Crispy Fried Fish and Chips recipe

Crispy Fried Fish and Chips recipe

(blues rock music) ♫ Gonna smoke me a fatty brisket ♫ I got my barbecue shoes on ♫ Gonna smoke me a fatty brisket ♫ I got my barbecue shoes on ♫ I got my natural case ♫ I’ve got the hogs on the run ♫ (jazz music) – [Voiceover] Welcome to Today we’re cooking up some fish & chips at the pit, and it’s real easy to do, alright. Here I have some fresh cod fillets, an ideal choice for fried fish, but use your favorite fish, alright. Maybe something like halibut? That’s what it’s all about. Now, this is fish & chips, so it’s all about the potatoes, too. So, you gotta make yourself some good french fries. And here, we’re using a russet potato, and we’re just gonna prep ’em for the oil. And you know all about doing that, right? But of course, there’s a
lot easier way to do it. (soft music) This is real easy to do. (soft music) Now, an important step for making good, crispy fries is you need to soak the fries or the potatoes in water. This helps remove the starch, and ideally, you do this the night before. Let ’em sit in the refridge over night soaking in water, and you’ll get the starch out and it’ll make a nice, crispy fry. We got some oil heating up. Well, we’re gonna make the batter, and we’re gonna make
a classic beer batter. And we’re gonna start with two cups of all-purpose flour. Makes sense, doesn’t it? (chuckles) And we’re gonna season the flour. You need to season it a bit, alright? And here, we’re putting maybe a teaspoon of SPG. You can use some salt, maybe a little pepper. And here, I’ve got some baking soda, maybe about a half a
teaspoon, little bit more. And this is pit master privilege, just a little pinch of cayenne pepper. Now, it’s a beer batter, so to that, we’re adding one 12oz bottle of beer, and a lager is a good choice for that. You don’t wanna overpower the batter. After all, this is all about the fish. You wanna taste the fish, and that includes how
you season it, as well. You be real careful. Too much seasoning, we’ll just screw up that fish batter. Now, we’re just mixing it up. (soft music) Real easy to do, right? (soft music) And of course, the rest of the beers are for the pit master. (soft music) Alright, batter’s mixed. (soft music) Now, we’ll let it sit for a few minutes. (soft music) Now, through the miracle of time, we already soaked a bag
of potatoes in water, and we’re just gonna rinse ’em down to get the starch off. (soft music) Alright, we’re heating up some oil. You can use some veggie oil, some corn oil, or peanut oil, use your favorite oil or whatever you have easy access to. And we’re gonna get it up to about 350 degrees Fahrenheit. And here, we’re just prepping the cod. Nice pieces, nice and thick. Oh, yeah! Looks good enough to eat already. (chuckles) Man! Now, if you’ve never had crispy fish & chips before, you definitely gotta check this out. It’s real easy to do, and often a lot better than you can get at any fish house. Now, the oil’s set up, about 350 degrees. Batter’s ready, that’s been setting up a little bit. (soft music) And now we’re gonna coat ’em. (soft music) Ooh yeah! You can see the consistency here of the batter. (soft music) Mmm! You getting hungry or what? Alright! (soft music) Nice! (soft music) We’re gonna be eating
good tonight, Martha! (chuckles) Now, depending on how
much oil you’re using, depends how much fillets you wanna put in there, alright? You wanna keep that cooking oil temperature
up very close to 350, and a smaller spot like this, of course, the temperature will drop off, so be real careful. Don’t overload the pot of oil with the filleted fish. This is perfect. (soft music) Now, it’s only gonna take a few minutes. Get ’em crispy brown. Don’t overcook your fish. You want it nice and moist on the inside, and these are just ready to go. Oh, yeah! Pull ’em off, put it on some paper towel, let the excess fat and oil drain off. (moans) (soft music) I told you it was easy to do, right? But since we have the time, let’s throw in another batch. You can go get a peanut butter sandwich. (soft music) Yeah. Again, get ’em to golden brown, but it’s critical you do not overcook ’em. It does not take long, maybe five minutes, at the most. (soft music) Drain ’em. We’re talking some crispy, crispy fried fish. (soft music) And like I said, often much better than you can get at a local restaurant because you’re eating ’em as they come out of the pot. Now, we just happen to have some good Vidalia onions around, so, we’re gonna hit ’em
with the batter, too, and throw them in pot. (chuckles) Gotta have some fried onion rings, yes! Oh, baby! Only a minute or two. (soft music) And it only costs a few cents to do. (chuckles) Look at that! (soft music) Now, again, this is crispy fried fish & chips, so it’s all about the potatoes, as well. Throw ’em in at about 350 degrees, more or less. When they come to the top, they should be done. And you could always test one or two before pulling out the entire batch, making sure it’s nice
and tender on the inside. (soft music) Let’s do another batch. (soft music) Nothing like a big order of fries. (soft music) And of course, you want
to season your fries as soon as they come out of the oil. Hit ’em with some salt. Alright, I say it’s time to eat. Ho, ho, ho! (soft music) Lord have mercy! Can you smell that? It smells good! (soft rock music) Now, of course, we do apologize for eating
in front of you like this, but we call this, pit master privilege! Mmm! (soft rock music) So, the next time you’re
looking for a recipe for your barbecue, check out (soft rock music)

100 thoughts on “Crispy Fried Fish and Chips recipe

  1. Nice fish & chips !
    You guys should try to make your fries in beef fat instead of vegetable oil…that's the way we do it in Belgium and it's amazing !

  2. That was awesome. I'd love to see you guys make some fried chicken. That's the one recipe I cant find. You guys are the best, enjoy the videos

  3. Those pieces of Cod would be just fantastic used in a "BBQ Pit Boys" fishburger, with a bit of lettuce, some mayo, maybe Cheddar, why not bacon.

  4. Fried to perfection. That double or triple cooked malaky is all well and good but you wont get them in the chip shops that way in the UK. None of that poncing about. Just do it the way here and they look great. I would say that the best thing fry your battered fish in is beef dripping, old school. Remember growing up having fish ccoked that way.

  5. A fűszeres sörtésztában bundázott hal, csak ízletes lehet !! A látvány, étvágygerjesztő ! Ismét élmény volt számomra látni … Köszönöm …

  6. Just made this tonight. Delicious! Great classic batter though next time I'll season a bit more. Recipe really was all about the fish. It came out great!

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  9. You guys crack me up.The first batch of fries you just threw 'em in and almost splashed the ole chicken skin duffel bag.Next batch you put 'em gingerly with a strainer.Your recipes are great and now I don't Q without watching one of your vids.Keep up the good work fellas!

  10. I want to be the second guy that's in all the videos, who just chills out and eats half of the Pit Master's food every time. Let me know if he's thinking about retiring any time soon and I'll send in my resume.

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  12. Awesome:):) its all about the fresh fish and good beer batter, and dipped in a little tartar sauce 🙂 yum yum

  13. You can boil the chips for a few mins first to soften up th eoutside. When fried you get super crsip and crunchy skin.

  14. Boys now that's an old British classic right there. You need some fresh creamy mushy peas there though. But damn watching this is making me hungry!

  15. Dude, looks good. You need malt vinegar though!!! British fish and chips is always served with loads of vinegar drizzled over it, then a bit of salt. Love the idea of SPG in the batter, I always find traditional beer batter could do with a kick but when I asked our local chippy about trying something to zing up his batter he looked at me like I was mental! 🙂

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