Convict Lake California – Trout Fishing

Convict Lake California – Trout Fishing

We are at Convict Lake look how pretty it
is and according to In between 10:19 to 12:19 is gonna be the
best time to catch a fish according to the Solunar calendar if that’s right
we should be catching it soon we have about 10 more minutes wish us luck we’re
gonna catch our limit today five each see you later Oh I’m Videoing Oh, This just came out my nose. I’m going to try it for bait. Here Willy got more? Nawww All right, here’s the green stuff we’re going to try out. Let’s see,. Smells Good, Smells Like Fish. hi so we’re here at Convict Lake and
we’ve been here for a couple of hours and the fish have not been biting yet
we’re five people here and a couple of us got bumps that we haven’t landed a
fish yet but I’ve been seeing the bigger fish eat the little fish and the water
is so clear that you can just see all the rocks and everything. What I’m
thinking is let me try a Thomas Cyclone in the Rainbow Trout see if it works if
my prediction is correct I should be hopefully landing the first fish
wish me luck we just got this Mitchell Reel and we got spider wire low visibility green and new power bait. Let’s try this out. Ok changing out to Power Bait. So we’re leaving Convict Lake because we
didn’t get any bites here and I even used my Thomas Cyclone Lure but it
didn’t work out right now but we’re going to head on over to another fishing

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  1. Good video! Makes me what to go fishing. I hear ya, sometimes I'm fishing and sometimes I'm catching… lol 😊

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