Creamy Fish Pie | Donal Skehan

Creamy Fish Pie | Donal Skehan

If you are looking for the most tasty fish pie recipe you have come to the right place. I’m gonna show you how to make a beautiful little smokey fish pie. Very, very tasty and of course it’s inspired by my hometown of Howth. So what I’m gonna do is start off by making a white sauce and the white sauce forms the basis of the beautiful sauce that moulds together this lovely fish pie. First thing to go in, some butter. That’s melted down now so straight in to make our lovely roux I’ve got some flour. So get that in there and give it a good whisk. Check that out, a really smooth little paste. And you can add any liquid to this and it’ll thicken it up nice and beautiful. I’m gonna add some milk to get a really creamy finish on it but you wanna keep whisking it and cook it out just until you get that smell of kind of cooked pastry and it means that you won’t get that bitter taste of flour in there. So at this point now I’m gonna grab some milk and I’m gonna pour this all the way in. And you wanna mix it through, whisking, whisking, whisking until you get a nice, smooth mixture. Probably should have mentioned that, that milk is preheated and it means that you won’t get too many lumps in there. And this will start to thicken up very quickly as you can see as I whisk it it’s already started to thicken up straight away so it does happen very, very quickly. Right, off with the heat. At this point if you wanted to add a little bit of cheese in there it’s a lovely little touch but I’m just gonna season this up with some Dijon mustard. Teaspoon goes in here. Oooh, nice little bit of heat. And then just season it with some salt and pepper. This, ladies and gentleman, is a beautiful white sauce which is gonna bring together our fantastic fish pie. So I’m gonna set it aside just for one minute while we talk about the rest of the ingredients. I’ve got some veggies in here; I’m gonna use some celery, some carrots. We’ve got a nice kind of sweet/bitterness, something going on there between the two of these. And then for a little bit of a hum of flavour we’ve got some garlic going in there as well. Check it out, very nice, pretty! So, we’re gonna take these aside and we are just gonna give them a nice, fine chop. A nice fine chop on the garlic and now all our veggies go into the pan. A little drop of sunflower oil, or whatever oil you want to use. Get all the veggies straight in there and we’re just gonna soften them down. So mix them through and actually at this point you can also give it a little season of salt and pepper. Check out the veggies, nice and softened down. So, at this point, bring across that white sauce. Veggies go straight into the white sauce. And now we’ve gotta talk about our fish. Because this is a fish pie we do have to talk about fish and the fish that I want to talk to you about is some haddock and some cod but you can use whatever fish you want. You can use scallops, mussels, you can use a whole host of things. Prawns are lovely in there as well but I’m using a combination of smoked fish and normal fresh fish and the smoked fish is absolutely gorgeous in here so do try and get some smoked fish, it’s so tasty. Right, this goes straight into our pan of our lovely sauce. Chives for that lovely kind of oniony flavour. Just mix them through and you just get those lovely little flecks of herb throughout, it’s gonna be gorgeous Just tumble it all out in the pan. Look at that! A beautiful fish pie mixture. But it’s not finished yet. We’ve got some potatoes over here and I’ve boiled these just until they’re nice and tender. You can see they are still steaming in their own heat and I’ve put them back in the pot. And in on top of that heat what I’m gonna add is a little bit of milk and some butter to mash them with. And that butter is going to make these beautifully creamy. So I need to mash this down now and get a really nice… where’s me masher? Oh it’s over here. So mash this down until you get a really nice, smooth potato mash. Nice, smooth potato mixture. Get rid of the masher and now we need to chop the spring onions. I’m gonna just slice up one or two of these just so that we get nice little slithers of spring onion throughout. Get that straight in there, nice little slithers of that. Season it up. It’s really important to season up your potato mash because it can be a little bit boring in flavour, a little bit bland. So make sure you get a nice bit of salt in there and of course some pepper. Now, traditionalists would of course use white pepper but I’m using the black pepper because I have it and it’s easy to hand. Give it a final mix through. You’ve got some of those lovely spring onions, we’ve got the sea salt, black pepper and just give that a full mix through. And now, dollop this out in little kind of smooth dollops. Check this out! Beautiful fish pie topping, fantastic fairy tale peaks. I like my fairy tale peaks on my fish pie but I’m gonna finish it off with some lovely crumble cheese and herb breadcrumb mixture. So I’m gonna finish this off, just sprinkle these over the top. Right, that is it! 200°C in the oven for about 35 minutes until it’s nice and golden on top. This is going to be tasty. Stick around. I cannot tell you how good the smell is in the kitchen right now. Beautiful fish pie, puffed up golden potato but with a crunchy, cheesy topping. And come right over here because this is where the magic happens. Really soft, really delicious and look at that ooze out of the sides. I’ll have to clean that up after but that’s fine. Oozy fish pie, really creamy and those lovely chunks of white and smokey fish. Hey, that is what it’s all about! Proper comfort food, this is a super little recipe that I want you to try, I want you to give it a go. Make sure to subscribe to the Food Tube family over here, check out my recipes over on my website, the recipe for this is on my website and of course like, share, comment, do all those things. I’m gonna dig in! This is a total treat Oh let me get some of that! Oooooh haha. Top tip – wait until it cools down! Ok, now I’ve just burnt my tongue completely off my mouth. But that is fine. What I can tell you is wait until it cools down, try it, it’s very tasty. There’s the doorbell., I best be off. See ya later!

100 thoughts on “Creamy Fish Pie | Donal Skehan

  1. Looks Yummy!
    Can I assemble this a day in advance and bake on the day?
    How do I prevent it from becoming too watery when baked?

  2. Do you cook the fish before putting it in the pie? or do you put it in raw and let it bake with the rest in the oven? please advise.

  3. anh đã đến vn, anh làm e phải suy nghĩ lại về đất nước anh, về điều gọi là mong muốn anh thay pháp, có lẽ anh sẽ hay và tuyệt hơn pháp

  4. I'm not a cheese-on-fish pie fan, that being said, adding a little marscapone to the veloute and swapping out the cheese on top for something like Jarlsberg will make even the most skeptical American diner change his mind about the 'old, stodgy, weird fish pie' from the motherlands.

  5. Hey man … you're a star. I hate hysterical hosts … and you are close to being that. But you're good. You are entertaining. And you seem to be very competent when it comes to cooking. And and the fish dish … I just HAVE TO TRY IT BEFORE LONG. Be sure to get the most out of your talent 🙂 Do NOT do what they tell you. DO WHAT YOU FEEL IS RIGHT.

  6. So I just found this video, and I've never heard of a fish pie before, but I really want to try it. It looks sooo good. I have a question actually. Could I use salmon? That's my favorite type of fish 🙂

  7. I love fish and creamy with mush potatoes perfect absolutely i will try to cook this. 😋 and You so cute, i love your accent ✅ you so fun to watch. keep it up.

  8. I have a question…don't ya add milk in 5 stages into the mashed potatoes?…doesn't it make it creamier??…anyways it looks fab!!!!Good Job

  9. I've made this several times but with large mouth bass from Skaneatles Lake… delicious! One of my go to recipes.

  10. Donal skehan you're such a lovely , happy person, I have watched your program on TV too like your smiley face best cook thk you for sharing your recipe👌👌👍👍🙂🌝

  11. Okay, I watched just about every Youtube video for fish pies and none come close to this. None. Making this for my family for 4 years now. Epic. I add bacon instead smoked fish. And some onions. Celery is boss in potatoes. Well played Donal!

  12. Nice video but to make a white sauce the milk needs to be cold NOT hot. Cold milk means no lumps. that is chef 101

  13. I've tried this at home..THIS TASTES VERY GOOD! THANKS A LOT, DONAL SKEHAN 😀

    Btw..can i add grated cheddar cheese on top?

  14. A great recipe Donal. AND you did not have to pronounce Worcestershire sauce. You are saying Worcester… sh… shire. slow it down mate and say Worcester….. shire. Hope this helps

  15. Not to sound like a total noob, but for that size pie, how many KG of spuds wopuld you recommend?
    I've been wanting to try a fish pie for a while and want to get the quantities right 🙂

  16. Hey that was a cool presentation and a seemingly tasty fish dish …personally I'd change one thing and that is to slightly cook the fish first in some milk, pepper and salt and use the remaining liquid in the white sauce. This is just to ensure cooked fish in the dish. A little doubtful about how well cooked the fish would turn out in the original recipe.
    Thanks for a good recipe!!

  17. A tip: mash your potatoes, then stir in the milk and butter, you get smoother and fluffier mash. Mashing it with the liquid makes it gloopier.

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