Welcome to the beautiful world of aquascaping. We’re here at the entrance of Green Aqua and we have beautiful weather – finally. So we can start the video here. We’re gonna build the round aquarium at the entrance, here. So follow me, let’s see what we did here! First, this is the first aquarium that you see, when you enter Green Aqua. “Sesame open”! And then… I actually really like the fact, that this round aquarium is here. You can see how nice this whole structure is and you can see the bonsai tree on top of it. We asked you guys, whether you want a bonsai tree, or you actually want some kind of fire… Tabletop fire here. We decided for the bonsai tree, thanks to your votes. Because we think, as you guys, many of you actually pointed out that this is more natural here at the entrance, and it goes better with the Green Aqua way of thinking and the natural feeling. So we have it here, it’s filled up with water. In this episode, we’re showing you how we did it. Plant selection in this tank: we have eleven types of plants, mostly plants that tolerate an environment without CO2, so low-tech plants. We do have CO2 injection in this tank, but we’re not sure about the light coming from the ceiling. It’s really far away from the bottom of the aquarium. So we’re gonna have the Ludwigia palustris, which is a really nice plant here. It’s a red plant, it’s gonna be the only definitely red plant in the gallery, in this tank. The second one is the Hydrocotyle tripartita, Which is a nice plant, it’s gonna stay at the water level. Let’s hope that like… it’s gonna climb out of the water and it’s gonna climb onto the lava stones. Third plant is the Anubias Petite. It’s a little Anubias, which is also a very good low-tech plant. Let’s start up the plant-cleaning process! Coffee and plants! Next one is the Cryptocoryne albida ‘Brown’. The Albida ‘Brown’ is a really nice small crypt, that is also a low-tech plant, and it’s gonna have like a reddish color, so this is also a reddish plant in the aquarium. Moving on, we have the Bucephalandra. We really like the Anubias types and Bucephalandra types, this is the ‘Mini Red’. It’s gonna be also reddish tint in color. These are not really red plants, but they have like the reddish tint, so they’re gonna add some color to the tank. The next one is a fern type, this is the Hyrgrophila pinnatifida. The Pinnatifida is a really nice plant, I really like it. The only question is: How long are we gonna let this grow? This can go really long and really fast, so we need to trim it regularly. But we’re gonna take care of it. Next one is also a fern type. This one stays very green. This is the Bolbitis, the Bolbitis Heudelotii. And then, another third fern type, the Microsorum ‘Narrow’. I really like his plant, it will compensate the other Microsorums. The ‘Narrow’ has longer leaves, it has a different leaf structure, so it goes well with the Pinnatifida and the Bolbitis. The plant-cleaning process will start with taking the plant out of the pot. And cleaning it from the rock wool. You can just peel off the rock wool from the plant’s roots, and then use some water to clean the roots, because the rock wool is much softer underwater. You can clean the remainder of the rock wool with some tweezers. This fat pot is the ‘Wavy Green’ Buceplanadra. It’s also a low-tech plant, goes well with the Anubias types. So we really have to use this one as well. We’ve got two more plants here. The last one, which is the potted plant here, is the Eleocharis Acicularis. We really like this one, this hairgrass grows really nice, it grows about 10 to 15 centimeters depending on the light conditions. We can also trim it. The last plant – and this is the only lab plant that we’re using is the Lilaeopsis brasiliensis. We really like this, because it tolerates low light conditions as well and it can be on the bottom of the aquarium. it’s not really nice to trim that, because if you start trimming it, maybe it’s gonna get brownish. So we’re gonna just let it grow at the bottom of the tank, where we’re gonna use sand. But hopefully this is gonna feel good in the sand as well. Then you have to place your mosses. Oh and I almost forgot that we have the 30K giveaway! Because the Green Aqua YouTube channel has passed 30 thousand subscribers. Thank you guys! We’re having this giveaway for a week now, and we’re gonna have it for one more week until our next video. If you live in the EU, you will get 300€ worth of Green Aqua coupon. If you live outside the EU, you will get a 300€ worth of Amazon coupon. So stay tuned for the games, details in the description. Okay, so the bigger part of the planting is ready. As you can see, we have used terrestrial moss that we collected from our internal garden, which is going to be transformed into a beautiful Japanese garden soon. We’ll put it on the top of this whole structure. We are using Iron wood in-between the rocks here and then all the low-tech plants, all the fern types and all the Anubias types and all the Bucephalandra types will follow. We put the smaller plants up there, as you can see, the water level will be here. So all the plants will start from the water level. And right now we’re filling in the sand at the bottom of the aquarium. We’re gonna introduce some pebbles as well, and some little rocks. I think we’re gonna continue using the lava stone also on… on the gravel, downstairs. And then, we’re gonna introduce the Brasiliensis. So, this is the planting phase. I think we’re almost ready. Let’s do some tweaking and then let’s fill it up with water. As I told you in the last video, there are almost no standard products, that we used in this aquarium. It’s almost completely do it yourself. The only things that we used here is the Oase Optimax 2000 water pump. We used a JBL external CO2 diffuser, because the reactor didn’t fit below the aquarium. We used Seachem Matrix as biological filter media, which is used inside that round, central piece, which is covered by lava rocks. Basically what we do is we drilled two holes in the middle We take the water out, the pump will push it back, and then it’s gonna go back inside the aquarium, making a circle of movements. So the water will go around the center piece of the aquarium by some plastic pipes that we introduced and drilled through this central piece, which is covered by lava rocks. And this is basically it! Oh and you wanna see, how important hobby it is for some! Check this out! The most hilarious moment in Green Aqua’s life, I swear! I’m so happy, because the Green Aqua do it yourself project is at the end. We opted for the bonsai at the top, Thanks for your votes! You had this very good idea of having red plants at the top. The problems with the red plants are that they will lose the leaves. We wanted to have something that is green all around the year. So this is why we chose this one. The Murraya paniculata. This is the Orange Jessamine. I hope you guys like it, maybe we will change it, and make it like a more bonsai-like plant in the future. Don’t forget that we have the 30K subscription giveway! You can win 300€! Check out the details below in the description. So, thanks again for watching us, please subscribe if you didn’t do so, and hit the bell button to get notified of our future uploads! Until next week, bye!



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