Crab Chowder | Seafood Chowder | Crock Pot Recipe

What’s up everybody? Hey, you like Crab? Do
you like Chowder? Then this is the video for you!
You know what? Welcome back to my channel Smokin and Grillin and today we’re
making a Crab Chowder with me, “AB”! Now let’s go over our ingredients I’m
using Bumblebee white crab meat those are 12, you know you want to have a
total of 12 ounces you can do it with 8 but I like the mind they have you know
an hour every spoonful I wanted to take crab then you’ve got cream of celery and
then you got cream of potato 2 cans two and a half ounces each so after that
then listen now we’re gonna go over our seasoning you can use any seasoning you
like I like that Sweet Smokie Joe’s you know which you can purchase that that Creole Kick that right there it does it but you can use
Old Bay you can use you know whatever your favorite you know seafood seasoning
is you know you got ground black pepper and then I’m using a store-bought
evaporated milk that’s 12 ounces right there and then right up there you saw
the arrow and that was for the Bay Leaf then we got a 1 tablespoon of butter and then
eventually we want to go ahead and melt that now here’s the key once you start
adding your crabmeat to the bowl DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT drain that’s where
your flavors are it’s been sitting in that liquid right there and that right
there I promise you when you open those cans man it just feels your whole place
up you know and just says nothing but restaurants now I’m adding the
evaporated milk and then listen that’s lump crabmeat this is totally
optional but if you guys have been following my channel you know I like to
go above and beyond and I want every bite just because I got a you know I got
two smaller crab meat in there I like to have some like know some nice crab lumps
you know what I mean just to fill up my mouth and let me know if I’m having
something I’ve made it and that right there is Boss and didn’t go ahead and add
your seasoning then you want to go ahead and you know just mix it all up after
you get everything mixed up then we’re gonna set everything to the side we’re
gonna go ahead and get our crock pot and then we’re gonna go from there and that
right there you just saw that I dropped in the UH the black pepper which was a
quarter teaspoon that’s up to you that’s up to taste you
know a quarter teaspoon to a half a teaspoon now once you get your crock pot
I just laid it out so you can see go ahead and spray your crock pot and if
you guys been watching me and following my playlist for crock-pot recipes you
know I use crock pot liner so I can’t you know what I have no excuse
why I don’t have any crock pot liner right now so go ahead if you don’t have
any go ahead and spray it but I will pin the number one comment and leave a link
right there for you guys to get them they’re very inexpensive and uh hey
listen l must have makes you clean up super easy so go ahead and open up your
cans and everything inside here and by the way you saw me use you know do the
crab meat and season that stuff separately you can do it all inside of
the crock pot if you don’t you if that’s the way you like it I just didn’t have a
bowl large enough to do everything in there so I did it you know in two parts
now once you get you know all your soups in go ahead stir them up once you have everything mixed go ahead
and grab your crab mixture and go ahead and add that to your crock pot then what
you want to do is you just want to stir that together then you want to add your
bay leaf put your lid on and then it’s time to set the timer now there’s two
ways you can do this you can do it you can do it low you can do it low for four
hours or you can do it high for two hours this is a great meal for that last
minute you know you don’t know what you want to make you can just go to your
cupboard and grab these ingredients and just make this happen now once your timer is
complete and your food is ready then it’s time to go ahead I was gonna say
plate but same thing you know what it just sounds crazy if I say boom but then it’s
time to go ahead and just you know get you a bowl and make it happen so just go
ahead stir it up you know what and then you can add salt and pepper to it you
know individually this right here I just want to let you know you know with the
salted butter everything it just seems to be right for the palate so go ahead
put it in a bowl and what you see that green right there is parsley that’s
something you guys should always keep around you know it’s nothing like having
a fresh parsley because you know what I believe that putting food out it’s
almost like you know to me is like an art so if it looks good it’s just edible
heart you should always have parsley you know what I use some bacon also to
garnish it and there you have it we got Crab Chowder! so I hope you guys like this video
recipe if you were looking for something to change up or something to add you
know to your regular rotational meals that you make during the week then this
is it right here I’m gonna go ahead and give you guys a Pro Tip, you know, what I
serve mine with some sourdough that’s been in the broiler so I can brown those
edges and a lot of butter Hey so I want you guys to let me know down
in the comment section below what would you serve this with? If your new to my
channel let me go ahead and just say you know where welcome to my channel you
know thank you for watching don’t forget to like this video and tell everybody
there’s a channel out here just taking the mystery out of cooking and
simplifying these recipes and with that being said you guys, I’m out, PEACE!

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