DIY CO2 system for aquarium – citric acid + baking soda

DIY CO2 system for aquarium – citric acid + baking soda

2 liter PET bottle from Coca-Cola – A 200 g of citric acid 600 ml water 2 liter PET bottle from Coca-Cola – B 200 g soda 200 ml water mix A – 600 ml water and 200 g citric acid tighten the valve squeeze the bottle A so that a mixture of the mixture into the B bottle flows through the hose for a moment, loosen the valve repeat this until the pressure between 1 and 1.5 rises add the check valve add linden wood or difuzer set the desired amount of CO2 on the valve

32 thoughts on “DIY CO2 system for aquarium – citric acid + baking soda

  1. i bought a similar kit on ebay. its awesome. i recommend a solenoid for it. that needle valve took me 20mins every morning to adjust. now its on a timer with the lights 🙂

  2. funguje to tak že keď sa ten ihlový ventil zavrie tak už silnejší tlak nevzniká? napríklad na noc keď nechcem dodávať co2 do akvária tak stačí zavrieť ventil a bude to v pohode alebo ak ho zavriem bude doma výbuch? 😀

  3. Sorry for putting this here.
    Need ur expertise.
    I have just made a DIY CO2 generator today with citric acid(200mg in 600ml h2o)+baking soda(200mg in 200ml).
    Its been almost 16hours now after the set up,but the water level in citric acid bottle has finished.
    And I had shut down the regulator flow meter before sleeping,yet the CO2 pressure gauge shows more than 1.
    Need to know whats happened for the water level to drop and what are consequences with this much pressure in the bottles.
    I am running 2bub/sec.
    Is this normal to finish the citric acid water level to get empty?

  4. I just order the same kit but also ordered a glass defuser and a bubble counter off amozon. Great demonstration on how to set up I look forward to getting mine and setting it up.

  5. Hey how is the system going? Is everything working ok? When i run mine the gauge slowly increases from 1.2 to 2. How do you cope with that? Do you always decompress?

  6. So I know your not supposed to run it 24/7 because the plants cant use it at night but can I let it run 24/7 if I'm also running a pump and stone with oxygen on the other side of the tank? My main thing is I dont want to have to cut it off and on every day cause my valve is already messing up.

  7. Amazing video, Surpan! I was trying to do this myself, and I was wondering if installing a single way valve that connects bottle #1 and #2 to stop the reaction at night instead of a solenoid build? Thanks a ton!

  8. Hi there , so CO2 need to turn on morning and turn off at night can u enlighten me what time should I off it at night ? Btw when I off the CO2 will it explode cos the CO2 in the bottle will it be over the pressure . Nice tutorial!

  9. What is the point of the magnet? How does it help? And to turn the co2 off do i just close the valve? This is my first time trying co2 and I was concerned the pressue would build up and cause the bottle to pop or something

  10. Ahoj.Prosím tě myslíš že bych tento set mohl použít i kvasnicový lektvar?Mám ho objednaný a teď koukám jak tele na vrata co tam mícháš.Předem dík za odpověď.

  11. Ahoj… Vyborny video…. Mam objednany set,nejak nechapu přendavani magnetu jak jsem videl na par videich… Jinak jak dlouho Ti vydrzi napln? Asi přibližně. Ja pouzivam kvasnice a tam tak cca 10 dni… Diky a at se daří. 😉👍😀

  12. Any recommendation, if Bottle A is emptied within a day? Does it mean I have a leak somewhere? Mixtures A and B should be allright.

  13. Whole article in Czech language (use google translate):

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