Welcome to the beautiful world of Aquascaping, to the Green Aqua Gallery in Budapest, Hungary. We are here here in this premises since May, 2018. Many things have happened since then. We have built a beautiful gallery, with 12 show tanks. Most of which are Nature Aquarium style – standard aquariums. 60cm, 90cm, 120, 150 and 180 big. We have a nice shop area, with a lot of products, that can be bought by customers, who visit Green Aqua in Budapest. We also have a huge and very efficient warehouse, from where we can send all the packages to you guys, if you live in the EU. We also have a very nice fish area in the back. We made a nice video with Jurijs, our friend, a couple of weeks ago, you can check out the video there. We also have this customer support area at the main entrance. And we have this round aquarium here, which has been under production ever since we moved here. Which was eight and a half months ago. You can make a baby in that time. So we have two more weeks for the nine-month delivery. So let’s, let’s just start working on that in this episode! Alright, before we start speaking about how we made this aquarium here behind me, let’s talk about the plans for 2019 at Green Aqua. We have quite a few exciting prospects for this year, one of which is this beautiful garden. This is an internal garden. Now it’s covered in snow. We did not have time to do anything with it, but we’ll build a colorful and nice Japanese garden in it, in the coming months. We have asked for professional help to do that. We already got the plans, here they are! A specialist gardening team have come up with that. There is gonna be an Oase pond on one side, with a small waterfall. And bamboo in the background. There’s gonna be a bench on the other side, stretching and curving along the natural path. Customers can go and have a coffee there. This little garden is gonna be really lovely and I’m sure you guys are gonna love it, when you visit Green Aqua. Another project that we started in 2018, was the YouTube – and regular video production project of ours. We have started to build a special studio for you guys! We allocated space for this studio, ever-since we started planning Green Aqua. It’s gonna be a little studio, with some lights and some backgound, and it’s gonna serve as the basis for all kinds of productions here at Green Aqua. We still have to come up with some good sound insulation solution. But we’re sure that you’re gonna like it! At the time of the production of this video, we are just passing 28k subs, on the Green Aqua YouTube channel. Thank you guys for that! Please, if you didn’t subscribe yet, do so! Let’s get back to the main topics of this video! This aquarium, which is a round aquarium at the entrance, at the front reception – customer support desk area. This aquarium is a completely do it yourself, DIY aquarium. Which is the first in Green Aqua’s life. Why? Because most aquariums that we have here, are standard aquariums, with standard gear. I don’t know of anything… Maybe I know a couple of products only, that are standards products in it. For example this Oase pump that we’re gonna install below the aquarium, or the Seachem Matrix biological filter media, that will go inside this tube there. And that’s it! Nothing else. But why is it round? Because we wanted an aquarium that can be seen from all over the place, when you walk between the Gallery space and the shop space in Green Aqua. We got the original inspiration of doing this from a dentist office actually. Our maintenance expert Matyi and our Green Aqua co-founder Attila Néder, have built this beautiful aquarium together. It has a Bonsai Tree in the middle, and it has the lights built into the ceiling. You have all these terrestrial plants at the bottom. So this gave us the idea, of having a similar aquarium at the entrance at Green Aqua. Which… I don’t know, if it’s gonna have a bonsai tree on the top, I have another idea now. Based on last week’s video, where Adam Paszczela, – our good friend from ADA Poland – have suggested that we should have the water and the fire together. So we’re right now thinking of putting an indoors fire stove on the top, over there. Then you can have the plants, the terrestrial plants, the aquarium, and the fire together, in one space. Let’s see what it looks like! You guys can comment below and just tell us what you think! Should we use a bonsai tree there? Or should we use fire? We are using a 2080 Eheim Professionel filter, below the aquarium – in the dentist office. The hoses for that filter just went below the floor level. Here we didn’t have the possibility, to do that. We will install and Oase water pump underneath the aquarium. We’re also lighting the aquarium with three industrial LED lamps. Those are pretty expensive, but we tried them. They work perfectly for plants and they can reach down to the gravel, to the carpeting plants. They’re strong enough for that. Here we are preparing the PVC tube, to be installed at the center of the aquarium. This is also supporting the lava stones later. As the first step, we’re cutting the PVC tube. It’s a one meter tube and we’re cutting it to a length, which is just a little bit higher, than the water surface level. How much? We don’t know, we just cut it. The height of the aquarium is 50 centimeters, And the height of the tube is… How much? 65 centimeters. So the water level will be at about 48 centimeters and the rest of the tube will stick out, but it will be all covered in Lava Stones. We’re gonna use some terrestrial plants in-between them. This PVC tube has been glued to the bottom of the aquarium, at the center. It has been treated with sand paper, to have a rugged surface. This way, the glue will stick better to it. We have three outflows, arranged evenly around the tube. Then we’re gluing a normal plastic net to prevent the fish or the debris or any other thing, to go into the filter. It does not look good, but it will be covered with stones and you will not see anything from it. Just wait until the end! Actually you can see the outflow. It’s around there, the white spot. The filter actually will stand in the middle of the aquarium. So the Seachem Matrix biological filter media will be inside, there. As the next step, we glued the PVC tube into the aquarium. You can see that we’re gluing it in the center, using silicone, normal silicone glue. Then, we had to bring it to the front from the back, going around the building of Green Aqua. Because it was just too big to fit through the doors that lead to the back of the Gallery. This round aquarium was custom built by Green Aqua, and it’s actually made of three pieces, three bow-fronts glued together. We have two holes on the bottom drilled. One for the intake and one for the outlet. The guys are trying to put the aquarium in place. It’s a heavy duty. Then we’re aligning the holes in the aquarium with the holes that were drilled into the base plate. We’re sticking the lava rocks with Polyurethane foam. This is a dark grey color foam, that matches the rocks perfectly. If you scratch it after they are dry, you can ensure that they are even more seamless. We’re building up the rocks all the way to the edge of this filtration chamber. We had to prepare the gear for this aquarium and the whole technology behind the aquarium, from the very start. What we did, is that we stretched the CO2 hoses and the electricity hoses below the floor level. We brought the CO2 hose actually under the main desk. We actually had to build an edge, around the whole structure here. Then we had to make the isolation of this whole area, because we’re gonna have dirt in it. We’re gonna have regular plants in it. We don’t want the moisture and the water to go below the tiles. Also the aquarium plumbing is custom made, our maintenance expert Matyi was doing all the preparations and the planning work for this project. We built a metallic stand below the aquarium for making room for the pump and the CO2 gear. There’s a hole on one side, a little door from where you can access it. We will install the Oase pump there. Matyi is assembling the inflow and outflow tubing. He’s doing the plumbing for this aquarium. Those hoses will lead out from the aquarium, going through the Oase pump and then go back to the aquarium through an external diffuser. The thing with external diffusers is that we don’t like it really a lot. Why? Because… First, it can clog easily, so it’s very difficult to clean. It doesn’t have the efficiency of an external reactor. Which means that you’re gonna see bubbles in your aquarium and you’re gonna just waste CO2. So we like the external reactors better. But, we’re using the external CO2 diffuser, because we don’t really have enough space for the external reactor below this aquarium. You can see now, we’re filling the central filtration chamber with Seachem Matrix biological filter media. Which is one of the best filter medias on the market. You can see how it looks under microscope here. We made these microscopic images ourselves We’re really proud of it! Testing all kinds of filter materials under microscope. We’re also installing the outflow lily pipes, which are not exactly lily pipes, they’re just normal plastic pipes, that will create a round flow in the aquarium. After we’re done introducing about 60 liters of Seachem Matrix, we’re covering the whole thing with fine filter mesh, or filter pad. Then we’re topping the whole thing with a regular sponge. Actually we’re not gonna have a regular skimmer on the top of this aquarium, because the whole central filtration chamber will act like an overflow chamber as well. So when the water will overflow through the intakes, they will skim the surface. So the regular gas exchange and the surface will be done properly by this. We also wanted to avoid having any kind of technology visible in the aquarium, so this is why you can see that the whole thing is spotless. You cannot see anything, nothing will obstruct the view. Now all that remains is for us to decide, whether we’re gonna have some fire on the top, fireplace on the top, to compensate for the water, or we’re gonna have some bonsai tree. but that’s up to you guys, please vote underneath! Alright, thanks for watching guys, in the next episode we willl show you how we’re planting this aquarium, and how we fill it up with water. Please subscribe to the Green Aqua YouTube channel, if you didn’t do so yet, or please hit the bell button, to get notified of our future uploads. Or, you can comment and tell us what you think of using a bonsai or using a fire on the top of this aquarium. Until next week, bye!


  1. FIRE!! Fire would be very interesting and unique, and the fire/water combination would be amazing. It would really stand out from everything else. A Bonsai tree would be nice, but look similar to other setups and not as unique.

  2. Very Impressive shop. Very clean , well lighted and your stock tanks are immaculate ! Good luck with your shop. Wish I lived close to enjoy your hard work ! live in US , Good Luck

  3. Euh……neither. A group of big emers Echinodorus with roots hanging info the filter for extra biological filtration. The whole point of nature scaping is not to have extreme contrasts and its at the entrance of a shop of nature scaping specialists.

  4. Hmm, a tűz nagyon egyedi volna, de én a bonsai-ra szavavok! Nyílt láng veszélyes volna az eladó térben… 😬😬😬

  5. Wow awesome project! You really master the subject! …fire is eye catching for sure, depends on how you gonna feed it…gas? spirit? coal? gasoline? 😅
    Safety of fishes is the most important thing… You can also use ultrasonic water diffuser with lights underneath…maybe building a vulcan…

  6. Fantastic project guys! Really original. In my view a red coloured bonsai (maple?) would be the best bet for this position, not fire. I’d install a modern wood or gas stove at floor level elsewhere in the shop. I think you’d have to consider the health and safety issues carefully—how would you support the weight of the stove over a polypropylene pipe? How would the radiant heat affect the plants nearby and the temperature of the water? Aesthetically, could the whole design look top-heavy with a burner on top, and what is the focus of attention? I wonder if having fire and water together might be trying to do to much at the same time? Is there floor space to build a circular wood burner of the same size and proportion nearby so they can ‘reflect’ each other symmetrically? Fire and water are great elements to display together but I’d allow each of them enough space apart to be what they are separately.

  7. I do like bonsai trees very much, But i would go for fire. Its something you dont see and really brings the elements together.

  8. I think fire is a cool idea, but ultimately, I feel like a bonsai tree would be way better. I'm just not sure if the fire would really fit the feel of green aqua. I feel that a bonsai tree would be a lot more fitting, and simply better.

  9. Fire would be great, but I wonder if the flames would be less visible due to the ambient lightind possibility being too bright. Either option would be stunning really! Wonderful, and funny, video. Keep up the great work!

  10. Since you guys are planning an Eastern style garden, you should tried to incorporate the Five Elements, which are Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth. So for example, metal could be a metal sculpture, wood a tree or Japanese maple, water is your pond, fire could be a fire pit, and earth…um…a pile of dirt?

  11. Fire!It would be an amazing contrast with the water and is quite unusual.However, I think a piece of wood laden with air plants would be even better than fire and a bonsai tree.Amazing video!

  12. Create the fire element outside near the coffee area. This installation lends itself more naturally to the bonsai….

  13. Bonsai…definitely. much more in keeping and a softer, more natural look. However, I am looking forward to seeing how the fire looks, if voted in.

  14. Bonsai! I think that matches perfectly to this kind of environment. Any fire or flames are much better outside somewhere at the pond. And last but not least it is even more secure 😉

  15. I think a fire pit would look amazing !!! Great Video and I love what you have planned for the shop. Cant wait to see it all unfold!!!

  16. Bonsai or Fire, it all depends on what plants there will be…what style it will have. But I would prefer probably Bonsai 🙂 and btw this is really great idea of doing an aquarium like this. And I´m now pretty sure that I´m coming to Budapest to see ya guys, because the hole GreenAqua seems really fantastic, and one day I would like to do something like this here in SVK…:) I´m looking forward to next video of planting and starting this one ;))

  17. Your name is Green Aqua, not smokies bbq,one of those bonsai floating in mid air by magnets would be cool ! 🤔. 👍🏼

  18. I like Bonsai tree idea. But since watching you dancing around the tank, I guess Fire would be a better one. :)) Great video! Love the step by step DIY! So excited! 🙂

  19. I would say Bonsai. You have to turn off the fire when you close the shop for the night? Then without the fire it will look bla.

  20. Waw, first off what an amazing aquarium!! I would chose the fire option, becouse it would be so uniqe to the shop, and I think that it could realy show people what amazing things you can do with an aquarium. Mabey even insipre some new fish keepers, can't wait to see finished product!!
    Keep up the great work!

  21. This is such an amazing build. I would say fire, BUT…customers getting too close to look and try to see how it works. Customers with children who want to see how it works and might hold them up too close.
    A lot of people in the general public are not too smart, at least not here in America, and some dummy would stick their hand in the fire just to see if it's real or how hot it is.
    And then you have to worry about emissions from whatever fuel you are going to use and will you need special ventilation for that.
    But maybe you can work around all this. Whatever way you go, it will ROCK, because you guys are amazing.

  22. Your store is so impressive. Never seen anything like it, unfortunately, where I am from. Wish we could have access to a place like Green Aqua. Great videos, great team you have! Keep it up and maybe someday I'll be able to put together an aquascape tank such as something like what you show!

  23. Úgy látom sikerült megosztanotok a véleményeket a bonsai vagy tűz legyen kérdéssel.
    Én a tűzre adok egy szavazatot, de csak azért mert kíváncsi vagyok ha tűz nyeri a szavazást akkor azt, hogyan oldjátok meg. Ez igazán egyedi dolog lenne, de tuti ezt is megoldjátok profi módon mint mindig!

  24. Beautiful stuff! We need a showroom like this in New York. All we have are a few mom & pop shops, Petco & Petsmart…ugh

  25. So when you going to start shipping to the US?! You realize probably 75% of your viewers are from the US and you are missing out on so much profit margins…

  26. Lehet, hogy butaságot kérdezek, de nem értek a kémiához. A ragasztóhabból nem oldódhat ki semmilyen káros anyag a vízbe, ami befolyásolná a víz-paramétereket? Bár mondjuk ebben az esetben tényleg nagyon praktikus megoldás volt ezt használnotok. Én személy szerint nem szívesen használnék semmilyen ragasztóanyagot egy akváriumba, valahogy nyugtalanít. A leendő akváriumomba a mohákat inkább kötözöm majd, nem ragasztanám. Vagy alaptalan az aggodalmam?

  27. FIRE!!!

    i would put a small container of water up there with a gas tube inside in the shape of a ring. gas escapes from the ring, bubbles to the water surface where the gas is ignited by a small pilot flame.
    (a jet flame style pilot flame to ensure the gas always is ignited preventing a dangerous situation.)
    this way you get a very beautiful flame effect across the entire surface of the water. like these guys did:

  28. Loved the Indian Rain-dance, but please no fire, that's just way too corny/kitschy. Keep the nature in Nature Aquarium 😉

  29. Build up another metre and have a waterfall lit with red LED’s. Real flames will just burn some idiot and you’ll have carbon monoxide problems.

  30. Was the polyurithene( i don't know how to spell that) foam glue holding the rocks not poisonous to the fish or the plants? Coz I that sort of glue normally comes with a lot of warnings for humans. Love your shop btw. Hopefully I can visit someday.

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