DIY – Aquarium to Formicarium Modification

DIY – Aquarium to Formicarium Modification

The Messor colony! Some months ago there have been just a few
of them. They took care of their brood, raised their
sisters. They have started consuming more and more
proteins. Today they have a giant brood chamber. This colony is growing so extremely fast. Their formicarium is slowly getting to small. I decided to make a bigger one for them. Welcome to the AmazingAnts Channel and have
fun watching the modification from a aquarium to a formicarium! I am starting to drill the chambers into the
cinder block. Therefore I use drills with a size between
15 and 25 mm. After that I use a screwdriver to smooth the edges. For the bigger paths I use a 8 mm drill. Okay, the chambers are ready. I really like the look of
the new nest! Let’s have a look if everything fits like
planed. Nice! Everything is fine. Okay, let’s go on guys. For the next step we need plaster and clay. Mix it 50/50. Mix it with water and stir until it is one
liquid. This color is only used for the chambers. After drying I use pure clay with water to
get a darker brown color. I fixed the three nest parts with silicone
in the aquarium. After that I glued Plexiglas on the top of
the cinder blocks to raise up the floor level. The two cinder blocks are used as pillars
for the thin Plexiglas. The last step is the ground, therefore I use
a mixture of red sand, clay, white sand and small black stones. The formicarium is ready! What do you think? Do you like it guys? Tell me in the comments below. Thank you for watching. I hope you have enjoyed the video, feel free
to leave a comment or like. If you don’t want to miss the moving of the
Messor colony subscribe to the AmazingAnts Channel Thank you guys! See you soon!

100 thoughts on “DIY – Aquarium to Formicarium Modification

  1. I'm gonna keep some veromessor andrei desert ants. this should work fine. My only concern is how you keep small parts of the nest moist and other parts dry for stages of development in larva egg and pup. Desert ants need to have this choice. any advise would be great. love the design

  2. Hab ich nicht ganz verstanden und zwar die Kammern streichst du mit 50 prozent lehm und 50 Prozeent gipsmischung aus und den rest nur mit lehm oder
    lg fabian

  3. I don't like it. The side pieces are not connected to the middle piece by any way. Than you painted the air-creat, so how is the formicarium hoing to get hydrated?

  4. I might do something like this for my aquarium but keep it for fish and shrimp I think that would look freakin cool

  5. No, I dont like all that wasted room in the middle. And what if ants get between the blocks? I dont like the idea that if they can and if it makes it more difficult foe the ants to navigate.

  6. This tutorial was awesome! I have a question for you. How do you keep the humidity of the fornicarium?
    Thanks for all!

  7. This video is really creative and I wanted to re-create this on a smaller scale. I’m just wondering where you can find the large ytong blocks (so I can make multiple other nests) or an alternative to it? Thanks xx

  8. how can i stop ants crawling out? i dont want to put a glass plate on top because they need air, is there any solution?

  9. @Amazing Ants, at 3:41 you said you used a mix of red sand. But, that looks like dirt. Where did you get that? Hope you reply!!

  10. eyh mann, wieso darf fein modelgips so toll sein ;( meiner bindet immer schon nach ner minute ab…

  11. It was a great video, as well the formicarium. Except, how do you manage different humidity/moisture levels within the nest?

  12. Haha almost everyone in the comments section is an ants youtube channel. Nice to see some fellow ant lovers.

  13. I like it. I heard if you incline in it makes for better viewing and more surface area so your ants are less likely to get bored and spend allot less time testing your barriers because from their very small perspective they have a lot more land to explore.

  14. More or less How many ants can this formicarium keep?

    (I know the youtuber is kinda dead at this time but please somebody answer this)

  15. I really like the idea about painting it with clays I will be pinching that with the new setup I’m building now.

  16. How much did that tank cost and where did u get it. Great video man the best i have seen on diy formicarium

  17. I think this is awesome. But I have a question how do you set up a water gradient in something like this, how does moisture enter the actual nest?

  18. make it 2 or 3 TIMES AS DEEP. (use entire aquarium) ..just stack rows of cinder brick with connecting "doors" LOOKS AWESOME
    you have inspired me …

  19. Hello, I am from Russia, I also deal with ants, and I made Formicaria from the aquarium, and I will be very happy if you watch my videos. I specially made subtitles for them so that viewers from other countries would be comfortable watching 🙂

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