Downtown Aquarium Bash Hot Wheels Play Set #hotwheelscity NEW For 2018!

Downtown Aquarium Bash Hot Wheels Play Set #hotwheelscity NEW For 2018!

Oh, yeah Hey, this is Mark at Race Groves. And I’ve been doing the reviews on these new for 2018 Hot Wheels playsets and ever since I’ve been reviewing them, on the back… Right there. There is the Aquarium I’ve been looking forward to that set. Where you at buddy? We’re looking for you still too. So now, I’ve done all the reviews. I’m gonna do this one. Still looking for that one. Here’s the little info bubble on the side. It says, “dive into the aquarium”. “Can you break out and escape?” Hey! I knew that we go in the top But check it out, looks like the front panel pops out. Like many of the other sets it does have a spot for you to push, and you get to test out what it does. When you’re looking at it. Well, there’s an elevator. You can see a groove going up the side. So you know that this is going to be a flat elevator to get your car to the top. It looks like you’re gonna be driving down, zigzag coming out. It looks like you’re gonna be exiting out this side. And like I show it on the back. It looks like this panel comes forward But it has a zip tie. I’ll be right back. I have removed Downtown Aquarium Bash from its packaging, but let’s take a moment look at the bottom. They’ve been hiding some cool details on the bottom of these sets. Check it out! Looks like you’re under the sea. It looks like a Squid Sea stars What else do we have? Got some coral, very nice. Hey, there’s a crab. Another sea star! It looks like another crab on this side
(nope, lobster!) That’s for the aquarium. By the way, I forgot to show the base when I did the review of Super Spin Tire Shop. So let me go ahead and show the base now. Let’s see, we have some…looks like we’ve got some tires under there, Hammer More tools Those looked like bicycle rims or just rims More tires Got some oil drums And the other one I forgot to show the base of was… Cobra Crush Love, hey dude your too high. I love this set. Let’s take a look at the base of this one. Hummm let’s see! Don’t say anything in particular. Just more miscellaneous debris. Hey, there we go. There’s some spiders on the bottom. Mmm. That’s about it, but that’s okay because a lot of this stuff is the details that are on the top. I didn’t show them in the video. You can check them out yourself in the store, or if you buy the set. Hmm, it’s just a nice added bonus. This Hot Wheels playset came with 24 Ours. Fan favorite. A lot of people like 24 Ours. It’s a fantastic track car. Let’s go ahead and drop down the elevator. Open it up. It looks like it has a stopping point. Oh… Very nice it has a lip, so this way your car doesn’t fall off the sides. I like that You probably also notice it has connectors or at least spots to connect your Hot Wheels Track Builder track. Let’s go ahead and lift up 24 Ours There you go. Oh, that’s nice. You can just leave him like that until he’s ready to go. Uh-oh, he slid back. Just a little bit. Hopefully he hangs on. I’m gonna lift the elevator then he’s going to plunge into the aquarium. Plug your nose. You don’t want to get water in your nose. Hey, how did it pop open all by itself? These spinners are pretty cool as a matter of fact The fish…the fish, that’s on them, it’s kind of hard to see, but it kind of looks a lot like the fish that’s right there. Let me add some Hot Wheels track with the track builder connectors. On my community tab, here on YouTube. I asked people which Hot Wheels fish should I used? I’m gonna do almost every single suggestion and the shout out will be up in the corner. Here we have hammer down He’s like a little hammerhead shark. I’m just gonna start at the top to save time, okay! Works very well, and it pops open again, how does it pop open? One thing I notice, is on these lever levels, it has a still thing sticking out. That’s what’s making these spin, when this moves. It hits the gear. It has a gear, right there, on both sides. It has a gear. And right here I see a little orange clip! So when you close this… Ahhh… Now if you want to open this… you don’t pull on this to open it. That orange clip is connected to… …Connected to an orange part! So when you open… That was easy. Don’t do this. If you do this you might wear that down and break it. This, if you want to just open it up. There you go. Up next, Piranha Terror. Perfect. So far three for three. Super Stinger. It’s like a stingray or a manta ray. Let’s watch him glide through the aquarium. Very good. I notice they don’t always pop the door open. Hey! He didn’t. Oh! What happened? It didn’t pop it open. Maybe he didn’t push the door open far enough. Let’s open it just a little more. Yep, that was it! I can push them out easier. Fast Fish Okay, he’s not a fish, but okay. It’s in the name, Fast Fish. Gotta do him. He’s almost the same blue as the wall to the aquarium. Let’s see if we can see. Successful. Oh yeah! Sharkruiser. I knew this one was going to be suggested. This is one of my favorites. Love the decorations. Power Pipes from Wave Rippers. Well, it’s not a fish, but that’s pretty cool… Wave Rippers… Aquarium… well. How about I do that one and… Corvette Stingray. Yeah Corvette Stingray, both from the Wave Rippers, Highway 35, World Race. Now we’ll see what happens when you don’t close the front door. Meh, nothing special. But what is special, they do have designs on the bottom as well. Mm. Oh it looks like another car crash right there as well. Sunk to the bottom of the aquarium. If I remember correctly, every car has made it so far. All of them haven’t popped open the door, but they safely made it down. This was an interesting suggestion. Fish’d and chip’d. Yeah, okay, if I’m gonna do Fast Fish. I gotta do Fish’d and Chip’d. I wonder if this long body design is gonna cause any issues? Hey, where’d you go? Yep sure enough. He got hung up on the interior. We know that if we lift this door. It’ll open the gate. There he is. Hey, dude, your bumpers hung up over there. Can I push? No, he’s too long. Sorry Bubba. Let’s see if I can get them out this way? Come here! Ready-set-go Danger! Danger! I’ve some more cars to test. I’ll be showing them…coming up next! Here we go! Shark Bite. Very cool new model. Watch his jaw. It moves when you roll the car. That’s a very cool feature, but is that gonna…? How’s that gonna work in the aquarium? …Set, go! Hey, what happened? Did his tail get caught up? Yea, his tail got caught up. Let’s try them again. Cahhgg! Oops, sorry. He’s a little off-balance because he has all this metal in the front. Makes him a little off balance. Plus, in order to make him work On the wheel, it has this little black part that spins around and when that spins around and hits the gray piece of plastic… That’s what causes his mouth to open and close. Well, you know, that kind of impairs his performance. Just one more chance. Mmm. Same thing. Help me! Help me! His tails hung up. You can see it right there. I wonder if I can get it in the slot and he’ll fall down? There you go. Thank you for this suggestion. It’s an older model. We haven’t seen for a while. No excuse me. No, it’s not your turn yet. Speed Shark. Thank you very much for the classic car suggestion. Do any of you have any samples of Speed Shark? Really like the gills. It looks like you can see gills on the side. Cool car! Successful. ’70 Plymouth AAR Cuda. Cuda being short for Barracuda. He’s gonna be trying to chop on some little fishies.
Nom-nom-nom-nom-nom. Thanks to everybody who made suggestions. I was surprised nobody suggested Aquaman. You’ve got all the superhero movies. He’s in the ocean. Nobody suggested him. I have both samples. This is the new Aquaman and here is the older version of the Hot Wheels Aquaman character car. Looking at him right now. He looks long like Fish’d and Chip’d. I don’t know. New Aquaman Older Aquaman sample. Yep, just what I was thinking. Oh, so close! It’s just a little nub. Give him a little squeeze. There you go. Excuse me! Excuse me! When I was going through my fantasy cars. Looking through the ‘S’s to get Speed Shark. Well, in the same case I had this one. This is Speed Machine. We haven’t seen this one, either, in a while. And look! He has a hammerhead… right in the decoration. Well, I got to do him too. Well, I don’t have to but hurry up, Spongebob wants to play! Now we know how that other car wound up abandoned on the bottom. Okay, Spongebob your turn. Hey no, no… Not everybody else! Hey! Get back. No, no, no. It’s not your turn. Hold on! It’s Spongebob’s turn. You guys gotta wait your turn. Dud-da-da-derrrrr! Spongebob Squarepants! [Hums theme tune] Hey! No copyrighted music! His model design gives us something else to test. He’s kind of tall. He’s even taller than Shark Bite. I don’t know if he’s gonna get stuck somewhere because he’s kind of tall. Chomp! Here he goes! Oh! Come on Mark! Do it right! Oh, it’s not all the way up. There you go. My fault. Sorry Spongebob. Where’d he go? What’s that sticking out the top? Oh yeah. You! Let me see if I can wiggle him, get him in. No! Too big. So that means if you have like vans, vans are not gonna work, sorry. You can either back up or you can juuump! Up next! Mr. Krabs Here comes Plankton. Are you excited for your chance? Oh yeah! He looks pretty excited. With this small design, I wonder if he’ll do this zigzag nicely, or is he gonna flop over? Mmm. He’s so small he fell in the back. Let’s give him a little push. Open the door. There you go. Let’s try him again. See if he gets some more momentum and he can make it the whole way. I don’t know? We’re gonna find out. Much better. Except you didn’t open the door. Hey look, it’s Patrick Set… Go! Oh! He’s… Patrick is so low and flat that when he came out the door, he didn’t push it up far enough to make it out Let’s see if he can do it again. Ta-da! Here comes Squidward. Kind of a long car. He looks a little cranky. I don’t know why. Why are you so cranky, Squidward? Do you think he’s gonna make it? What did you learn from the other body styles? I think he has a chance to get stuck because he is kind of a longer car. Oh, phew! Successful! Remember, the two pieces of track are not included. Look on the back! Very nice. Hey! Just like Spongebob. He’s got those portholes. Yes, it’s a simple set. You’ll probably get 24 Ours with yours, as well. But you know what? For kids who like to play with their cars. Yeah, it’s just kind of cool. It’s just fun. It’s just something for you to play with your cars. You can find the other new for 2018 playsets in my Track Builder Playlist because they connect to track builder track. Here’s the other two playsets I showed earlier. Thank you for watching and have fun with your toys. Bye, bye!

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