Cooking Tips : How to Dredge Catfish

Cooking Tips : How to Dredge Catfish

To dredge catfish, first you want to make
sure that you’re completely set up and ready to go. Here I’ve got a cornmeal mixture that
I’ve seasoned, and I’ve also seasoned my catfish. All I’m going to do, is I’m going to take
one of my fillets of catfish, and I’m going to put it into the cornmeal mixture here.
I’m just going to press lightly so that the cornmeal mixture will stick to the catfish.
Once I’ve got it all on one side, I’m going to flip it over and I’m going to dredge the
other side. You can do this with a variety of things; you can also do this with flour
which is also very common. Once your catfish is completely dredged, I’m just going to set
it on a plate until I’m ready to cook it. And that is how you dredge catfish.

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  1. there are some frying where you use egg to help secure the batter to the meat. Will the cornmeal fall off if you don't use egg?

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