Easiest Saltwater Fish to Keep | Aquarium Care

Easiest Saltwater Fish to Keep | Aquarium Care

The easiest salt water fish to keep would
definitely be fish from the grouper family, the damselfish family, triggers, lionfish,
eels. These are the fish that people have been keeping
since the beginning of salt water fish keeping, the 1970’s, 1980’s, when people really started
to see this as a viable hobby. Only recently have we had a lot of success
with some of the more delicate tangs, gobies, clownfish, angelfish, and butterflyfish. But within those groups there are hardier
fish and there are more sensitive fish. Again, if you are a beginner, I would try
a nemo clownfish or pakula clownfish, the blue damsel, the bicolor damsel, four-stripe,
or three-stripe. You can go with any of the triggers. Just keep in mind some of the triggers are
very aggressive. I like Niger triggers and blue throat triggers. Lionfish are great, but they get big and they
can eat their smaller tank mates. But, once you get a good one they’re very
easy to keep. Groupers are very, very easy to keep. They have large, thick scales, very resistant
to diseases. They’ll eat anything. If you can’t get a grouper to eat, there’s
something drastically wrong with your aquarium. Then some of the wrasses, lunare wrasses,
six-line wrasses, yellow coris wrasses, those guys are pretty easy to keep. What I would do is try to get one fish from
each family to prevent aggression, because usually fish are more aggressive towards fish
of the same family. If a fish looks the same, has the same color,
the same body shape, usually they eat the same foods and require the same habitats in
nature. So, the fish have a built in aggression towards
those fish. If you go with a hippo tang, a yellow tang,
different body shape, different color, usually those fish are very compatible. If you try to go with a purple tang and a
yellow tang, same shape fish, they’re going to fight like crazy. So you can go with one small grouper. Keep in mind they get very large. You want to make sure that the grouper that
you go with is going to have a large home eventually. A niger trigger, a small damsel, a lunare
wrasse, and a small lionfish, and as these fish grow together they usually recognize
their tank mates not as food. I’ve seen lionfish being housed with small
fish from the start and they don’t see their tank mates as food. It’s just one of those weird things. So, mix up the different groups of fish and
stick with the groups that I mentioned. Stay away from butterflyfish. Stay away from angelfish and most of the tangs;
except for scopas, sailfin, hippos, yellows. A lot of them you should leave to the more
dedicated, experienced reef hobbyist.

64 thoughts on “Easiest Saltwater Fish to Keep | Aquarium Care

  1. Thanks for the info on the easiest saltwater fish to maintain. I'm glad you didn't say the Yellow Tang fish because I never could keep them more than a couple of months before they deteriorated and died. Never knew why.

  2. Sailfintangs are the most hardy in my opinion and the pygmi angle and bicolor angle r easy but over all the fish he talked about are hardy

  3. lol this guy is stupid groupers get up to 2 feet most people dont have a 500 gallon+ aquarium eels are also extremely hard to keep because they dont tolerate medication well ugh people like this ruin the hobby for new people

  4. DONT GET DAMSELS THEY ARE AGGRESSIVE and make sure you research the fish you want especially the tank size they need

  5. maybe easy but a pain in the butt when they get bigger the three line four line damsel not a good idea, this also includes the domino

  6. Why don't they show us pictures or videos of the fish !!! I can't memorize all the fish and just look it up

  7. I want two Nemos and a Dori. But I'd call the clownfish Betty and Veronica and the Dori fish would be Big Ethel.Ā 

  8. Clown Fish… A buddy of mine was a horrible person and totally abandoned his bio-cube (unplugged and no lights, fed them like 2 times a week.) for like 13 months. Half of the water evaporated and the only thing living were worms and the clown fish. I took them and put them in my tank, and they were doing back flips out of my tank from happiness..Ā 

  9. Lionfish are nearly impossible to keep. One of my friends went through 4 in a year, and it wasn't his tank because all his other fish were living fine.

  10. I got my grouper and my puffer when they were babies. The grouper grew large and ate t he puffer whole. It is not true that raising fish together will make them live together happily. Eventually one fish will grow bigger and will attempt to eat or fight with the smaller fish.

  11. Groupers, lionfish, according to this video are the easy fish to keep?Ā Groupers, although hardy and tolerant to water conditions, quickly outgrow tank-mates and may potentially consume them. Lionfish are venomous, andĀ have a generally hostile attitude and are territorial towards other reef fish. I know he talks a-lot about balancing the fish species to avoid aggression, but dang, as a video targeted towards beginner salt-water aquarists I am a bit disappointed.

  12. lionfish with small fish? go watch a video of a lionfish eating and then you will realize this vid is total BS

  13. >lionfishĀ 

    ._. are you crazy? while they might be harder, they aren't really easy to keep compared to other fish, one reason being their fins are poisonous and because of how big they are, you need a big enough tank for them, most people who are going to look for easy to care for fish will get ones that are smaller and hardy, such as the clownfish, for a smaller tank, most people aren't going to start out with a 100 gallon tank

  14. What type of food combinations do you recommend for these fish,
    Because if you only feed them meat, they start getting holes in the head?

  15. I think this video is mislabeled… All the fish hes listed are not necessarily easier to care for, they are just less sensitive to parameter changes and dirty water. My biggest mistake taking care of triggers was feeding them. They need to be fed multiple times a day with real nutrition. When keeping multiple triggers one can snap and take out your livestock at any time though unlikely.

  16. everybody in the comments doesn't understand that its not about the tank size or the temperament but the easiest to keep. and most of these fish are hardy and will eat any thing just they're big

  17. I highly recommend people get lion fish because they will always accept food but this is more for people with some fish experience but if you want a fun fish get a lion fish.

  18. For those of you who are saying that these are bad starter saltwater fish this video was talking about easiest saltwater fish to keep not best saltwater fish for beginners

  19. Please consider how you are supporting the murder of fish and habitat by keeping saltwater fish.
    This is akin to ivory trade! Think where your fish come from.. please!


  20. these are the easiest ones to keep, not nessecarilly the best beginner fish because some need huge tanks or are very agressive

  21. Maybe show photos or videos of the fish species you are talking about so we can see what they look like…. rather than showing off yourself for the camera! Idiot.

  22. I currently have a juvie Melanurus Wrasse, A Diamond Watchman Goby and a Captive Bred Pajama Cardinalfish in my 90. I have a Yellow Tang and Coral Beauty Dwarf Angel in Quarantine and a Leopard Wrasse on order. The Leopard Wrasse will be the challenge of the bunch but should be a cool tank when all is said and done. I have some vids of all but the Leopard Wrasse.

  23. Iā€™m getting a big tank and want a clown trigger but I also want many other triggers with it not saying Iā€™m going to get 2 clown triggers but I want a clown and a blue jaw trigger(all the ones I get will be babies) but would they be fine together the fish store I go to has them together but by the time I have the tank it will probably be a different clown and blue jaw but they have the same body shape so will they fight I have another tank for the clown if he decides to be mean

  24. I have a question what fish can I keep with a seahorse I want to get a saltwater aquarium around 75gal so what can i keep with it

  25. So, I have 30L tank, and Iā€™d like to keep yellow wrasse. How many could I keep and do I need to put something else with them?

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