Delicious KOREAN SEAFOOD FEAST at Noryangjin Fish Market, SEOUL, South Korea

Delicious KOREAN SEAFOOD FEAST at Noryangjin Fish Market, SEOUL, South Korea

we’re at Seoul’s biggest seafood market
and that can only mean one thing a seafood feast there’s row upon row
of seafood vendors who’ve got these massive tanks full of fresh seafood, let’s
go and find something to eat we’re buying the seafood fresh from the
tanks and then we’re taking it to a restaurant where they’re gonna cook it
up for us you have got to check out this process, I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and
we’re Chasing a Plate we hope you’re hungry let’s eat Noryangjin fish market is made up of two buildings so we are in the old
building right now and I reckon it has a lot more character than the newer spot but there is
so much seafood to choose from there’s all manner of shellfish,
there are prawns, fish, octopus, sea cucumbers there is anything and
everything you could possibly want to create for yourself a gigantic seafood
feast we’ve just bought some fresh seafood
from this vendor here we got one baby octopus and half a kilo of sea
pineapple, now we’re off to find a fresh fish “Masshisoyo, sam man o chonon” “So 3,500?” we’ve come to this lovely seafood vendor
and she’s showing us what looks to be a fish like a sole or a flounder let’s
work out how much it’s gonna be so it’s 35,000 won which is almost about
$40 I think we can try and bargain it down a little bit we’ve now purchased the fish we did a
good bit of bargaining on that one and now they cut it up for us, before we go
off to a restaurant so another lady’s going to take us to her restaurant we
shall prepare all of the seafood for us to eat we’re following the lady who owns the
restaurant she’s got all the fish bones with her as well because we’re gonna get
a seafood stew made up we’ve been led through some back alleys
in the market into this little restaurant where we’re getting the octopus
and the sea pineapple prepared and then we have this huge plate of fish ready
to go, look at that fish amazing, the ladies have brought over a
plate of baby octopus and you can see they’ve literally just cut the head off,
cleaned it and then popped it on this plate with some sesame seeds and
some sesame oil and you can see the tentacles still moving so the nerve
endings are still going and look if I pick up a piece, look at it squiggling away I’m just going to pop it in my gob and see what it tastes like it’s still stuck to the chopstick and it’s stuck to my tongue, it’s crazy, it’s
such an interesting feeling mm-hmm and that sesame oil is just so fragrant, so
beautiful and they say that with this sashimi style octopus, you just keep
chewing and chewing and then it becomes really sweet and it’s so tender, I’m gonna go for another bit oh I can barely pick it up off the plate because it’s stuck alright it’s still moving away that is so delicious, it’s really fresh
doesn’t taste fishy at all and the aroma and nuttiness of those sesame
seeds just really adds to it next up I’m gonna try these sea pineapples that we got oh and also look at this in the middle of the table we’ve got this spicy
looking fish broth just gonna start bubbling away that just got put on the
table with all the fish bones from the fish that we purchased, let’s try this sea
pineapple, it’s a very very interesting looking thing it’s sort of orange
and knobbly but this has just been cut up, it’s completely raw, let’s try this
little bit right here it’s very soft, I thought it was gonna be much chewier than that, it sort of just goes down very easily it’s got a quite a bitter taste, sort of a real tang to it,
it’s, bitter is the overriding flavour which I did not expect I’m gonna have a
little bit more it’s like eating through the skin of an
orange, that real tingly bitterness with a little bit of a salty sea flavour and
then that overriding bitterness, ohh it just exploded a bit in my mouth and
that was real sea-foody, salty, shellfish tasting but sort of the texture of an
oyster and has the flavour of an oyster but much more bitter, thst’s a very
interesting little thing we’ve been given some wasabi so I’m gonna add a
little bit of soy to that and then dip this sea pineapple into that mixture alright it’s just such an interesting looking thing you can see these bits are
quite jelly-like and globby and then this bit almost looks a little bit like a
brain it’s got all sorts of orangey brown creamy bits in it, let’s give this
bit a go, so I’m gonna dip it in the wasabi and the soy, all right very salty, from that, oh it just slipped down my throat very salty
and it’s a very slimy texture so very similar to an oyster like Thomas said but
the overriding flavour is a bitterness and a saltiness so we’ve got this big pot
of fish stew bubbling away in the middle of the table and that’s gonna become
infused with that fish flavour because it’s got the carcass of the fish that we
bought before but first while that’s cooking let’s try this hoe or raw fish it’s
just this huge platter and it’s been filleted perfectly, it’s got some pickled
ginger, there’s some wasabi, not sure what these are maybe garlic but let’s just give it a go as is, I’m gonna dip it in a little bit
of soy and get a bit of that wasabi on there and try it mmm ohhh it’s almost a little bit chewy, it’s so fresh, no discernible fish favour it’s just very mild, that is super tasty, we’ve also got this plate of lettuce leaves here so what I’m gonna do is just make a little bit of a wrap, so I’m just gonna get some pieces of the fish, dip it in the soy and get some wasabi again and
pop it in that lettuce, might grab a little bit of this garlic which is
hanging around as well, swipe that in the gochujang, so gochujang is a red pepper
chilli sauce which is used heaps in Korean cooking all right let’s just wrap that up, quite a big little package but pop it all in one go mmm mmmm whoa that was the perfect mouthful the fish is almost creamy in texture and then that gochujang is sweet and spicy
and savoury, got the zing from the garlic and then this lettuce was just so fresh
this is turning out to be an epic meal I’m gonna grab a couple of bits of this
white fish I want to dip it in this gochujang sauce
as well so we’ll give that a good coating then I’m gonna pop it on this
lettuce leaf and now we’ve got these little bits here that look like pickled
garlic look at that, so let’s pop that on top too,
I think that’s the perfect little bite, let’s wrap that lettuce leaf
up and give that a go, the sauce has a burst of flavour, not really spicy but
tangy, sour almost but that garlic it’s not that strong because it’s been
pickled it’s just giving a beautiful light garlic taste to that fish which is
creamy like Sheena said but it has a little bit of chew going on as well so
it’s a great texture in the mouth and it’s not fishy one bit, I think Sheena said that too it’s just a beautiful fresh sea flavour that
is really, really good fresh fish and now the smells of this stew, woah that’s
hot, the smell of this stew cos it’s sitting on the table, really
bubbling away, that’s sort of gonna round off this meal because it smells
incredible we’ve got to try this one Sheena we’ve turned the heat off on our
seafood stew because it was rapidly losing the soup through the steam but
it’s made up of all these incredible looking ingredients we’ve got spring onion,
there’s some coriander here, there’s garlic, there’s mungbean shoots and most importantly there’s that fish carcass so that’s the fish head there oh look at that whoa I just peeled back the cheek
and you’ve got this beautiful looking cheek meat I’m just gonna go
ahead and eat that because it looks way too good to pass up ohh it’s just melt-in-your-mouth it’s so
soft, all right, time to dish up so the broth has got quite a bit of a red tinge
to it so it’s got some chilli in it there’s a bit of melon there, I’m gonna add some soup to my bowl and then get a little bit of this fish that’s hanging about so
the fish has just broken away from the carcass and you can see the spine
there so I’m gonna add that to my bowl also get some greens, all right let’s try it, where’s my spoon ok ohh this is the perfect weather to be eating this dish it’s minus 1
degrees today in Seoul and this is just gonna warm us right up ok, time to just
try the soup by itself, oh wow it’s very salty and it’s just been infused with
that fish carcass it’s got such a strong seafood flavour, it’s a little bit spicy but the overwhelming flavour is the
savouriness, the saltiness, I’m gonna peel away a little bit of the meat from that,
the fish bones there and give those a go and get a little bit of spring onion
and some mungbean all right it’s so hearty the meat is just so tender
and then you’ve got the crisp, fresh flavour from the coriander and the spring
onion that is going to warm us right up I’ve got a bowl of this stew now to try
so it’s just a big piece of bony fish there’s the backbone there swimming in that
thin broth you can see it’s really watery and soupy let’s try some of the
broth by itself to start us off, oh yum that’s really salty and that fish
it’s got a beautiful fish flavour from it because it’s all the carcass, it’s all
that deep fish flavour, it’s really rich almost in fish flavour, get a little
bit more broth but get some coriander stems on this one too that wasn’t coriander that was just some sort of green vege, oh that broth it’s very salty
very, very salty it could go with some rice or something would be quite good
with that but not in a bad way salty that sort of natural seafood
saltiness and I love it, it’s got a little bit of a spice kick nothing too major,
having that hot dish to go with the rest of the food we’re having is perfect
because like Sheena said it is very cold outside today so coming in from the
freezing cold fish market into here is really nice and we were in the old part
of the fish market there are two parts they’re right next door to each other and
the old part it just sort of an old concrete shell whereas
the new part looks a lot more fancy but we were actually in the old fish market
about a year and a half ago and it was absolutely jam-packed with stalls, when
we were there today it was not very busy with stalls it seemed about half of the
stalls have left so maybe they’re all being transitioned to the new one so if
you get a chance to come and experience it while the old one is still open it’s
a really special thing to do to buy your fish and then get led into these
restaurants up in these little alleys and they prepare all this food for you,
you can still do this from the new fish market but the old one just has that
great feeling you can tell a lot has gone on in that building that was a really good and really interesting meal it’s really fun working out all the ins
and outs of how to do that because we don’t speak a word of Korean we’ve
learnt to sort of say 1, 2, 3, hello, thank you but beyond that nothing so working
out the price, what fish we could get, where we went to eat it, how it worked
when we were at the restaurant was all a lot of sign language and smiles so it
was a little bit difficult but it definitely wasn’t hard so if you’re a
traveler coming to Seoul definitely put that on your list as a very, very
memorable experience here at the fish market whoa that seafood was so fresh, so
delicious, make sure if you’re in Seoul, South Korea you absolutely have to
put this fish market on your itinerary don’t forget to pop down below hit that
thumbs up button, hit subscribe, there is going to be heaps more food videos from
all over Korea we’re in Seoul at the moment and we are heading down to Busan so there is lots to come, thank you so much for watching we’ll see you next
time, annyeong

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