Crispy Air Fried Catfish | Air fryer Fish | Cook’s Essentials

Crispy Air Fried Catfish | Air fryer Fish | Cook’s Essentials

Hi everyone, today I’m going to show you how
to make fried catfish in your air fryer today. The air fryer that I will be using
is a cook’s essentials 5.3 quart. Keep in mind if you have a different air fryer
the cooking time may vary. So let’s go ahead and get started. So I have two
catfish fillets here that I just took out of the refrigerator. They have been
soaking in milk for a good 30 minutes. The reason why I soaked it in milk is
that the milk helps get rid of any fishy smell. You can totally skip this step if
you want to. I am not going to use an egg wash before I bread it. I’m just going to
take it straight out of the milk and put it into my breading. If you want to use an
egg wash or dip it in milk go right ahead,
or if you want just put it straight into your breading. The breading I’m using
today is a Louisiana New Orleans style fish fry. I’m going to go ahead and take
one of my filets out drip off any excess milk, put it straight into my batter. Get
this all breaded real good. I like to get into them little crevices as best as I
can. Now that we have these all breaded I’m going to spritz these a little bit
with olive oil. Now we’re ready to go ahead and put our fillets into the air
fryer basket. Okay we are going to start out on 400 degrees for 12 minutes. Okay
it’s been 12 minutes I went ahead and flipped these over.
I see no need to spray this side with olive oil because it
looks fine. So I’m gonna go ahead and put these back in. So I’m gonna go ahead and
do the other side now on 400 degrees for five minutes. Five minutes is up on the
other side and these are ready. Okay I just plated one of these up and it is
nice and crispy. everyone I hope you found this video
helpful and if you have not yet subscribed please consider doing so. I
upload videos weekly I have a lot of air frying video ideas coming up. Okay
everyone thanks again for watching and I will see you soon.

33 thoughts on “Crispy Air Fried Catfish | Air fryer Fish | Cook’s Essentials

  1. That looks really good! Question: I have had Whiting and Flounder, and love them both, but never had Catfish. In your opinion, does Catfish taste better than either of the two i mentioned?

  2. Oh wow… Hubby LOVES catfish! I've got to get some catfish now, LOL! This will be my next air fryer venture. That plate looked great!
    Thanks, Kelly! 😊👍

  3. Hi Kelly! I just found your lovely channel and really enjoyed your video! New follower here, and I look forward to watching your future videos! These look delicious!

  4. Hey there I am at my daughters house the had a baby 7 weeks ago !!! I made the fried chickens last night with my air fryer, Yes I brought with me lol, they were amazed and are in love with it !!! Tonight we are doing fish taco … do I use the same recipe you used for your catfish for their fish ??? Not sure what kind of fish, I know it something he caught out of Lake Anna, but I forgot to ask them 😳

  5. What a machine! Had no clue you could get that kind of quality fried fish from it. I'm ordering one for sure!

  6. Thanks for the video. That looks so good. Im having catfish nuggets i just bought at the store. I already have the Louisiana Mix. That is my personal favorite. Watching your video is making me drool…….Liked and subbed

  7. May I say that you made the closest finished product of the way I would my fish to turn out never thought of using milk very helpful thanks!

  8. You don’t need no egg wash for catfish! I’m not criticizing Louisiana meal, I use it too, but it can be too thick at times. I am just throwing this out there for people who might want to try something different. The best store meal for lighter breading catfish is Youngs’s. It is mostly corn flour, with smaller corn meal kernels than most. The result is a crisp but light texture. Good video… thanks!

  9. I am making this today, I'm new to air frying and your catfish looked really good. Was that HEB spray oil, I just bought some of that today.

  10. I'm making this dinner tomorrow what your other video tilapia fish so I'm making both video laugh out loud thank you for sharing this video God bless

  11. Hello, could you tell me step by step how to prepare this recipe, I do not speak much English but I think it is delicious. Thanks for your kind reply. Blessings from Ecuador

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