Dioxins in U.S. Farm-Raised Catfish

22 thoughts on “Dioxins in U.S. Farm-Raised Catfish

  1. Sewage sludge ok that's super gross OO

    The industry is obviously playing the stupid card here, they don't give a shit about the government, everybody knows clay and organic matter are colloids meaning chemical sponges.
    Even a child is capable to understand the concentration process happening here and why it's plain dumb to use this product, oh well it's just for the money AGAIN…

  2. Good video, doesn't seem smart to feed your children eggs and farm raised catfish that have been fed a feed made from 'human sewer sludge' resulting in dioxin found in 1/3 of their flesh and products…..

  3. I've seen video of Catfish that is farmed in Asia.  That is nasty stuff.  So if US Catfish is 10 times worse than that?  It is a wonder that people don't just keel over dead after a meal of it.

  4. Did you hear that sewer sludge dioxins may still be fed to catfish and chickens despite FDA warnings?

    Watch this week’s video below or click the link to watch on NutritionFacts.org: http://nutritionfacts.org/video/dioxins-in-u-s-farm-raised-catfish

  5. Dioxins are found in everything. The question is how much. Unless they are checking you don't know. I think I'll have a couple of catfish tonight. 

  6. Please advice me how to start cat fish farming everything that may advice a success manuals video and so on

  7. Yes, another reason i will never knowingly eat "farm-raised" catfish.  I prefer to catch them myself, avoiding all the nasties of commercially produced meats.  If I can't supply me with fish, then I'm quite happy to support the professional fisherman-rather than the "fish farmer" who, by necessities of economics, grows his fish in a puddle of mud and feeds them whatever the industrial supplier will sell him for fish chow.  "Farm-Raised" is a big "Hell-No" for me when it comes to fish.  All game meats (and most foraged plant foods) will always be better for our consumption by the simple fact that they are NOT exposed to the industrial products and practices of modern (inorganic) "farming". 

    Also, not all catfish are "bottom feeders" as you state in the video (yes all farm-raised catfish are bottom feeders-yet they do skim the toxic feeds right off the top of the water).  Some catfish (the tastiest ones) can only be caught on live or fresh baits of aquatic origin (fish and crayfish primarily).  The beauty of this is that this species will never succumb to farming as the feeding costs would be enormous.  

    They are "free" to catch though!  And delicious!

  8. One more reason to go vegan… every time we talk about animal products, we talk about severe pollution

  9. WOW, I thought "Farm Raised" was the healthiest, when I read on a bag of Shrimp @ Wal-Mart Product of China we put the bag back !

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