Cooking Trout With Happy Rocks Day 17 of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies

100 thoughts on “Cooking Trout With Happy Rocks Day 17 of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies

  1. Watching every episode with the family. Your editing is awesome. The boys loved the post going in before you even hit it lol we all couldn’t figure out how you got two Greg’s in the screen. Lol 😂 Got one question, what’s the name brand of your slip on shoes?

  2. I'm watching every episode. If you could catch two or three fish that size in one day you could get ahead in the food collection and be able to build more and catch one or two at a time and be good because you have a surplus of food anyways good luck keep up the hard work in the not ideal weather

  3. How do you know when the happy rocks are warm enough? Because I have don it before on a backpacking trip, but they sort of burned the sole of my shoes.
    Also, " Im watching every episode"

  4. Hey, thanks for giving us a little of the wood pounding side effects- it is unique to you, Fowler. Also, PICK ME! PICK ME! I'm watching every episode and I really want to win a slingshot!

  5. Was just thinking, when you are using axes and other sharp tools its even more important to use safe technique when your low on calories. Watched all the episodes before this one, and I'll be watching every episode after.

  6. Still enjoying every episode. And even now, still wondering DID those shelters get built. Haha :D. But hey, I’m sure the adventure alone is an amazing experience.

  7. "I am watching every episode" 😀
    Getting more and more comfy in the camp, that's a good sign to see. And great caught for that huge fish once again!

  8. Oh yeah, i am watching every episode of your 30 day survival challenge. I just gives me a smile on my face when I see that a new episode has been released… on both channels Gregg and your's.

  9. so nice to be out there with them in the comfort of my own home via my computer screen… i don't like being in the elements irl.

  10. Watching evry episode you are a really good builder also double think the happy rock cooked fish tasted better than the other way u cook it

  11. Safest Of Travels Gentlemen!! Gregs vids are awesome!!! This whole thing is awesome!! 30 day aint far away!! Yall Got This!!🌞🌚👍
    Hope u home with fam soon.❄☃️⛄

  12. One of MANY things I love about your editing is when you time lapse your sawing/ hatchet work. Others show the whole process and we really don’t need see to every minute of it. Just my opinion. I look forward to your videos!

  13. Sorry about all the rain on that trip fowler have you thought about muck boots keep your feet dry and warm great video plan on watching them all

  14. Once you get those boots dry you should :
    1. Heat them up and spray down with WD-40 (water displacer), very liberally.
    2. After it soaks and dries, rub down with grease… Specifically red auto grease. Use a hair dryer to heat up the leather and grease as it is applied, it will force it in. It will follow the wd40 and trap the water displacer properties.
    3. After you have heated and soaked with grease, let dry for 2 days. Wipe off. Then go ahead and use beeswax and a hair dryer… Heating the shoe and the ribbing the wax on liberally. Put on so much that it won't soak in any more.

    That will waterproof your shoes and condition your leather almost permanently.

  15. I'm watching every episode of this great series… I'm commenting late because I was so knackered last night when I watched it. I enjoy your content.

  16. "Im watching every episode" – and I am looking forward to learn something again from you today. Thanks for sticking to the schedule and bringing new content all the time even though I assume that this is really exhausting. Take care guys 😀

  17. Hahaha – like my dad always keeps saying: Firewood warms you up three times. Once when chopping down the trees, once for splitting and then the thrid time when you finally sit down by the fire. 😀

  18. Im watching every episode, you have convinced me that I need one of those shovels though I ended up ordering the titanium version from Russia

  19. I'm surprised that you didn't liquefy some tree sap and spread it over your boots…messy I know, but would help waterproofing them.

  20. That fish net on the long Pole has been a lifesaver pretty cool… Keep the videos coming enjoy them a lot great job guys.

  21. Great series but really disappointing it’s day 17 and no shelter. You’ll just finish it by and then it’ll be day 30 and all over

  22. zak what kind of telescoping rod do you use I had one a while ago and it was trash and I never used one sense but your looks pretty tough and reliable please let me know what kind it is love your channel keep up the good work and if you could make a video of the best way for a beginner to get into slingshots videos that would be awesome thanks buddy

  23. Hey guys, my first time here….. I wanted to tell you if you heat rocks up and put them inside your shoes, they'll help dry your shoes a lot faster….. then you you said hot rocks for your bed….. that's good too, but try them in your shoes, even your wet socks, pockets, gloves. Good luck & God bless you & keep you safe!

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