Dog swallowed something stuck in throat – Vet Advice

Dog swallowed something stuck in throat – Vet Advice

Dogs love to eat things they shouldn’t. Three
of the most common items eaten by a dog include balls, corn cobs and even socks. Foot odour
is very attractive to dogs apparently. But it’s no laughing matter – especially when
these items end up in the dog’s intestine and have to be removed surgically. At Abbey House Veterinary Hospital owner Stephen
is concerned that his dog has swallowed something he shouldn’t. My dog Sam must have picked a chicken bone
up and got it lodged in his mouth. When might that have happened. I think it might have been last, but he wasn’t
showing anything last night. Just this morning, round about three hours ago I noticed. So
to ring the vets up and bring him up for them to take it out. He’s shaking his head and
sweating and putting his paw to his mouth, just to try and get it out. So you know, I’ve
tried to get into his mouth but -I could see the bone, but he kept locking on, I couldn’t
get my hand in on my own. Dogs are notorious at picking things up and
eating them that they shouldn’t. Sometimes it’s bits of food that people have dropped
on the street, which can cause vomiting and diarrhoea if it’s an upset. Otherwise they
can go and pick up bones, or sometimes they can be very sharp and they can puncture the
oesophagus as they swallow them. There’s also worry about swallowing things like socks,
things like that. Come through. Hi. So I understand he’s got
a bone in his mouth. There’s a bone stuck in there, yeah. Is it ‘ when did you first notice it was there? Sort of five minutes ago. Oh, just now. He’s locking on, you see, and I can’t help
him. Okay, can you – right, let us have a little
look. Good boy, come round. Right at the top. So it’s on the roof of his mouth is it? Okay.
Good boy, will you sit down? He’s not trying to be sick though or doing anything else,
he’s just really He’s putting his paw up and shaking his head
the whole time. Stephen lives near a local takeaway and he
thinks Sam must have picked up the bone while out for a walk.
The worry with chicken bones is they can splinter into several small sharp pieces inside the
stomach. Luckily for Sam this bone has somehow become lodged between his teeth. Good boy. See, you don’t to eat that. Dear
me. If you’re worried that your dog has swallowed
something, then contact you vets for advice. If it’s happened within the last few hours,
then there’s an injection that your dog could have that will make them vomit and hopefully
bring the item back up. If you’re worried that your dog ate something a few days ago
and now they’ve become quite unwell, then it becomes a bit more serious and you should
seek direct advice from your vet. Maybe Stephen should change Sam’s name to
Lucky! Always try to keep an eye on what your dog’s eating when outside and never leave
food in places where your dog can get it at home.

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  1. My grandma's dog has a bone stuck on his throat and she doesn't have enough money to go to the vet any advice on what to feed your dog?? And the dogs dying so please help me and advice?!?!😖😖😖

  2. My dog swallow a 5inch barbeque stick..what will I do..I don't have money to get him a surgery 😥

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