Current Serene LED kit REVIEW – Aquarium BACKLIGHT TRICK

Current Serene LED kit REVIEW –  Aquarium BACKLIGHT TRICK

What’s up everyone my name is Nicolas
Marion and welcome to my channel Aqua Splendor. So if you wonder how I made those
kind of shot, kind of movie/video it’s quite easy and maybe you know it
because you probably search and it’s on the title also and it’s made with this,
The Serene LED kit, it’s made by Current, this is their logo and I always Thought it was Current-USA, but is just Current, so my bad I did those shot with that kit
so that kit contains, you have like a LED light is for fresh water and it
contained the background LED, the digital controller, the wireless remote, the
background film and the audio speaker so on this video, I will do the review of Serene LED kit
i’ll do what are the Pros and Cons And see how you
can install the LED light on the aquarium what I did I just moved one of my
aquarium to this place because I have some little problem to film this and
stuff and to show you guys so I literally, move that aquarium so what
happened is, this is the light I have I’ve been using for like three years and
this is a Fluval Spec V by the way if you wonder and that light
fit perfectly for the Fluval SpecV expect I think also in the saltwater it’s
called the Fluval EVO and it’s one of my favorite aquarium I really enjoyed
that thing. Of course, it doesn’t fit way too big for it, but just to give you like
an idea of what that thing does, so yeah we’ll do all this and so first of
all we’ll do have to do the unboxing and then we do the installation show some
examples Of what you can do, So there we go, let’s do the Serene LED kit Unboxing All right so now it’s time to do the
installation and I don’t have a lot place in my apartment so I’m just going to move literally move my aquarium yeah… all right so now it’s time to cut the
the back film, so you have the back film and you need that, I use a
ruler tape like this and then have like a pen, the cutter and the metal bar you
just make it easier for me to cut, So I cut that stuff but I forgot to press the
record button and this is the result and this will
show you like on camera what they look This is how it look
you can see there’s like a frosted look and this is really good because it
will like you just disperse the light through the back film and there’s a
little… its hard – I cannot show it on camera but but there’s a little plastic on it, so I’m just going to remove the plastic to peel it and then I
can just stick it behind the aquarium and yeah just let me do that first… 2 hours later the next day Oh my god
alright so I just got it this is what I was talking about I can show you on
camera like this, you can peel the back film so I will do that, but first
I’m gonna show you a little trick to avoid bubble behind so this is what it looked like and sometimes you can see
there’s like a little bubble on the back and I want to try to avoid this and
before I’m just going to pause the video and just rotate my aquarium so you can
just put that behind And the first thing you need to do is just make sure like
the back of your aquarium is super clean and you’re just a cloth and make sure
like its really smooth because that’s really important and then after I use this to spray just spray some water on the back and I use a
Opus Card if you’re in Montréal It cost 90$, so yeah I
use that and I’m just going to put some water
nothing crazy honestly that’s it and now the hard part so I
might just fast-forward this because it take a little while to do and this is how you put the back film it take a little while I just put some water like i said and I’m gonna take the camera so you can see sorry And this is how it look… it can take a little while to to remove
the bubble but for this demonstration like I am not really crazy – Theres little bubbles over there but like I’m not crazy and anyways we’re not going to see
them get their the plants and the soil cover this place. So let’s do the installation! looked like from the front, the back film.
It’s kinda cool because you can just hide the the wire and as you can
have I’m gonna just do a demonstration so I can have like this kind of stuff
over there and often you have like a electricity cable that goes behind and
so that thing we really hide them like if a stick like that you see it if I
just remove a little bit this it’s not noticeable. Alright so now that we put
the film back on the back of the aquarium it’s time to just assemble the Serene LED kit so the first thing I’m going to do is like to just to remove the current
light the current light that I have it’s unfortunately not compatible with the
Serenity kit LED so and this is the 18 version and the version that I have
is 24 inch so this is the the smallest that they have and I know like this is
too big for the aquarium but it’s just for like the demonstration of the Serene kit LED
so yeah lets just removed the light now in the back you have this controller and they have like a different input so this is for the light and this is
powering this unit this is for the backlight USB backlight and this is
for the audio speaker and you have another input over there, it’s a for the
wireless remote controller it’s like a booster and you have like a wire that
come with the Box and so if you something in front that block the the little sensor over there you can see yes
you can see over there so if that is block you cannot really use the
controller so that’s why they do provide a little signal booster which is super
cool btw, so I’m just going to plug the light power the the controller, after this you
have the the back LED tube like that it’s supposed to be submersible,
you can see I don’t know if you can see on the camera it’s just written over
there by the way if you want only that part I think Current now sell this
just separately so it’s like way less expensive so which is super cool because
I think this is like the the star of the kit it’s the backlight and this is why I
like I have like really good… I can make like special screenshot or
photos or videos because of this, so when you put that behind the aquarium make
sure that you angle the light you can see like this is black water and this is
a LED so make sure it’s like a tree like 3/4 if you do like this like you won’t
really see the LED party and you just like this like straighter support it
doesn’t it’s not bad that it’s worked better when it’s just a little slight
like a slight angle just like that I noticed like if I put that LED 20 inch
around like 3 inch of the the back of the aquarium I think that’s where it
shined because one is like too close you can see the LED and when it’s like too
far away it just it’s not like super strong so I’m good just going to put
that on the back and by the way they come with a suction like this and
unfortunately, I had some issue with that like it doesn’t really stick long on the aquarium and sometimes just like fell down so they provide which I think like it’s
really cool so instead of using the suction cup like
this you can use those things like that and you just use the like a 3M or if you
can use the screw on your furniture you get like a hole over there
so you can just screw that on your furniture, on your stand or whatever
so after this, you have the speakers they’re like a small speaker like this
that come with the box and I honestly I was surprised I wasn’t sure if I was
going to like hearing like sound from from the speaker like that from the
aquarium but it’s really like a new kind of like experience and I wasn’t
expecting that but it’s kind of cool, honestly if you
like you lower the volume like really low like to 1 because they like five
different levels of volume. It’s a very cool actually, so the back led the
USB goes just over there like that and for the speakers you put just
like that their we go so everything like this is like a plug you can see like all
the stuff together so now you can use the controller to do the effect, okay
so now I’m just going to show you like a what are the sound that are provided, there are four of them you can select over there I’m just going to provide you like a
Sample sound. about the Pros and the Cons I really like this kind of kit LED, I never saw this in the
aquarium industry, a kit like this with the speaker with the sound with the
light and the synchronization of the stuff together is really cool and I
enjoyed this a lot, it’s really fun and It’s a little bit hot
when I put my finger on the top but it’s a good light also
like if you have like a plant aquarium It will do the job of course. About the Cons the speaker itself like it’s not like four four two
hundred or whatever it depending on the size of the take it you purchase it’s
not like super high quality speaker and but it does the job honestly and the
other thing is like I can hear a little noise coming from the speaker so I don’t
know how to turn that off but I think maybe because of the quality of it so
but it does the job the other con the problem that I encounter is what
the suction cup like this it does not like stick correctly on the glass, eventually, it will fell down, eventually, and so honestly that’s
pretty much the cons, the price honestly is really good I can around 200$ or depending on the size of the kit and also they sell the
the backlight that thing separately with the controller also I think which is
super cool so if you want just buy just just this kit, they provide it, so I hope I’ve
provide all the information that you need to know about the Serene kit LED
so ya, I really enjoy it and if you enjoy watching this video and you like
in the work that goes behind Because I had to re shot my stuff, just give me a thumbs up and if you have any questions or anything and anything just let me know on the comments bellow and I will answer
it up thank you very much for watching, bye bye

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  1. Thx for the review. Can you still see the background when your main light is on? I have a Fluval 3.0 and it’s pretty bright at times.

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