Crispy Fried Fish

Crispy Fried Fish

Hi Everyone. Welcome to Gao’s Chinese
Cooking Channel. Today, we’re going to fry some fish. I’m using haddock fillet but
you can use any fish you like, even chicken. Just make sure the fish is dry.
Simply cut the fish into big pieces or slice it open if the fillet is too thick.
First, I add some salt and pepper. To make the fish even drier, I use the flour to coat the first layer. Before making the batter, I usually heat
up the oil first. Corn starch reduces the gluten structure.
Makes the breading less chewy and baking soda not only helps creating the tiny
bubbles but also darkens the color. Of course the chilli powder is always
optional. When you add water to the dry ingredients, make sure you don’t pour in all at once. So you can feel and see the thickness of the batter. When you pull it up, the batter won’t
break. That means it is ready. At last, I add vinegar. Vinegar reacts
with the baking soda and generates tiny bubbles inside the batter.
it is the bubble that makes the breading crispy and that is the reason why I add
vinegar at last to save the bubbles stay in their places. Grab a little bit fish
with your fingers. Dip it onto the batter. Remove the excess. Then drop it onto the
dry flour one more time. After flipping few times, you can clearly
see the wrinkles on the top of the fish. Now it’s the time to fry it. Oil
temperature is 350 Fahrenheit. Drop the oil on top of the fish to
help the wrinkles to set. You know it’s ready when you see the
golden brown color. Remove the excess oil with a kitchen towel. Our tart sauce can be easily made with garlic salt and the sour cream. I usually flavor the garlic with the salt first and then add sour cream and a little bit milk. Let’s see how it turns out. Crispy, crispy and crispy. It’s good
that you eat while it is hot since the breading is not too thick and
will become soggy but that is okay. Heat up the oil and fry it one more
time. Double fried fish is even crisper than the single fried. Thank you for watching and see you next

96 thoughts on “Crispy Fried Fish

  1. I read somewhere fish shouldn't be mixed with milk, or else can cause strike. Myself had bad experience.

  2. oh my god you made it so easier ,thank u so much for this lip smacking dish,I am gonna cook this way………………….Thank u !!

  3. I usually fry my proteins with quinoa flour .. I just blend dry quinoa into a powder.. it gives a unique crunch.. the corn starch makes sense with baking powder thank you for the tips I could use it with the quinoa flour and experiment with it.

  4. Great video. Straight forward and right to the point. Took away some fantastic ideas for my next fried fish dinner 🎣Thanks!

  5. Thanks for sharing i will try this with Salmon. I took away fish from my Menu i will bring it after watching your video

  6. Most tasty fish I ever had I made this way many time always come out best fish. I started eatting fish now

  7. That is beautiful thank you so much for teaching me that I appreciate learning something new. I think I'd like to use a Russian dressing which I spice up with Chipotle hot sauce I think that's how I'll eat mine thank you so much

  8. Oh, this looks so good! I am definitely going to try this dish. You make it look so easy to prepare. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  9. Omg I followed the instructions and added lemon pepper to my fish, the wrinkles appeared just like you said…this was the crunchiest fish I've ever seen and tasted. It was amazing!!!! This is how I will always fry my fish…yummy

  10. I tried the recipe by eye balling the measurement. It turned out great. Crunchy, not soggy at all. This is a good recipe since it doesnt require exact measurement.
    First time attempt without the vinegar, was crunchy (I absolutely forgot the vinegar). Second attempt using the vinegar was also crunchy (just slightly less dense).
    Thanks for sharing

  11. when i first saw this i was skeptical about the simplicity. no egg no yeast no fancy marinade. also dry coating again after wet batter coating made me think the fish would stay raw probably. tried this with basa fillets yesterday it came out amazing fish was well cooked and the crunch was off the charts.

  12. You’re completely destroying the crispy flaky finish by dipping in the dry flour a second time.

  13. Invest in a cooking thermometer, frying is best done 300F to 350F. Over 400F the oil would have been burnt and have to be replaced. Burnt oil is carcinogenic that is why the thermometer is so important.

  14. Hmm but I'm going to disagree with you, firstly the batter is to thick it needs to be like single cream. The vinager to use is malt vinegar because it will colour the batter nicely and yes it will make it lovely light crisp . chippys will use rice flour to dry the fish and the batter will hold better, but you can just skip the flour dusting and just use batter. the oil temp should be no higher then 180°f or 82°c and cooking time 8 to 10 mins. Put your oven to 140°c 275°f gas 1 and when fish is cooked place fish on cooling rack Be put into oven this will get excess oil off and crisp the batter. Serve with twice cooked chips. This is how we do it in my chipxhop

  15. Thank you! I tried and it was awesome! But i didn't have corn flour so i used topioca flour instead and still tasted great.

  16. <3 I love your voice, makes me smile. Maybe its the combination of the music and your soothing sound. I like it a lot!

  17. Wow… looks Amazing… Great foundation… thank you for sharing… Can't wait to make for Family & Friends 😉

  18. BEST Recipe EVER for frying crispy fish!
    Thank-you! EXCELLENT ! 😄👏👏💯💯💯👍
    I have tried so many versions,
    But this is the very best!

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