Could Your Antibiotic Prescription Be Inappropriate?

I’m Shelby Cullinan with today’s health news.
A third of antibiotic prescriptions in the US could be “inappropriate,” a CDC-led study
has found. Antibiotic overuse continues to be a hot topic and a new study, financed by
the CDC, found that at least 30 percent, or about 47 million out of 154 million antibiotic
prescriptions in the US could be “unnecessary.” This is leading to what researchers call “superbugs,”
or diseases caused by bacteria that have mutated to survive against antibiotics. The research
team found that the most common antibiotic prescriptions were for sinusitis followed
by ear infections and sore throat. In total, about half of every 1,000 people in the US
had received antibiotic prescriptions, and about 350 of those prescriptions were “inappropriate.”
If the proliferation of superbugs continues, 10 million people worldwide could die every
year by the year 2050. The CDC recommends delaying prescriptions and other studies have
indicated that having more uniform standards and communication between providers for when
antibiotics should be used could also be necessary. For dailyRx, I’m Shelby Cullinan.

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