COOK & EAT BEER DUNGENESS CRAB MUKBANG and NALY DO LAUNDRY ក្រោកពីឈឺបានតែក្តាម អូនណាលីជួយបត់ខោអាវ

COOK & EAT BEER DUNGENESS CRAB MUKBANG and NALY DO LAUNDRY ក្រោកពីឈឺបានតែក្តាម អូនណាលីជួយបត់ខោអាវ

Hello all friends welcome to my channel. Thank you very much for tuning in. How are you all doing? The last time I vlog was on Naly’s birthday and it’s been a week since. From Saturday up until today, Saturday. I’ve been sick. The weather has been rainy and I don’t feel well so we didn’t go anywhere. Just stay home and take care of the kids and play with them. I’m not just feeling better. Still coughing and with a runny nose. Mostly at night. During the day time I’m a bit relief. I just finished doing the laundry Naly is pulling her clothes to fold. Every time we do laundry, we don’t need to ask her When she knows, she come to fold them even gets mad if we don’t let her do it. As long as she wants to do it. Mommy said something wrong? Did I said it right or wrong? What? Mommy said wrong. What do you want Mommy to say then? Say, “if Oun Naly don’t want to do it Oun Naly wants to check who is here and when Oun Naly comes back Oun Naly going to continue to do it”. Oh. I don’t really understand what she’s saying. Since I haven’t been vlogging Naly has used her ipad to vlog. Let me share you her vlog clip and what she says. Hello everyone it’s almost holiday so, there’s a remote up here something on the top, is it pretty? So, there’s the laundry room. Isn’t it pretty, the laundry room. So there’s Eli Eli, come here. Ok, check it out. Ta-da Eli! So there’s TV OK, so bye everyone! Hello everyone, make it pretty for dancing. There’s laundry for Naly to do. So, there’s Mommy clothes here. The balloons, Christmas tree, then now it’s almost happy days and so we are we are making holiday or Christmas? So which one? You have to comment below. Bye everyone! Bye. MUAHHH… (gives a kiss) What is Naly doing now? Folding clothes? Who’s clothes are they? Naly’s clothes. Right now she’s folding them nicely soon she is going to place them in the drawers When I ask her to get her clothes from there it’s like a rice bubbling in there (messy). I was a bit worried when I was sick because every time I’m sick it usually turns to pneumonia. That’s why I tend to worry. Last time 2 months after Naly was born I became sick like this coughing a whole month no medicine would help nothing I do would help. I don’t know how to drink alcohol the type the elder women drink after given birth. I just don’t know how. The elder said that it has something to do with giving birth as it happens soon after having a baby. I went to the Dr. and they did some scans and told me I had pneumonia and prescribe me antibiotics. After I took the medicine, it went away. It’s important that they check and then prescribe me at that time I was still breast feeding Naly. They had to prescribe me something
that does not affect breastfeeding. Then after that, every time I have a cold it turns to that. We mostly go back and forth between me and the kids. As for their Dad, it doesn’t matter
how close he is to them or how much he interacts with them he doesn’t catch it. If he does catch it, it’s the slightest. Like in the morning he would be a little weak and by later in the day he’s fine. If it was me and the kids, it’s forever! We have kids that we are responsible for so I tend to worry every time we are sick. If we get sick, who’s going to take care of them? Sometime we get sick
and it put us in a bad mood towards them. I haven’t return to work yet so I can take care of them. Soon I have to go back to work. I’m preparing my docs to go back to work. Will see how it goes with vlogging. Maybe I can only do it on the weekends? Look a the Christmas tree. There’s no decorations on the bottom. They all fell to the floor. It’s because of Eli he pulls and grab when he comes here. It was the same with Naly. The first 2 years we only decorate half of the tree. Could not decorate the full tree. Naly has folded that much. Those on top are Eli’s clothes. Look at Naly, she has these disco lights on when folding clothes. Let’s see if she’s still helpful when she grows up. Right now she comes to help us
every time we do something she’s noisy and curious and would say that when she grows up,
she will do the same. Right? Where did Papa go? Pa went to work at Aunty’s house. Pa went to Aunty house to work. What is Eli doing? Eli is sleeping upstairs. He’s sleeping upstairs over here. OK, come done. Don’t wake your brother. We are whispering. Eli has a very light ear just opening the bathroom door will wake up him. Naly said she’s done folding her clothes. Not bad at all. Good job Oun Naly. We are whispering as we don’t want to wake Eli up. OK, thank you. It’s now dinner time the husband wants fry fish with green tamarind dip I want boil crab so we came to the market and pick our own dinner. This fish is $4.39 USD per pound. After we select the fish they clean and fry them for us. Rice is cooking and waiting for us at home. Use your hands faster. He throw it! I know, because he can’t open it. Fish frying service from 9AM to 7PM. They have a sign if you want them clean, head off, tail off regular fry or crispy fry just tell them the number. Now it’s the wife turn and I want boil crab. Today is cheaper than the other day It was $14 USD per pound the other day. Now it’s only $12 USD. This time only one is enough. These are blue crabs which they sell the female ones. It’s $6 USD per pound. This is blood clams. It’s $4.59 USD per pound. They call them blood clams, so big. Bigger than those in Cambodia. They have them in Cambodia but smaller than these. It’s expensive. Almost $5 USD per pound. Maybe 5 of these clams is 1 pound. Only the shell is heavy. I got my crab that’s for this evening For tomorrow, I want to eat noodle soup. Pho noodles. So now I’m going to find some beef bones. We came for the fry fish and crab but now added a jackfruit in the mix. The jackfruit is $0.80 USD per pound. The husband is an expert on selecting jackfruit. He said the rind is large and it’s fragrant. Let’s see if he’s right when we open it. What did you get Eli? Can hardly pay for it. That’s for you, that’s for girls. That’s a lotion. These are instant rice noodles packet. The husband said he used to eat these in Cambodia this brand. We came out and it’s raining like crazy. That’s why I don’t want to go out to places because we have small kids. I’m sad I want to show you when it rains here in USA. In some states it’s snowing but in my area it does not have snow. It’s just cold and now it’s raining. This is considered raining hard. Mommy, can we go home please? Because I want to eat rice with fish. The crab is now home and has been cared for and cleaned. It traveled safely on the way. At the register after weighing, it cost $26 USD. so it’s pretty heavy. It’s $12 USD per pound. Now I’m going to start preparing it Today I just want to boil it and not stir fry it like before. NO! Not my favorite crab! Mommy! It’s OK Naly. I am going to boil it with some beer. Put that much save the leftovers for the husband. All set, now just cover it. My crab is now cooked. Nice and red. Not and steamy. Here’s my dipping sauce. Today I am eating with cucumbers and sawtooth herb. I don’t have Cambodian mint so I use sawtooth herb instead. WOW! No eggs. These are all the crab fat. Eating the crab fat I go through lots of rice. If only the crab meat, I don’t eat that much rice. At the buffet, it might be tastier, cheaper
and can eat more. but it’s difficult for me as I have small kids. I just end up grabbing them left and right. Therefore, I just spend time and money
and cook it myself. Earlier, the husband ate rice with fish. Now it’s my turn to eat. We have to exchange hands in order to eat. I mean if we want to enjoy our meals. Otherwise we can eat but just not enjoyful. Grabbing them left and right. Boil it with beer and the meat is sweet and tasty. You don’t get drunk because the alcohol cooks off. The husband said he is tired of eating crabs. So now it’s the wife turn. Actually, it depends on how you cook it. Sometime you get tired of one method of cooking so you want to try cooking it another way. It’s because I made the stir fry crab too often. Two times already. Do they have dungeness crab in your area? And if they do, how much does it cost there? It’s plentiful here but still expensive. Can’t imagine the price where it’s not abundance. The husband just took the kids to sleep. It’s not even 8PM yet. That’s how it is during cold season and it gets dark fast too so by 8-9PM we are all asleep. In the summer time it’s still bright outside and it’s hot so you are not as sleepy. It’s not comfortable to sleep. So we tend to sleep late, like sometime at 11PM. Now you don’t really hear the background noise. Earlier Naly was watching the TV. Every time I vlog, you tend to hear background noise. Either someone mowing the lawn or trimming their trees or blowing leaves. This crab meat is good. I’m almost done with a plate of rice and just finished only half the crab. Still more left. Oh, some people remove the crab fat mix with eggs, shallots and other ingredients then bake. I used to eat that too, it’s pretty good. At the buffet, the dipping sauce is usually melted butter. If we know we are going to go eat we usually make and take our dipping sauce. But it’s not the same like eating at home. I didn’t want to show my face like I said, I just now feeling better from getting sick. Therefore, my face is not as cherry. I can’t just eat the crab so I just wanted to add some greens. I like sawtooh herb or Cambodian mint. No more rice, just the crab left. At the American market, they like to sell cooked crabs. They don’t sell fresh ones. After they cook it, it cost more than fresh crabs. They said that it’s due to water loss when it’s cooked. I’ve never bought cooked crabs. Those that do said the meat is good as it was cooked when it was really fresh. Sometime you go buy the fresh ones while it looks fresh, you don’t know
how long it’s been there. Or how many days it hasn’t been fed. So it can be light weight. It’s not like when they boil them fresh out of the water. This is a big piece. Now that I’m able to eat normal I even go for the meat in the corners. If the kids are crying, I’m rushing when I eat. Look at the meat, that’s a lot. Big pieces too! On my last claw now. Am i full yet? Today I am full but if there’s more tomorrow, I can handle more of it. Tomorrow I am making noodle soup. I think I want to prep the broth tonight. Although I am using the instant pot they said the longer you cook, like 4 hours, the better. Will see. I’m going to finish eating my crab first. Let’s see how much time I have left. No more. All done. I’m now done eating crabs and earlier the husband peeled this pomelo. This one looks like a different variety
because the meat is white. It’s not red like the one I bought the other day. We saw it at the market where we got the fish and crab so we bought some to try it. This is my dessert. It cost $1.70 USD each. Has lots of pulp. Let me taste it. It’s sweet and juicy too. It’s not as dry. But the aftertaste, like after you chew and swallow,
taste a bit bitter. If there was no bitterness, it would be nice. It’s tastier than a normal orange. I don’t really like the normal orange or Mandarin orange. I don’t care or crave for it. However I like the pomelo, the red pulp one. The pulp is nice and big, but just bitter. The label says it’s a Merigold. I’m thinking as I am eating whether to prep my noodle soup broth tonight or not. That way I don’t have to wait too long in the morning. Wake up, warm it and just eat. But if I make it tonight
the house will smell like noodle soup better than the smell of crabs. It will eliminate the smell of crab. When you are indoors, you can’t tell. But when you go out for awhile and return that’s when you notice the house smell. Therefore, I tend to keep that in mind like when you have guest that come unannounced. Sometimes you go to people’s house and it smell too but as a guest, you don’t dare say anything. Lots of pulp. There’s a bitter aftertaste but not much.
You can still enjoy it. Like some limes You squeeze into a papaya salad and the oils on their skin is very bitter sometime so bitter you can’t eat it. This one is bitter but you can still eat it. The sweetness taste and the juiciness helps balance it. It’s almost 9PM so I decided to make Pho broth it’s a Vietnamese style noodle soup. This time I used a different method of making it. Never done this before so I want to give it a try and see the difference in taste. I’m now using my Instant Pot to let it cook overnight. I’ve set it to cook for 4 hours. 4 hours is the max setting for pressure cook but other settings might have a longer cook time. For the pressure cook setting, the max is 4 hours. I’m going to let it cook for 4 hours and it will naturally release the pressure. I don’t need to manual release the pressure like before. When I wake up in the morning I hope the broth is done. One step is done. I still have to make some adjustments. Like I said, I want to try this method of cooking and see if there’s any difference in flavor. See you in the morning. Good morning all friends, my broth is now boiling hard. I’ve already adjust and taste according to my liking. I’ve also warm up some meatballs. A pot of boiling water to cook the rice noodles. Here’s some of the toppings I have some chopped green onions and cilantro that’s mixed together. Thinly sliced onions. Here’s some beef. At the table, I have bean sprouts sliced jalapenos, Thai basil and sawtooth herb. Pickle chili peppers, chili oil, lime, black pepper hoisen and chili sauce as you like and fresh and hot Chinese donut. This is perfect for this cold weather,
it also rained last night. I like my bean sprout a little blanched. Lay your toppings as you like, there is onions, herbs according to your liking and thinly sliced beef. It will cook by the hot broth. Today I don’t have beef tripe and tendons. I brought it to the table next is to season and adjust to taste. All set. It’s now the husband turn at the table. The baby is sleeping now. The wife ate earlier, while the husband babysit. Now the baby is sleeping, so it’s the husband turn. Let’s hear the husband opinion on the soup broth this time I made it differently Speak the truth no need to praise because it’s your wife cooking. Good. However my broth is a bit cold. Why didn’t you warm it up? But it’s good. Take it slow, no need to rush. Naly, what are you doing? Huh? What are you doing? I am writing. Oh, can Daddy ask you for a cup of water? Huh? Can you get Daddy a cup of water? No. Get a cup of water, Daddy is thirsty. Wait, let me write first. I’m going now. She was writing something asked her to get some water and she did. Have a daughter to ask for. Good Naly. Place it on the table. Thank you Naly. Welcome. Thank you Naly. See we have a child to ask to do things. Lazy to get up and I can ask her to go get things. So then have more kids? No, that’s it. I can ask her for little favor. Just these 2 and that’s it. This is Daddy and Naly’s style. Now Naly is grown. This was when she was small. I want to show you the broth. What I done differently was I roasted the ingredients last night. Roasted the bones, onions and gingers. Since I was cooking for a long time
and using neck bones I removed the meat from the bones. If I left it on the bones
it would be too tender and tasteless. Not to waste, I just remove and set the meat aside. I roasted the bones and then use it to make the broth. I cook it 4 hours last night. After I remove and discard the bones, onions and ginger I then return the meat back into the pot. Now you can eat the meat as it’s not too tender. The broth has a beautiful color. It taste good too as it’s been cooking for a long time. Next time I will show you the details. It’s my first try and I wanted to know if it works or not. Naly you drew that? Yeah. I do the happy face. How did you do it? Like that? That’s cool. I got to do it again because it does not look like that. OK. I got to do a small one and don’t go over. I got to erase it out. After the husband finish eating he is going to open the jackfruit
that we bought yesterday. Watch and find out together and see how meat of the jackfruit is like. The husband said the meat is thick since he picked it out. Let’s all wait and see. Bet $100 and if you lose I take only $1. Let’s go now. This jackfruit cost $13 USD. Not bad at all. Jackfruits are cheaper than durian here. See it’s thick? Oh yeah. It’s not mushy. It’s going to sweet and tasty. Very fragrant. Leave it in the car and it will be fragrant since the car is small. the house is too big. Oh not a lot of sap? Or it hasn’t come out yet? There is but very little. I like to eat jackfruit but don’t like opening
because of the sticky sap. Stick to your fingers. Thick flesh is tasty. Husband told you already it’s thick. Here, try some. See? It’s thick. It’s so sweet. It’s not soft. Try it. Sweet. WOW. I bite already but I wanted to show you the thickness. Sweet. I don’t like the mushy jackfruit. Some jackfruit smell like alcohol. It’s so sweet. Don’t just buy it. It has to be good then you buy it. Giving the husband a thumbs up for picking a good one. We now peel and put them in containers. Since it taste so good,
not sure how many will make it in the container. Look, it’s nice and dry too. The seed is small. Some people boil and roast them. It would be great if we can grow them. It will grow. But will it fruit? Just plant it like you plant a mango seed. This might be easier to plant than a mango seed. In Cambodia, you throw it away and it grows. Some Asian fruit trees and plants varieties are now accumulated to the weather here. Good saving since the seeds are small. For those that wants to boil the seeds, then I don’t know. Thank you very much for watching my vlog. See you in the next episode, OK? Thank you very much. Bye-bye.

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  1. It is true, winter, it get dark very fast. Where your at 7 its dark. Here in Seattle it get dark at 2:30 pm. By that time I just want to go to bed. People here are used to it more. When the sun come out. Everyone said, it's really the sun. The clouds come and rain. Have you try steam bath? Using lemon grass lime and lemon skin or garlic dry skin tiger or eucalyptus oil. This well give you some energy to fight your cold.

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  5. Naly is a smart and fast learner. Shout out to my mom who let's me do anything on my own since I was 4 and my dad for trusting me in everything. In consequence, I found it so easy to live alone when I was studying abroad because I can cook, clean, take care myself and so independent. Encourage her to do more , you will be so happy when she is grown up . Have a nice day Bong Srey and wish you get better soon na Bong.

  6. Hello Bong Srey, I have some questions to ask you , sorry na.
    1. How far from your house to the nearest market where you and your whole family has always been to normally?
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    3. What sort of Insurances that you and your family members need to buy in living in the US ?
    I would like to say thank you for your reply in advance and sorry for some inconveniences and sensitive questions

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