Cooking a Big Fish in My Village – Big Fish Kulambu – Trying to cook a 9 KG fish in a Single Piece

Cooking a Big Fish in My Village – Big Fish Kulambu – Trying to cook a 9 KG fish in a Single Piece

Bought a 9 KG bluefin trevally Removed the guts, etc. Washing the fish thoroughly and cutting the fins. Frying the spices without oil. Adding gingelly oil. Adding mustard seeds to the hot oil. Adding curry leaves. Adding chopped onions. Adding chopped tomatoes. Adding green chilies. Adding crystal salt. Adding grounded shallot mixed with grounded spices. Adding grounded coriander seeds. Adding red chili flakes. Adding ginger and garlic paste. Adding grounded mint and curry leaves Adding grounded pepper and sesame seeds. Adding water. Adding turmeric powder. Adding more water. Adding coriander leaves. As the fish was too big, we chopped them into two pieces. One big and one small. cook the fish for 10 minutes on each side. Thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “Cooking a Big Fish in My Village – Big Fish Kulambu – Trying to cook a 9 KG fish in a Single Piece

  1. Ive been watching this for a minute, I think it is absolutely awesome that the men are proactive and actually do cooking and cleaning. American men need to get a clue.

  2. Great job! That looks absolutely delicious! Try that with a focaccia loaf and California Zinfandel next time!

  3. I love the videos I like to watch them at night when I want to relax the demeanor of your videos ate very calming for some reason… I've tried some recipes with lobsters and different stuff I've seen you guys make… so thank you for the ideas and entertainmen…

  4. In this culture is it a inside joke to try and see how much spices you can add to one dish? This is why i can only have Indian food once in a while lol

  5. I watch your videos as I eat tasteless hamburgers and frozen pizzas. I can only imagine the flavors that fish had. You are blessed.

  6. It would be good if you would list the ingredients for your videos, I love all of them. Guessing the ingredients is the only drawback…shukkria,,,smile

  7. I don't understand how they stand there and cool this stuff and not sneak a taste here and there. I'm drooling through my phone.

  8. Everytime i watch fish cooking video of some local food, there are always "water waste"commends, so im sure those ppl have 0 experience about fish dealing especially some place near sea, river and lake. so pls do me a favor to drink all the nice water at your hometown to make sure dont waste it lol.

  9. I absolutely love the food preparation. Pure freshness. This is what I consider real food and not processed garbage . ☺☺

  10. Dnt know why u r obsessed with cooking whole or big? More surface area equals more flavour…so all that spices will Pentrate better if u cut it up into small pieces

  11. I can smell it from here, the delicious homely aroma. It's been a while since I ate fresh fish, I miss the beautiful abundant sea back home. Nice video.

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