EASY Beginner Aquarium Plant Species: Species Sunday. 10 Gallon Tank SETUP

EASY Beginner Aquarium Plant Species: Species Sunday. 10 Gallon Tank SETUP

What’s up Fish Tank People. FishTankTV.com,
Dustin’s Fish Tanks, bringing it to you on a Sunday. It’s a Species Sunday people, so
excited to be doing one of these. The greenhouse is like the perfect temperature right now.
One of my two kids is sleeping upstairs, life is good. Out here chilling, playing in the
tanks. The tanks are clean. My mind is clean and it is a good way to be. No problems about
it. I want to talk today about some plant species. Yes, I am going to do some fish species.
I want to treat you to a Species Sunday. A lot of people have been asking me about a
Beta fish. I’d like to have a Beta fish, too. But I have a lot to show you all before I
get into that. I really want to talk to you today about a couple of species, show you
a quick ten-gallon action and show you what is going on. Here are six hardy species for your new plant
aquarium. This is for the beginners out there. What’s up. I got a little ten-gallon action
going on. First and foremost, I got a little cherry shrimp right there. Natural sunlight
hitting him like boom. But man, the glare stinks on this, but this tank is like pearly.
I don’t know if you guys can see that, but it is a lot of fun. Check it, I have six species
today that I want to talk about here on Species Sunday. I got the ten-gallon action going
on. I got a light on it right now, but there is so much sunlight coming into the greenhouse
at this time of day that you can’t really see into the tank that well. So I want to
apologize on that, but it is fun for me. I want to talk about wisteria because I think
that this is a really great beginner plant if you can get your hands on it. For a general
rule, any plant that can grow roots along the upper stem of it is going to be one of
your hardier plants. Just as a general rule and this is one of them. So this wisteria
can be floated as water wisteria. It has a nice green contrast like a really bright green.
I really like that plant. This is some really ratty looking rotella. I put this in here
because it was in my other tank and I wanted to mix it up with some shorter stuff. If you
get some too tall stuff in here like rotella, you can definitely cut it down. So the too-tall
stuff, I would cut it back. That is two. Number three: Mr. Dwarf Sag.
How are you? Dwarf sag is an awesome plant. It grows like grass and really loves dirt.
Those of you who have dirt tanks, dwarf sag really loves it. So definitely a plant that
you are going to want to check out. I also have got some plants. These won’t look good
in this little demo I have got going, but this is java aqua fern. This is a super, super
hardy plant. In the dry season, it just dries out. It sits in a crack and dries out, so
it is super hardy. It is pretty hardy and if it were shorter, I would get it up on this
piece of driftwood that I have got. By the way, this is a sick piece of driftwood. I
don’t know if you guys can see that, but it has a hook back here too. I don’t know if
you can see that. Tight piece of driftwood that came in here. Yang, I think that is going
to go in your beginner combo 2 tonight. So that’s one of them. I got another one here. This is an amazon
sword runner. I’m sure you guys have been getting runners on your plants if you have
been doing it right. So I just want to talk about the runners real quick. To plant this,
you can see that I have about an inch of root growth coming off of this. For me, that is
enough to plant. What I like to do—I’m only doing this with one hand—I like to trim
off any dead leaves. That one has to go. Because what happens is it sends the energy to those
leaves instead of to the new leaves that are doing well. So we are just going to peel those
off. I like to leave a little of the stem and this may be too much. Leave about an inch
of the stem as a guide. So I will just take this bad boy and I will shove it—it will
probably get big, so I will just shove it in here—and kind of get that sword going.
It also has a nice ball of clay going on behind it, I don’t know if you guys can see that
clay action. Swords love having clay underneath them, so that is something that you are going
to want to check out. Here is a plant that I haven’t messed with
much for a while. This is bacopa. I am not sure exactly which variety of bacopa it is.
It is a poor man’s liguanea, if you will. It is really sturdy. It is a strong plant
structurally if you see this, it has a nice stem on it. It has kind of thicker leaves
that do not just flip off. So I have been really liking this plant and I will show it
to you in there so it will stay wet. I am going to show it to you in here. This is a
dirted tank in the greenhouse that I just rip plants out of all the time. Believe it
or not, this tank has had a lot of water changes. I like just having a jungle, but it has had
a lot of water changes way too much. Dirted tanks are not for people who are in and out
of their tanks all of the time, so it is just all stirred up. Anyway, back to the bacopa.
Bacopa is a real hot plant. You can see it there, looking really good. So what I am going
to do is take some of that bacopa over there and put it in there. I also wanted to show
while I am in this tank, crypts. This is a crypt variety usteriana. I don’t know if you
are familiar with crypts, but other plants do it as well. If you look back here, they
come into me, they look great, they meld, it happens. This one back here actually has
a new leaf growing on it, I don’t know if you guys can see that. Also, this one back
here has a new leaf growing on it. If you find it at a pet store and it has a lot of
new leaves—and you have a dirted, well-established tank—you definitely check that out, by the
way. What’s up goldfish? So that is just something to look for. If the rest of the plant looks
good, but the leaves are shot, you could take a shot at that plant. That’s what I used to
do back in the day before I had access to copious amounts of plants. So just a tip for
you all. You can see the usteriana putting out a new leaf over there. The bacopa, I put over here, I would go ahead
and go with this plant because it is obviously too tall for a ten-gallon tank. I would just
break this off some and put it down in there. And now you have two! So we will put that
down in there and get you going. I am having a little fun in here. A lot of fun, actually.
I have a lot of work to do. As you guys know, I quit my J-O-B to do more of this and it
is a lot of fun. It is not the only enterprise I have going on, just so y’all know. But it
is certainly the most fun. So I am having a lot of fun with that. A lot of work to do,
a lot of videos to clean up, a lot of stuff to ink. Dirt Guy 2.0, I got to finish up.
So a lot of stuff that I am just really excited to be running full steam with. And I got to
say, the comments the other day on the video—I said this the other day and I will say it
again—it takes a little risk to do something like this. The feedback, the support and the
comments like “Yea, go for it!”, do you know how much momentum that gives me? That is just
a really, really exciting thing and I am excited to share it with you. I have buddies that
have known me forever who are like, “Dude, we are excited to see where you are going
with this.” I am excited to see where I am going with this. I am excited you guys are
along for the ride. From the bottom of my heart, I am really, really pumped about what
I am about to do. I am really excited and I still have some stuff from my old job to
finish up. I will be looking for some fun So I got a Species Sunday for you and I got
six hard species in there and having a lot of fun with it. I have got this going on,
and I have also got—if he will show his ugly head, no, he won’t do it—I bought this
sick, sick, sick, sick ryukin yesterday. I just hope he is not actually sick. So I am
going to scare him out, why not? Species Sunday, y’all deserve it, I deserve it. He has been
acting really stressed though. I don’t know if it is the stress of being in a tank for
only one day or what his deal is, but come here buddy. There he is. Come on, dude, let’s
go. So he is kind of still jigged. It is his first day in his new home. I don’t know why,
he is the biggest. Hey, thanks everybody by the way, for the places to go find new gold
fish. So he is in here and I will let him chill. Come on, dude. Give me a little swim
action. Give me something. There we go. So he is jigging so I will let him go. Putting
him on camera the second day in a tank is probably not the nicest way to go. I just
wanted to show you guys that goldfish. I love that gold fish. Love me, love me that goldfish. Everybody have a great week and I really appreciate
your support. And tank on people, tank on. Later.

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