the boat don’t go behind the boat don’t go under the boat did I snag yellow I think I stacked him
I don’t know where he is the mullet I snagged a mullet huh look at that mana
mr. mole you gotta get back this way florida state sleigh ride from a mullet
okay I’m sorry for snagging mr. Mullin I do
apologize for that let’s get you back into the water
all right see you later mr. mullet buh-bye well that was interesting
snagged a mullet that’s actually kind of fun so we definitely know that those
weren’t mullet so let’s go ahead and move on this area kept him and smoked
him by living an apartment and I don’t have
a smoker so that wouldn’t work let’s go back out check out that debris pile here
huh sounds like fun and sight nice place to go fishing
had three lizard Fisher so far as well as a mullet that’s right
caught a mullet paolucc but it’s still a mullet you can’t beat that so we’re
gonna go ahead try to figure out where this drop-off point is I’m imagining
it’s where this wind disturbance is but if that just could be blocking from the
bridge land area and we’re gonna start casting up along the shoreline along
those rocks and I think I’m gonna make my way that way but maybe I’ll go around
that way and see what’s going on and then make my way back up through this
way and then get up over there and then cut across go back to my launch point
it’s gonna be a hot one today it’s already in the 80s before the Sun Rise
so I’m imagining it’s gonna get to the 90s today we shall see to be continued
that should be plenty far enough forward actually we’re gonna tap on the brakes and they’re in feed mode look at those
guys we’re gonna do this here comes a fish ready I’m gonna get one I can cast into that
mess I have a good cast which is a little bit to the left but I think this will work
I think this there he is fish on guys oh yeah yeah we got we got
a trout little trout nice to see you eyes are good good start to the day huh
will trout trout mr. trip all right guys we got one see
what he is seems like a decent little fish fish doesn’t want to come to the boat jump
pilot tire yourself out a little bit but we
got to see what you are first a fad a what is that suspicious fish take me
away from all the all the action here I think this might be a blue is a blue
fish yeah bluefish oh that’s fun
he’s freaking out I seize the boat it’s not tired yet
Tiger out there soon we need to tire out mr. blue yeah yeah you’re fine you’re
fine mr. blue fish oh yeah look at that fish doesn’t like me looking at him I
like looking at mr. fish calm down calm down
teeth teeth Sun Lake the pliers while or hook to go mr. booth issue then my other hook they’re not my hook blue it’s a
nice-sized fish see you later buddy there goes all right now we have a
problem because this isn’t in good shape anymore serious yeah
the trout lady I’m gonna pull them right in you’re not getting a chance to jump
off a little Spanish Mack look at that that’s my friends is a nice Spanish Mack
– look at him that’s a nice fish you are a nice little fish mr. Spanish mackerel you smell like a Spanish mackerel very
distinctive we’ve got blue fish trout lizard fish mullet nice fish lots of grass another fish on mr. trout I know you’ve had better days
currently just been to public eye see it
tell your friends tell your big there’s a good fish this is a good fish
big big big big red man that’s a big red okay so I just lost that big red it’s
gonna go around the island hit it up against but the wind is really really
picked up so this tiny little island there’s a little section right in here
that there is no wind it’s pretty still is very very very windy out on the other
side so I might head back into Shore misadventure back up tomorrow try
another spot so just get out try some new areas see what fish are there that’s
a pretty successful day and a couple of trout on today
that huge red which got off didn’t give it to the boat makes me sad to snook
landed one snook and a bunch of little lizard patient whatever else so it was
fun that Spanish back was pretty nice as well beautiful morning
I have my new lure on hair get me back into position and hopefully we get back
on some fish so let’s find out here our leaders really long right now all right so there’s way more activity
over there oh yeah let’s catch this bitch real quick don’t go check out that
big beet bowl oh yeah mighty little fish I should have
figured figured that’s what you were little Jack boy easy any easy mr. Jack
oh yeah when we got there lady fish ferociously fish came right up to the
boat various gopher there we are fine bout ended that video oh yeah we got a
little trout hello a little trout how you doing today
huh I think we can get you over here quick and easy oh right in the face oh
yeah mmm little Jack are you doing jack maybe you can flop yourself off here huh Little League this little lady fish
that’s what you were earlier mm-hmm leave dishes gone look at that perfect
in here you’re not going anywhere you’re not going anywhere buddy you’re not
going anywhere that’s trout you be killer who’s a
killer goodbye mr. trout areas oh you came off came off me that later line way too long
way too long kill me let’s kill me there he is come on fish what are your
trout tiny little trout lizard fish nice tagged you snag the lizard fish where is Lord he is little lizard fish and how’s
that for luck oh okay that’s the big fish I was talking about look at this
guy’s just be that being attacked whole bunch of jacks right through here oh
yeah that was awesome that was they’re still doing it it’s big school
of jacks back over where are we going I’m here to make it a little Jack oh
there we go let me catch it now you’re not going anywhere buddy
you’re not going anywhere buddy sorry but you’re not going anywhere buddy that
was amazing Oh guys just assaulted top water see mr. Jack all right guys another Jack jackpot baby alright guys
we are back at the boat ramp great day fishing
I was pretty freaking awesome a lot of fish
most fish I’ve caught them quite a long time and I’ll be definitely hitting this
spot up again so Clearwater good fishing spot so make sure you guys check that
out if you are in the area come on down here to the Seminoles oh crap and launch
off right in these areas right in here great great fishing because you want to
come back and head to the other side of the bridge and try that side out see
what’s happening over there but great fishing morning so I’m gonna
head on home make sure you like and subscribe this to Moore Approved give me a thumbs up and
I’ll see you guys next time till then

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